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(Marilyn Louis)
10 August 23 is born in Los Angeles, California
40 marries interior decorator Thomas Wade Lane
41 her son, Kent, is born
47 / 48 divorces Lane
March 49 does advertising for Woodbury Powder
February 50 dates actor John Hart
11 July 52 marries Beverly Hills physician Dr. Lewis V. Morrill
July 54 does advertising for Liquid Liptone
Dr. Lew Morrill has an argument with his estranged wife, slips while going for some firewood, and breaks his leg in three places. She files for divorce the day after he leaves the hospital.
June 55 attends the benefit celebrity sessions at the Mocambo with shoe man Harry Karl, but they are just friends; she also hosts his birthday party at the Mo
December 55 attends The Thalians' show at Ciro's, freshly reconciled with Dr. Lew Morrill
56 her marriage to Dr. Lew Morrill goes up and down. She quarrels with Arlene Dahl while filming Slightly Scarlet.
9 June 58 divorces Morrill in Santa Monica
September 59 her hair is red again, and her beau is Harry Karl
3 April 60 marries actor Lang Jeffries in Las Vegas. She will star with him in Revolt of the Slaves.
11 January 62 receives her divorce from Jeffries in Santa Monica on grounds of extreme cruelty
October 65 marries producer-director Hal Bartlett in Mexico
26 March 66 remarries Bartless at the Los Angeles home of Robert Taylor
17 February 72 divorces Bartlett
77 / 78 marries theatre chain owner Ted Mann
93 establishes a resource center for women with cancer at UCLA with her husband
15 January 01 becomes the widow of Mann
03 marries Darol Carlson
attends the World 3D Film Expo at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre and introduces her new husband to the audience
17 becomes the widow of Carlson
14 October 20 dies at age 97 at the Saint John's Health Center, Santa Monica, California
Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Movie Greats by Paul Michael, Motion Picture, Movie Life, Modern Screen, Photoplay, Movieland,
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