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Dorothy Abbott, Sivi Aberg, Abigail Tommye Adams, Beverly Adams, Foncilla Adams, Jane Poni Adams, Jill Adams, Julie Adams, Dawn Addams, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Lola Albright, Mari Aldon, Suzanne Alexander, Marisa Allasio, Elizabeth Allen, Randy Allen, Rusty Allen, Valerie Allen, Chelo Alonso, Charlotte Alpert, Adrienne Ames, Suzanne Ames, Merry Anders, Elga Andersen, Dusty Anderson, Gwili Andre, Alyce & Rhae Andrece, Pier Angeli, Ann-Margret, Phyllis Applegate, Roxanne Arlen, Joanne Arnold, Nejla Ates, Adelle August, Charlotte Austin, Pamela Austin, Stephanie Bachelor, Lynne Baggett, Carroll Baker, Suzan Ball, Judy Bamber, Leslye Banning, Lynn Bari, Joanna Barnes, Lita Baron, Barbara Bates, Virginia Bates, Greg Bautzer, Molly Bee, Erica Beer, Francesca Bellini, Eleanor Bender, Bobette Bentley, Eve Bernhardt, Olinka Berova, Marina Berti, Martine Beswick, Joan Blackman, June Blair, Patricia Blair, Whitney Blake, Mari Blanchard, Ann Blyth, Tiffany Bolling, Irene Bolton, Shirley Bonne, Karen Booth, Barbara Bouchet, Lise Bourdin, Molly Ann Bourne, Rosemarie Bowe, Jolene Brand, Thordis Brandt, Eve Brent, Carol Brewster, Diane Brewster, May Britt, Barbara Britton, Hillary Brooke, Geraldine Brooks, Hazel Brooks, Leslie Brooks, Kay Brown, Theona Bryant, Shirley Buchanan, Marilyn Buferd, Helen Burgess, Devera Burton, Judy Busch, Jean Byron, Susan Cabot, Cleatus Caldwell, Gwen Caldwell, Corinne Calvet, JoAnna Cameron, Gianna Maria Canale, Ahna Capri, Elsa Cardenas, Veronica Carlson, Kathy Carlyle, Jeanne Carmen, Bridget Carr, Marian Carr, Helena Carter, Janis Carter, Tina Carver, Kathleen Case, Adriana Caselotti, Dolores Casey, Sue Casey, Mary Castle, Peggie Castle, Jan Chaney, Marguerite Chapman, Barrie Chase, Lilyan Chauvin, Etchika Choureau, Linda Christian, Phyllis Coates, Anita Colby, Corinne Cole, Lois Collier, Joan Collins, Carole Conn, Sheila Connolly, Jacquelyn Park" Hollywood's Controversial Actress, Jeanne Cooper, Maxine Cooper, Mara Corday, Paula Corday, Gina Core, Carolyn Craig, Yvonne Craig, Jeanne Crain, Suzi Crandall, Lorinne Crawford, Lorraine Crawford, Dani Crayne, Peggy Creel, Linda Cristal, Cathy Crosby, Kathleen Crowley, Pat Crowley, Susan Cummings, Peggy Cummins, June Cunningham, Pamela Curran, Wanda Curtis, Patricia Cutts, Danica D'Hondt, Arlene Dahl, Suzanne Dalbert, Audrey Dalton, Lisa Daniels, Linda Danson, Denise Darcel, Georgine Darcy, Jann Darlyn, Linda Darnell, Alicia Darr, Barbara Darrow, Madelyn Darrow, Bella Darvi, Natalia Daryll, Lisa Davis, Doreen Dawn, Vera Day, Virginia De Lee, Danielle De Metz, Margia Dean, Shirley Deane, Diana Decker, Claudia Dell, Dorothy Dell, Mylene Demongeot, Susan Denberg, Marie Devereux, Laura Devon, Elaine Devry, Pat DiCicco, Angie Dickinson, Gloria Dickson, Peggy