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28 March 32 is born in Kingston-upon-Thames, London. Her mother is Dutch; her father is British and an officer in the Merchant Navy.
47 attends St Martin's School of Art, London
48 meets “Dambuster” Douglas Webb and starts posing nude for photographers
50 gets a grant to study at the Royal Academy
50 is a nude showgirl in the revue Latin Quarter
is seen in numerous advertisements for well-known companies, such as corset firms Triumph and Lily of France, and soap/beauty manufacturers Yardley and Camay
? poses for photographers Douglas Webb, Angus McBean, Joan Craven, Zoltan Glass, Bill Brandt, and Weegee
is in Bernard Delfont's Folies Bergere at the Prince of Wales. Comedian Norman Wisdom is also part of the show.
52 has a photo layout in Lilliput, with pictures by six different photographers
53 meets George Harrison Marks, a theatrical photographer
? marries Marks
53 founds a company with Marks, G. Harrison Marks Limited
c. 54 is at the London Palladium with American comedian Danny Kaye
with a red wig she also works under the name of Rita Landre
55 the book Pamela is published
57 the first issue of Kamera comes out, as well as the book Kamera on Location
58 the first issue of Solo magazine is published
59 her first calendar is published
59 is photographed by Weegee
60 the 8mm strip-film company Kamera Cine is launched
60 attends the premiere of Peeping Tom with producer Michael Powell and leading man Carl Boehm
Summer 61 meets photographer Douglas Webb again, and it’s love at first sight
64 the British TV news program "This Week" uses a clip from Pamela’s striptease film The Window Dresser, making her the first nude on British television
67 splits with George Harrison Marks
begins working as an assistant to still photographer Douglas Webb on such films as Casino Royale, The Virgin and Gypsy, Perfect Friday, The Ghoul, and The Legend of the Werewolf
86 moves with Webb to the Isle of Wight
95 lives with Webb on the Isle of Wight. Her address is Kent Villa, Ommanney Road, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, PO41 OQA, England.
96 Douglas Webb dies
97 George Harrison Marks dies
00 her website is launched
7 May 10 dies from leukemia at age 81 on the Isle of Wight
Yak, Pamela Green - Glamorous Elegancy by Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
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