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(Scilla Gabellini)
4 January 38 is born in Rimini, Italy
? studies law at Oxford and graduates with a doctorate
? studies acting in Rome
55 becomes Sophia Loren's movie stand-in at age 17
57 has surgery to look less Sophia-like
has her nose surgically altered
September 61 models for painter Alex Porter at his Chelsea, London, studio
62 is off to Morocco for the filming of The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah
63 is featured in Le Ore
January 63 is on the cover of Pix
May 63 is on the cover of Parade
September 63 is featured in Playboy
66 is still single
67 invests some money in a fashionable nightclub in the coastal area of Fregene, near Rome
Sources:, Bild, Alltag, Glamour Girls by Steve Sullivan
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Scilla Gabel