Diggins, Joan Dixon, Barbara Dobbins, Faith Domergue, Yolande Donlan, Dolores Donlon, Diana Dors, Vikki Dougan, Yvonne Doughty, Constance Dowling, Cathy Downs, Marlies Draeger, Dona Drake, Ellen Drew, Paula Drew, Joanne Dru, Sandra Jo Drummond, Yvette Dugay, Pamela Duncan, Elaine Dunn, Elaine Dupont, Marilee Earle, Jane Easton, Shirley Eaton, Ecstasy, Barbara Eden, Elana Eden, Elaine Edwards, Mary Ann Edwards, Saundra Edwards, Julie Ege, Samantha Eggar, Anita Ekberg, Joan Elan, Kaye Elhardt, Faye Emerson, Pat Emery, Sue England, Darleen Engle, Marla English, Renate Ewert, Shelley Fabares, Myrna Fahey, Jody Fair, Dolores Faith, Jinx Falkenburg, Felicia Farr, Patricia Farr, Catherine Feller, Lisa Ferraday, Shirley Anne Field, Virginia Field, Rhonda Fleming, Jacqueline Fontaine, Dorothy Ford, Sally Forrest, Mimi Forsythe, Chris Fortune, Dianne Foster, Anne Francis, Vera Francis, Helga Franck, Sally Fraser, Barbara Frederick, Joan Freeman, Mona Freeman, Valerie French, Betty Furness, Marianne Gaba, Scilla Gabel, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Kathleen Gallant, Rita Gam, Beverly Garland, Nancy Gates, Danièle Gaubert, Lisa Gaye, Eunice Gayson, Marina Ghane, Helen Gilbert, Joanne Gilbert, Sandra Giles, Michèle Girardon, Regina Gleason, Paulette Goddard, Gila Golan, Gloria Gordon, Ingrid Goude, Blanche Grady, Gloria Grahame, Kathryn Grant, Carole Gray, Coleen Gray, Janine Gray, Pamela Green, Angela Greene, Stephanie Griffin, Nancy Guild, Aliza Gur, Anne Gwynne, Renee Haal, Barbara Hale, Jean Hale, Gita Hall, Karen Sue Hamilton, Kipp Hamilton, Sue Hamilton, Ruth Hampton, Marilyn Hanold, Betty Jean Hansen, Myrna Hansen, Gari Hardy, Pat Hardy, Jan Harrison, Linda Harrison, Dorothy Hart, Susan Hart, Dee Hartford, Huntington Hartford, Sharon Harvey, June Haver, Nora Hayden, Allison Hayes, Margaret Hayes, Roberta Haynes, Susan Hayward, Joey Heatherton, Marjorie Hellen, Anne Helm, Marcia Henderson, Wanda Hendrix, Anne Heywood, Marianna Hill, Stephanie Hill, Virginia Hill, Lori Hilton, Maureen Hingert, Marianne Hold, Jennifer Holden, Joyce Holden, Charlene Holt, Shirley Houser, Jane Howard, June Howard, Eileen Howe, Renate Hoy, Howard Hughes, Kathleen Hughes, Mary Beth Hughes, Sharon Hugueny, Gayle Hunnicutt, Arlene Hunter, Nancy Hunter, Linda Hutchings, Martha Hyer, Alicia Ibanez, Mary Icide, Valerie Jackson, Judith Jacobson, Lisa Jak, Catherine James, Claire James, Diane James, Lois James, Teri Janssen, Jil Jarmyn, Fran Jeffries, Heidi Jensen, Karen Jensen, Adele Jergens, Diane Jergens, Dorothy Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Karen Joy, Katherine Justice, Karen Kadler, Kalantan, Lili Kardell, Harry Karl, Mary Ellen Kaye, Alice Kelley, Claire Kelly, June Kenney, Keith Kerrigan, Kathy Kersh, Prince Aly Salomone Khan, Shirley Kilpatrick, Peggy King, June Kirby, Phyllis Kirk, Patricia