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(Mary Ann Gaba)
13 November 39 is born in Chicago
? is a Chicago model
57 is crowned “Miss Illinois” and wins a trip to Hollywood, where she starts dating actor-singer Ricky Nelson. Soon Nelson tries to talk her into an affair with him
July 57 enters the”Miss Universe” contest at Long Beach and is one of the 15 finalists
? gets acquainted with the mature star of a popular TV cowboy series when she and two other “Miss Universe” contestants pose with him for publicity pictures
moves in with an aunt and an uncle in West Hollywood
? dressed like a sexpot, one of Hollywood’s most respected producers tries to make a pass at her during an interview
April 58 dates Ricky Nelson, but he doesn't take her to the premiere of Peyton Place
4 July 58/59 meets the cowboy star again at a July 4th parade in her native Chicago. With the consent of her folks, she dates him back in Hollywood, where he tries to talk her into spending the night at his place.
is Playboy's "Playmate of the Month"
? dates a recently divorced orchestra leader at the Beverly Gourmet
December 59 is announced to appear in the upcoming L’il Abner
11 June 60 marries Michael Eugene Starkman in Las Vegas, Nevada
29 April 62 her son, Gregory C., is born in Los Angeles
27 March 66 her daughter, Wendy M., is born in Los Angeles
3 May 16 dies at age 76 in Los Angeles from a brain tumor
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