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(Angela Catherine Williams)
24 February 21 is born in Dublin, Ireland, the daughter of Margaret and Joseph Williams, the only girl among six brothers
c. 28 goes to the States at age 6 after being adopted by her uncle, Eddie Greene, Margaret's brother, a Flushing fireman, and his wife Catherine
30s grows up in Flushing, New York
? becomes a Powers model
c. 41 is crowned "Miss Rheingold"
41 is on the Saturday Evening Post cover by Norman Rockwell
May 42 State Senator Seymour Halpern creates a sensation in Albany, New York, when he escorts her to a session. They have the orange blossom look.
June 42 is June-mooning with Peter Dunham of café society
January 43 State Senator Halpern rushes down from Albany to see her
February 43 wealthy Jack Topping dinner-parties her on her birthday
April 43 Topping abandons the field to concentrate on her
43 is on the cover of LAFT, Vol. 4 No. 9
June 43 appears in Early to Bed. She has a New York State Senator walking into stone walls.
14 July 44 is on the cover of Yank, The Army Weekly
August 44 is romantic with Captain William Lundigan, the actor
? a bikini-clad painting of her adorns the nose of Skipper 2, a U.S. bomber with 25 missions and four camels destroyed under her belt
? dates naval lieutenant John F. Kennedy. On their first date he takes her to Gary Cooper's house. Nevertheless, she will vote Republican.
January 45 gets her name in the papers with young John F. Kennedy, but actress Phyllis Brooks sees a lot of him too
March 45 is romantic with Alan Sturges, cousin of writer-director-producer Preston Sturges
May 45 helps Pat DiCicco to forget about Gloria Vanderbilt Stokowski
January 46 columnist Louella Parson heralds that Angela and “Jack Kennedy, son of the former Ambassador, will not get married as announced sometime ago. It’s all off and he is running for Congress his district.”
February 46 she and Stuart Martin, brother of socialite Spencer Martin, are aflame
March 46 is expected to marry Stuart Martin, real estate man and scion of the Wall Street Strauss family, next month
she and fellow starlets Leza Holland, Suzi Crandall, and Jean Winfield, are pictured enjoying a wiener roast on Santa Monica Beach
October 46 the only thing holding up her marriage to Martin is the lack of a suitable apartment
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells that Angela returned the engagement ring to Martin. “He’s consoling himself with Peggy Maley.”
her parents announce her engagement to Stuart Martin
November 46 columnist Louella Parsons reports that Angela will leave Hollywood for New York City on November 10 for her wedding to Stuart Martin. "Remember we itemed exclusively her coming marriage to Martin, a member of the wealthy Strauss family."
7 December 46 marries Los Angeles realtor Stuart Warren Martin at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City. They’re both 24. Martin’s the son of Mrs. Richard H. Hoffman nee Strauss of 870 Park Avenue and the late Herbert S. Martin. He studied at the Lawrenceville School and Bard College and served with the 26th Infantry Division during the war.
? the Martins settle in Beverly Hills, California
21 July 47 attends the wedding of fellow model Dusty Anderson and director Jean Negulesco in West Los Angeles. She catches the bridal bouquet.
November 47 Parsons reports that she's attending a party Madeleine Martin Hoffman and Elyse Hunt are giving for Lord and Lady Queensbury. "Mrs. Hoffman is the mother of Spencer and Stu Martin and is Angela Greene's mother-in-law."
48 actress Diana Lynn meets her future husband, architect John Lindsay, at the home of the Martins
January 48 is ordered to stay in bed until the birth of her baby in three months
1 April 48 her daughter Kathleen Inez "Kim" is born in Los Angeles
April 48 suggests using very little butter "if you want to lose weight"
? raises her family at 1808 Angelo Drive, the Strauss home in Beverly Hills
18 December 48 attends the wedding of Diana Lynn and John Lindsay, with husband Stuart Martin, the best man
February 50 when she fails to return from Ireland in time, her husband takes a plane back to California in disgust
February 51 proposes that the word "starlet" be abolished on grounds a girl with that label gets stuck with bit parts, pin-ups and wolves
nixes a major studio contract with "I'm in my late 20's and have a child. We would both be embarrassed if they referred to me as a 'starlet' again."
7 March 51 pinup girl Gene Courtney declares angrily in New York that two Hollywood actresses who said recently that they did not like cheesecake should "get out of the show business." She says they "simply are biting the hand that feeds them." Her wrath is directed mostly at Angela Greene and Eleanor Parker. Miss Greene complained of being labeled "starlet" and Miss Parker refused to pose in bathing suits.
