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(Valerie Harrison)
11 March 28 is born in London, England
? spends her early childhood in Spain
? attends school at Hampton Court and, later, the Malvern Girls College in Worcestershire
? is crowned "Miss Galaxy"
? her taste in food is very sophisticated, and she would happily live on caviar and champagne
52 marries British actor-writer-producer Michael Pertwee
? joins the BBC drama department
c. 54 tests for George Cukor’s upcoming Bhowani Junction; the part will eventually go to Ava Gardner
October 55 the star of Maddalena, Marta Toren, introduces her to producer Julian Blaustein in Rome; Valerie shows her test to Max Arnow, Columbia casting director, who orders a build-up
November 55 is featured in Follies #1
April 56 dances with actor Rod Steiger
Rod Steiger is expected to marry her when his divorce becomes final
August 56 her Jean Louis gown gets lost on her flight from New York to London, where she is to attend the premiere of Jubal
July 57 is featured in Modern Man
59 divorces Pertwee
November 59 poses semi-nude for The Dude
is on Broadway in Inadmissible Evidence
66 is on Broadway in Stamp Out Marriage
68 is off-Broadway in Harold Pinter’s Tea Party and The Basement
69 appears nude onstage in The Mother Lover at the Booth Theater
31 October 69 marries husband number two, actor Thayer David. He's 42; she's 41.
75 divorces David
17 July 78 plans to remarry David, but he suddenly dies at age 51 from a heart attack
80 is on the New York stage in Noel Coward’s Fallen Angels
81 is on stage in A Taste of Honey
3 November 90 as Valerie French, she dies at age 62 in her Manhattan home from leukemia. There are no immediate survivors.
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