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c. 37 is born in Luebeck, Germany, the daughter of a merchant
54 after finishing school, she travels to Holland and Switzerland. In Rome, Italy, an acute appendicitis takes her to a hospital. Upon recuperation, she stumbles into an American cameraman in the lobby of the Rivoli Hotel. He introduces her to an Italian producer who offers her a seven-year contract. Her mother flies in from Luebeck, and the contract is reduced to three years. The German press covers the story and she’s on several magazine covers.
director Wolfgang Liebeneiner spots her on a magazine cover and casts her for his upcoming Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins. Her Roman contract never gets signed.
27 November 54 with Hans Albers, her co-star in Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins, she’s on the cover of Revue #48
December 54 is on the cover of Film & Funk
c. 55 is discovered when a covergirl at the popular German Bild newspaper
57 marries a young cameraman
is a frequent guest at Martin Katz's fashionable Opernespresso in Munich
59 is off to Porec on the Croatian coast, Yugoslavia, for the filming of Ein Toter hing im Netz, a.k.a. Horrors of Spider Island. On location, fellow starlet Eva Schauland starts a torrid love affair with co-star Rainer Brand. Some scenes will later be banned due to nudity.
Early February 63 dies at age 25 in Munich when she falls from the windowsill of her fifth-floor flat during a wild party. Allegedly she tried to breathe fresh air and stumbled over the 30-inch high balustrade. The story hits the newsstands a few days later.
Martin Katz, Bild, Norddeutsche Nachrichten
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