Knight, Sandra Knight, Elyse Knox, Mona Knox, Peggy Knudsen, Carolyn Komant, Magda Konopka, Willi Koopman, Sylva Koscina, Nancy Kovack, Jewell Lain, Janet Lake, Marla Landi, Carole Landis, Abbe Lane, Jackie Lane, Mara Lane, Nora Lane, Barbara Lang, Joy Langstaff, Joi Lansing, Christine Larson, Piper Laurie, Patti Lawler, Jody Lawrance, Barbara Lawrence, A'leshia Lee, Belinda Lee, Luana Lee, Ruta Lee, Suzanna Leigh, Virginia Leith, Carole Lesley, Nan Leslie, Jarma Lewis, Monica Lewis, Sylvia Lewis, Kirsten Lindholm, Lara Lindsay, Virna Lisi, Suzanne Lloyd, Sylvia Lopez, Jackie Loughery, Tina Louise, Darlene Lucht, Laurette Luez, Deanna Lund, Jana Lund, June Lundi, Diana Lynn, Mara Lynn, Sue Lyon, Joyce MacKenzie, Peggy Maley, Dorothy Malone, Jayne Mansfield, Kate Manx, Adele Mara, Vitina Marcus, Lucy Marlow, Kathy Marlowe, Florence Marly, Dodie Marshall, Ellye Marshall, Joan Marshall, Marion Marshall, Christiane Martel, Andra Martin, Elsa Martinelli, Dorothy Martinson, Syra Marty, Connie Mason, Carole Mathews, Peggy Maurer, Nicole Maurey, Eileen Maxwell, Claire Maynard, Asa Maynor, Virginia Mayo, Diane McBain, June McCall, M'liss McClure, Marie McDonald, Wanda McKay, Prince Alexis Mdivani, Prince David Mdivani, Prince Serge Mdivani, Mary Meade, Andree Melly, Cathie Merchant, Michèle Mercier, Madge Meredith, Lee Meriwether, Doris Merrick, Lynn Merrick, Beverly Michaels, Dolores Michaels, Noreen Michaels, Ann Michelle, Lita Milan, Vera Miles, Marjie Millar, Diana Millay, Cheryl Miller, Colleen Miller, Eve Miller, Miroslava, Miss Beverly Hills, Carolyn Mitchell, Geneva Mitchell, Laurie Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, Milada Mladova, Mary Ann Mobley, Giorgia Moll, Vera Molnar, Yvonne Monlaur, Marilyn Monroe, Lisa Montell, Maria Montez, Cleo Moore, Constance Moore, Dede Moore, Joanna Moore, Margo Moore, Terry Moore, Jean Moorhead, Dolores Moran, Sherry Moreland, Rita Moreno, Mary Morlas, Barboura Morris, Jo Morrow, Susan Morrow, Marian Moses, Pat Mowry, Caroline Munro, Janet Munro, Mary Murphy, Jester Naefe, Noreen Nash, Bek Nelson, Lori Nelson, Anne Neyland, Barbara Nichols, Christiane Nielsen, Jane Nigh, Chris Noel, Ava Norring, Sheree North, Kim Novak, Maila Nurmi, Erin O'Brien, Joan O'Brien, Peggy O'Connor, Maureen O'Hara, Quinn O'Hara, Eileen O'Neill, Peggy O'Neill, Carol Ohmart, Nina Olivette, April Olrich, Betty Onge, Vic Orsatti, Warrene Ott, Beverley Owen, Patricia Owens, Liza Page, Debra Paget, Prince Mahmoud Reza Pahlavi, Janis Paige, Gloria Pall, Betsy Palmer, Luciana Paluzzi, Jacquelyn Park, Eleanor Parker, Jean Parker, Kim Parker, Mary Parker, Julie Parrish, Allyn Parsons, Dorothy Patrick, Luana Patten, Joan Patti, Eugenia Paul, Barbara Payton, Sanita Pelkey, Barbara Pepper, Cynthia Pepper, Erika Peters, Jean Peters, Susan Peters, Carmen Phillips, Maggie Pierce, Baby