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(Lezlie Gae Griffin)
6 March 35 is born in Denver, Colorado. She is the sister of actresses Teala Loring, a.k.a. Judith Gibson, Debra Paget, and actor Ruell Shayne. Her mother, Marguerite Gibson, had vaudeville and nightclub acts.
June 53 graduates from Hollywood Professional School
August 54 works at another studio while her sister Debra is in Princess of the Nile
January 55 lives with the rest of her family at sister Debra’s 26-room Beverly Hills home on Crescent Avenue
56 when Universal-International wants to borrow her sister Debra Paget for a film role, Debra's studio decides against lending her, and Lisa goes in her place and comes back with a long-term contract.
May 57 marries Bently C. Ware. He's 29; she's 22. Her bedroom is the only vacant one in her sister Debra’s 26-room mansion.
61 tests for the part of Anita in the film version of West Side Story. The part eventually goes to Rita Moreno.
5 July 63 her daughter, Lisa Janell, is born in Los Angeles
January 77 becomes the widow of Ware, who passes away at age 49 in Los Angeles from a heart attack
88 moves to Texas, where her sisters Debra and Meg reside
08 has seven grandchildren and has never remarried
14 July 16 dies at age 81 in Houston, Texas
? as Lisa Gaye, she is interred next to Ware at Section C-14, Row D, Site 162, Houston National Cemetery, Houston, Texas
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