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(Pauline Marion Levy)
3 June 05/11/15 is born in Whitestone Landing, Long Island, to Joseph Russell Levy and Alta Hatch
? models children's clothing at Saks Fifth Avenue
Early 26 debuts in the Ziegfeld revue, Palm Beach Girl
27 is a showgirl in the Ziegfeld production, Rio Rita
has her film debut with The Unconquerable Male
November 27 marries lumber company executive and playboy Edward/Edwin/Edgar James in New York City
29 receives her divorce from James in Reno and receives a settlement of $100,000 in cash
travels Europe with her mother
settles in Hollywood and buys a Duesenberg roadster for $18,000
31 is signed as a Goldwyn Girl, begins clouding the issue of her age, and becomes very friendly with Joseph Schenck, president and chairman of the board of United Artists
is introduced by Schenck to Charles Chaplin on a yachting party to Catalina Island
starts an affair with Chaplin, who is good for as many as six bouts in succession
Spring 34 there are rumors that she married Chaplin aboard his yacht, the Panacea
5 February 36 leaves San Francisco en route to Honolulu, Tokyo, and China with Chaplin and her mother
May/June 36 marries Chaplin offshore in Canton, China
Early 37 begins losing interest in Chaplin's plans to star her in his next movie
encounters would-be actress Jinx Falkenburg, who will later become her best friend and will have an affair with Chaplin herself, at the Los Angeles Tennis Club
March 37 begins a romance with George Gershwin, whom she met at party at the Edward G. Robinsons
May 37 she and Gershwin break up two months before his brain tumor is diagnosed and he dies on July 11th
38 screen tests several times for the part of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind, but loses to Vivian Leigh
is seen with Spencer Tracy and David Niven
introduces newcomer Bob Hope to Chaplin at the Santa Anita racetrack
Spring 40 is sued by her father for $150,000, claiming she lied about her past and he was libeled. She agrees to pay him $75 a week.
to promote Ghost Breakers, she visits Mexico with her mother. There, she has her portrait painted by famed artist Diego Rivera, whom she helps to escape to California when he becomes involved in the murder of exiled Communist leader Leon Trotsky in Mexico City. The FBI takes interest in her political views and activities.
meets Broadway star Burgess Meredith, who stars with her in Second Chorus
has a 3-day affair with handsome young college man, later to become U.S. senator, "Chuck" Percy from Illinois
causes a scandal when she and director Anatole Litvak slide under the table at Ciro's and are later intimate on the settee and in the phone booth at the cloakroom
hosts British writer H. G. Wells at Chaplin's house
December 40 separates from Chaplin and moves into Myron Selznick's beach house
41 sees a lot of Burgess Meredith, but also dates Bruce Cabot
linked with Presidential confidant Harry Hopkins, she is invited to Hyde Park, New York, for a lunch with the President and Mrs. Roosevelt
4 June 42 receives a divorce from Chaplin in Juarez, Mexico, on grounds of incompatibility of characters
there are rumors she will marry Hopkins
becomes friends with paintress Frida Kahlo, wife of Diego Rivera
21/24 May 43/44 marries actor Burgess Meredith in the garden of David O. Selznick's home in Beverly Hills
44 goes on a U.S.O. tour of China, Burma, and other parts of the Far East
October 44 suffers a miscarriage
forms a production company with Meredith for Diary of a Chambermaid
splits her time between her homes on the West and East Coasts
Early 46 she and Meredith are invited by billionaire Howard Hughes to join him and other celebrities in piloting the first nonstop transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to New York
she and Meredith buy a lot at Trancas Beach, north of Malibu, next to actress Merle Oberon
is off to England to film Carmen for producer Alexander Korda
during the filming of Unconquered, director DeMille berates her in front of cast and crew when she refuses to do a dangerous scene involving firebombs, leaves the stage, and heads for New York. Her stand-in has to shoot the scene.
Fall 46 while filming Lady Windermere's Fan for Korda in London, she inspires a two-day strike of the makeup artists and hairdressers when she insists on her own hairdresser
February 47 attends the La Tausca Pearly
August 47 opens with Meredith in a production of his stage success, Winterset, in Dublin
September 47 appears with Frederic March, Edward G. Robinson, and Audie Murphy in a coast-to-coast radio broadcast to protest against the tactics of the House Un-American Activities Committee
48 meets Erich Maria Remarque in California for the first time
when she and her regular beautician on The Mask of Lucretia disagree, she gets another one to give her the unwise make-up she wants. When it's finished, the film is momentarily shelved.
September 48 she and Meredith open High Tor Associates, an antique shop in Pomona
Winter 48 vacations in St. Moritz at the time of the Winter Olympics
she decides on separate living arrangements with Meredith; she is seeing a lot of Evelyn Keyes, who is still married to director John Huston
49 Bride of Vengeance turns out to be a critical and financial disaster
there are rumors of a menage a trois because of her living together with Peter Lawford and Evelyn Keyes in a beach house
Spring 49 she attends Desi Arnaz's opening at the Mocambo with Clark Gable, whom she sees a lot these days. Some say she's after his Rolls-Royce.
goes to Mexico for Beloved, an independent quickie
6 June 49 receives a divorce in Cuernavaca, Mexico
End 49 is shocked to learn Clark Gable married her old friend Sylvia Ashley Fairbanks
tries desperately to win a part in DeMille's The Greatest Show on Earth, but without success. Gloria Grahame gets the part
50 is the most amazing new couple with producer-director Cy Howard, who will later marry Gloria Grahame
dates nutritionist-author-commentator Gaylord Hauser
April 50 is famous for staging battles on the set
April 51 does an advertisement for AYDS
Fall 51 is off to Europe with her friend Anita Loos
meets the Danziger brothers and films Babes in Baghdad in Spain
52 is mentioned for a film with William Holden, Beyond the Sunset, and another called Hurricane Williams
quarrels with Paramount on clearing her before the House Un-American Activities Committee
May 52 begins dating Erich Maria Remarqueafter the two meet by accident at a flower shop on Park/Fifth Avenue
May 53 Cy Howard enjoys her company
April 54 works in London on The Stranger
25 February 58 marries novelist Erich Maria Remarque in Branford, Connecticut. She gives her age as forty-two, but is at least forty-seven. At the wedding-night party in his apartment, they screen his new movie, A Time to Love and A Time to Die.
now Madame Remarque, she divides her time between New York City (apartments at the Ritz Tower) and Switzerland
visits Germany with Remarque
Early 60s when his health deteriorates, she spends her winters with Remarque in Rome instead of New York
Winter 65 an avalanche destroys part of the Remarque home in Switzerland
25 September 70 she is at Remarque's side when he dies in Locarno, Switzerland. With his death "romance disappears from her life forever."
71 is seen at the Broadway premiere of No, No, Nanette
lunches often at La Cote Basque
she signs with Andy Warhol to write her autobiography, Her: Paulette Talks to Andy Warhol. The project is later cancelled due to artistic differences.
Mid-70s there are rumors that she suffers from breast cancer
Early 78 she's contacted for ransom for Charlie Chaplin's corpse, which was kidnapped shortly after the funeral
79 sells part of her art collection, fetching more than $3,1 million, but still possesses a collection of Braques and Modiglianis and of pre-Columbian art
23 April 90 dies from heart failure in Ronco, Switzerland
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