March 51 returns to films with Martin's blessings for At War With the Army and Jungle Safari
May 51 tests with Cornel Wilde for California Conquest
14 September 51 her daughter Madeline is born in Los Angeles
October 52 she and Martin attend Don Loper’s party for the Nash Cartons. Among the guests are Casey Adams and Marjie Millar, Diana Lynn and John Lindsay, Lena Horne and Lenny Hayton, the Jack Elisses, the Harry Jamisons, Greg Bautzer, Myrna Dell, Byron Palmer, and Denise Darcel.
19 November 53 her daughter Patricia "Tricia" is born on North Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills
September 54 Winchell tells "the Stu Martins will reconcile, intimates say..."
December 54 her husband is almost killed in an auto accident
January 55 her husband, recovering from a serious auto accident, suffers a setback with an attack of jaundice
February 55 dances at Sonja Henie's lavish costume party at Ciro's in Hollywood with Jack Rau, who's dressed as a panda
June 55 is on stage at the Alcazar Theater with The Fifth Season opposite Gene Raymond, Joseph Buloff, and Jewell Lain
July 55 offers a $500 reward to the finder of her six-karat diamond engagement ring. She believes she lost the ring between ABC TV studios and the Cathay Circle Theater, where she's appearing in The Fifth Season with Gene Raymond.
September 55 Winchell reports: "Beverly Hilton's L'Escoffier room is so posh that when lovely Angela Greene wanted to take her meat bones home to her poodle she felt obliged to ask for them in French..."
March 56 returns to business after the birth of her third daughter. She leaps from one big TV show to another.
57 resides with her family on Hillside Drive in Hollywood
? her daughters attend Beverly Hills Catholic School, Good Shepherd, and Marymount High School
4 September 57 her fourth daughter, Mary Jane, is born and dies the same day in Los Angeles. She will be interred at San Fernando Mission Cemetery.
58 takes her daughters to Bronson Caves while filming Night of the Blood Beast
March 61 attends James Madison High School's Big Carnival to help the blind in North Hollywood
29 June 61 does ribbon snipping honors at Robinson's in the Valley preview party
62 she and her family move into a Coldwater Canyon home built by Martin at 2654 Eden Drive
Late August 62 is among the guests honoring President John F. Kennedy in Beverly Hills. On his way out, Kennedy stops momentarily in the vestibule to shake hands with her and her daughters Madeline, 10, and Patricia, 8. "I first knew the President when he was a naval officer in PT boats. I didn't think he would remember me. My daughters were thrilled and so was I that such a busy man would be so kind as to stop and say hello."
17 December 62 a Hollywood production featuring twist dancers and an orchestra from the famed Peppermint Lounge will be presented at Long Beach Veterans Administration Hospital today. The show, sponsored by the Veterans Assistance League, is one of the highlights of the Christmas season at the hospital. Veteran entertainer Buddy Rogers will be master of ceremonies. Actresses Angela Greene, Gia Scala, Anna Kashfi, and Connie Moore are scheduled to appear.
70s is active in charity work
Early 75 shocks the Hollywood community with the finale of her 30-year-marriage to Martin. At age 53, she splits from their palatial house in Coldwater Canyon and takes an apartment in Beverly Hills. The reason is rich Spaniard Richard de la Vega.
February 75 she and Martin divorce even though she will remain the love of his life
May 75 attends a Los Angeles fundraising gala with Colleen Gray, Ruta Lee, Lee Meriwether, Marge Durante, Lu Robertson, and Tove Borgnine
9 February 78 as Angela Greene Martin, she dies at age 56 following a stroke in Los Angeles
27 November 78 her funeral service is held at Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills and she is interred at San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, California, next to her fourth daughter
10 August 79 her widower, Stuart Martin, marries Joan Gardner Browne in New York. Browne’s the daughter of the late Arthur Gardner, an industrialist who was Ambassador to Cuba under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Martin is vice president of the 8941 Mulholland Drive Corporation of Los Angeles, one of the Clint W. Murchison, Jr., real estate development interests. He will die at age 73 in July 1995 in California.
97 her family sells the Coldwater Canyon home
07 remembered as Grandma Angie, she still lives in the memory of Kathleen Martin Mattingly, her husband Wallace, their daughter Kimberly and grandsons Aidan and Liam, all of Oakland, California; Madeline Martin Swinden, her husband James, their son Jase, all of Laguna Beach, California; and Patricia Martin O'Malley, her sons Brendan and Rory and her daughter Angela, all of West Los Angeles, California
her daughter Madeline remembers her "the most beautiful woman ever and an amazing mother and friend"
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