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11 October 25 is born in Los Angeles, California, to Herbert H. and Dimple M. Guild, nee Hebert
? prepares to become a rancher at the University of Arizona. She plans to take over a cattle ranch owned by her parents near Tucson, Arizona.
? is discovered at a magazine cover / fashion magazine picture layout
June 45 director Frank Borzage thinks he has her under contract, only to find that 20th Century-Fox has nabbed her
November 45 she and Captain Dick Bare are seen dancing to Phil Ohman's music at the Mocambo
in celebration of her first screen role in Somewhere in the Night, she will receive diamonds that have been in her family for 300 years. They were left to her by her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Guild, of Topeka, Kansas, who both died shortly after she signed her contract with 20th Century-Fox.
January 46 has to be treated by a doctor after staying too long under a new sun lamp
has a helluva time with J. Watson Webb, the millionaire film cutter at 20th Century-Fox
July 46 she and Richard Bare no longer talk out loud about wedding plans
director Dick Bare blames 20th Century-Fox for the rupture of his romance with Nancy; he says the studio would-be chaperons were more annoying than mothers-in-law
September 46 20th Century-Fox studio bosses are concerned about her health and order her to take time out for a complete physical check-up
November 46 movie producer and millionaire Ed Lasker has her on his mind these days. He sends her flowers and other gifts.
4 December 46 is expected to marry Lasker in Santa Barbara on December 7 "instead of today as originally planned. That's because she has retakes on her movie."
6 December 46 definitely calls off her marriage to Lasker, set for Saturday, December 7. "He wanted me to give up my career," she complains. "I won't. And that's that."
Mid-December 46 her engagement ring from Lasker is said to be worth $20,000. "And for such a short engagement..."
she and Lasker attend the Mary Loos-Richard Sales wedding
December 46 is a mermaid promoting Christmas in a swank Los Angeles swimming pool. "Even the fish will have a Christmas tree this year."
28 December 46 without her knowledge, she, along with Veronica Lake, Lucille Ball, Brian Aherne, June Haver, Ava Gardner, Eleanor Parker, Brian Donlevy, Sunny Tufts, Peter Lawford, William Holden, and George Raft, is among the guests scheduled by Bugsy Siegel and Billy Wilkerson to promote their new Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas
End December 46 declares "(1) that her engagement to Lasker is still on and that they intend to be married after waiting a reasonable length of time; (2) that her parents' wishes, not difference in religion, was the deciding factor in delaying the ceremony; (3) that she and Lasker looked at a $20,000 engagement ring, but she never received it and will not accept it now; (4) that a mink coat was bought and her initials put in it, but it will stay in the furrier's vaults until she becomes Mrs. Lasker; (5) that marriage means more to her than a career but that Lasker never asked her to quit the screen."
January 47 has a bad case of ptomaine
26 April 47 marries actor Charles Russell at the Santa Barbara Mission. He's 29; she's 21. The ceremony is performed by Reverend Urbin Habig.
May 47 works with Russell in Off to Buffalo. "We don't want to work again in the same picture," her husband says. "Then," she adds, "we will see each other at the end of the working day like normal couples."
September 47 she and Russell vacation aboard John Ford's yacht
Gregory Ratoff signs her to play opposite George Sanders in Cagliostro. She will leave for Italy in ten days and will be gone for four months. Columnist Louella Parsons expects that Charles Russell will also have a part in Edward Small's movie.
April 48 on the day of her return from Rome, her husband lands a top role in Canon City and has to take off immediately for Colorado for six weeks of shooting on location
November 48 Orson Welles wants her for his planned White Magic about a hypnotist who operates surgically without the benefit of anesthetics, but she is saved by the stork. She expects her baby in March.
March 49 her daughter, Elizabeth Anne, is born. She will serve on the Board of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, and dabble in photography in the mid-70s.
July 49 her option is lifted by 20th Century-Fox
27 July 49 she and Russell announce a trial separation, blaming it on "career trouble," but deny they would seek a divorce.
19 August 49 her Black Magic premieres in 400 U.S. cities simultaneously. It's the first American film photographed in Italy since Ben Hur in 1925.
28 August 49 is the corroborating witness of songbird Margaret Whiting in Whiting's divorce from Columbia Broadcasting System Vice President Hubbell Robinson, Jr., in Los Angeles. Nancy testifies to the court that it was most embarrassing.
Early October 49 she and Russell have finally reached a property settlement
5 October 49 asks $1 a month token alimony in her divorce case against Charles Russell in Los Angeles. She charges cruelty and asks court approval of a property settlement under which Russell will pay $80 monthly support for their six-month-old daughter.
16 November 49 gets divorced from Russell in Los Angeles in a tearful procedure. Superior Judge J. F. Moroney isn't impressed when she testifies Russell wasn't interested in tennis games and horseback riding, so she had to go alone. "I am an outdoor girl, but my husband, being from New York, was more of a city man and liked the indoors best," she complains. "These little incompatibilities might happen in any marriage," Judge Moroney says. "They're not grounds for divorce." "There are other thing's, Judge," she quickly adds as her attorney offers to put the case off calendar. She testifies that Russell grabbed the back of her coat when they were in Rome, grabbed the back of her dress in Malibu, California, and told her he didn't love her. She says he called their marriage a mistake. Moroney awards her custody of their infant daughter. She is to get $1 a year token alimony and a minimum of $80 a month child support.
December 49 she, Mark Stevens, and Betty Lynn fly into Butte, Montana, to promote the Meaderville Resort Center north of Butte. Later, the stars leave the city for Missouri.
April 50 is expected to move to RKO
May 50 she and producer Cubby Broccoli are among the ringsiders at the Carlivels' opening at Ciro's
June 50 her current boyfriend is Broadway producer Ernie Martin, Jr.
August 50 is expected to marry Martin, co-producer of Where's Charley? at the end of the summer
October 50 Dick Bare and Charles Russell, once bitter rivals for her hand, are now reported the closest pals
her divorce from Russell becomes final
February 51 her romance with Martin has iced
March 51 there is buzz that Isabel Bigley, the click in Guys and Dolls, took Ernie Martin away from Nancy Guild
May 51 returns to the screen after a two-year absence for Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man
July 51 is expected to marry Martin this summer
is seen at the Captain's Table with cartoonist George Baker
14 August 51 marries youthful producer Ernest E. / H. Martin in San Mateo, California
June 53 poses for a sculpture by Jacob Epstein
September 53 the Martins expect the stork
c. February 54 her second daughter is born at Doctors Hospital in New York
April 76 divorces Martin in Los Angeles
March 77 is the lady love of Life photographer John Bryson. Bryson is the only photographer allowed access to the Richard Nixon-David Frost TV inquisition held in San Clemente, March 22.
June 82 as Nancy Guild Martin, she's expected to marry John Bryson, celebrity photojournalist, by Christmas
82 marries Bryson
95 divorces Bryson
16 August 99 as Nancy Guild Martin, she dies at age 73 in East Hampton, New York, from emphysema
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