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(Olga Helen Laruska)
31 October 28 is born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, of Ukrainian descent
c. 41 debuts at the age of 13 as Maggie in Sir James Barrie's What Every Woman Knows for the Victoria Drama Society
c. 42 starts a radio career in Edmonton, Canada
? moves to Toronto and becomes one of Canada's top radio stars
? is a writer-producer-director of the Hudson's Bay Company program
51 goes to London, England, on holiday
February 51 is on the London stage in Agatha Christie's The Hollow
Summer 51 marries Toronto's Andrew Allen, drama supervisor for the CBC, on leave in London
December 51 plays Bianca in Orson Welles' Othello at St. James Theatre, London
January 52 stays in London while her husband returns to Canada in March. She has a five-year contract with a British film company.
? goes to Hollywood
April 53 Columbia casts her for the upcoming Scalpel opposite Charlton Heston and Lizabeth Scott. She’s the third newcomer to Columbia, the others being Roberta Haynes and Rosemary Bowe.
54 her co-star Mickey Rooney helps her a lot while filming Drive a Crooked Road
loses her role in Pushover to newcomer Kim Novak
will be in the upcoming Those Reported Missing, opposite Jerome Courtland and Robert Francis
15 October 54 marries Joel A. Murcott, a Hollywood radio-television scriptwriter, during location filming for The Kentuckian, in Owensboro, Kentucky. The ceremony is performed at the home of Mayor and Mrs. Casper Gardner. He’s 39; she’s 25. Both have been married previously.
16 July 55 is on the cover of Picturegoer
14 February 56 her twins are born, a son, Jason, and a daughter, Jodi
24 April 57 files suit of divorce from Murcott in Los Angeles. She claims he struck her in the face and kicked her in the stomach. She asks for custody of their twins and for only $1 token alimony monthly. He's 42; she's 28.
? the Murcotts reconcile
11 May 58 the Murcotts separate again
19 July 58 remarries Murcott in Las Vegas, Nevada
March 59 the Murcotts separate in Rome, Italy
? the Murcotts return to Hollywood after nine months in Europe
10 August 59 wins a default divorce from Murcott and is awarded $250 a month child support. After reconciling twice, it's the third time she's filed for divorce. Her address is 4462 Murietta Avenue, Sherman Oaks. She gives her age as 24; he, as 44. Murcott will die at age 62 in 1978 in Los Angeles.
January 60 will star opposite Cornel Wilde and Cliff Robertson in the upcoming Caves of Night
? marries Dr. Harold Rowe, a Van Nuys dentist. The Rowes make their home in Hidden Hills, Van Nuys, California.
14 November 63 her son Dustin Louis is born in Los Angeles
3 August 94 becomes the widow of Rowe
27 July 19 dies at age 90 in California
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