Pignatari, Ina Poindexter, Mala Powers, Pat Priest, Chula Prieto, Dorothy Provine, Pat Quinn, Tandra Quinn, Zina Rachevsky, Frances Rafferty, Laya Raki, Vera Ralston, Rebel Randall, Karen Randle, Judith Rawlins, Paula Raymond, Juli Reding, Dolores Reed, Maxine Reeves, Erika Remberg, Violet Rensing, Craig Reynolds, Gloria Rhoads, Joan Rice, Dawn Richard, Gale Robbins, Lyda Roberti, Ann Robinson, Julie Robinson, Ziva Rodann, Estelita Rodriguez, Beth Rogan, Jean Rogers, Linda Rogers, Ruth Rogers, Jeanne Roland, Yvonne Romain, Leticia Roman, Ruth Roman, Lina Romay, Hillevi Rombin, Rosanna Rory, Leland Rosenberg, Misty Rowe, Porfirio Rubirosa, Janice Rule, Barbara Rush, Jane Russell, Sheila Ryan, Salli Sachse, Reiko Sato, Gloria Saunders, Nancy Saunders, Gia Scala, Eva Schauland, G. David Schine, Christiane Schmidtmer, Brenda Scott, Lizabeth Scott, Lisa Seagram, Sara Shane, Peggy Shannon, Lee Sharon, Karen Sharpe, Hazel Shaw, Sandra Shaw, Susan Shaw, Victoria Shaw, Zanne Shaw, Pat Sheehan, Barbara Shelley, Margaret Sheridan, Nina Shipman, Jeanne Shores, Margarita Sierra, Ami Silvestre, Dori Simmons, Marilyn Simms, Eva Six, Constance Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Shawn Smith, Ann Smyrner, Leigh Snowden, Fay Spain, Sandra Spence, Lili St. Cyr, Betta St. John, Jill St. John, Joan Staley, Helene Stanley, Helene Stanton, Teddy Stauffer, Karen Steele, Jan Sterling, Angela Stevens, Stella Stevens, Venetia Stevenson, Elaine Stewart, Margie Stewart, Maria Stinger, Johnny Stompanato, Joy Stoner, Ulla Strömstedt, Olive Sturgess, Maureen Swanson, Joan Tabor, Gloria Talbott, Alix Talton, Mary Jo Tarola, Sharon Tate, Ilza Taurins, Joan Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Ludmilla Tcherina, Sheila Terry, Temple Texas, Annabelle Thiele, Ursula Thiess, Larri Thomas, Lyn Thomas, Beverly Thompson, June Thorburn, Carol Thurston, Greta Thyssen, Gene Tierney, Pamela Tiffin, Sally Todd, Darlene Tompkins, Marta Toren, Constance Towers, Vicki Trickett, Ramfis Trujillo, Rhadamés Trujillo, Natalie Trundy, Irene Tsu, Dee Turnell, Lana Turner, Beverly Tyler, Joan Tyler, Judy Tyler, Nancy Valentine, Mamie Van Doren, Conny Van Dyke, Julie Van Zandt, Valerie Varda, Gillian Vaughan, Kerry Vaughn, Tania Velia, Victoria Vetri, Martha Vickers, Yvette Vickers, Milly Vitale, Joan Vohs, Wende Wagner, Jane Wald, Cheryl Walker, Helen Walker, Beryl Wallace, Jean Wallace, Judy Walsh, Nancy Walters, Midge Ware, Sandra Warner, Jan Watson, Raquel Welch, Tuesday Weld, Joan Weldon, Scott Weldon, Nancy Westbrook, Helen Westcott, Arleen Whelan, Eve Whitney, Wendy Wilde, Sharon Wiley, Edy Williams, Pat Williams, Barbara Wilson, Phyllis Winger, Sheree Winton, Sandy Wirth, Cindi Wood, Doreen Woodbury, Joan Woodbury, Pat Woodell, Katherine Woodville, Carolyn Wynn, May Wynn, Celeste Yarnall, Sally Yarnell, Vera Zorina,