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18 April 22 is born in DeKalb, Illinois, of Scottish-Irish descent, to Luther Ezra Hale, a landscape gardener, and Willa Calvin Hale
23 her parents move to Rockford, Illinois, when she’s two years old
studies tap dancing and ballet
enrolls at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts
signs with the Chicago Model Bureau and poses for famous pin-up artist Gil Elvgren
October 42 dates a soldier and follows him to California
registers at the Hollywood Studio Club for a $15-a-week room and is promptly given an RKO contract
43-44 her roommates at the Hollywood Studio Club are fellow actresses Louise Albritton and Margaret Landry
Late 44 falls for her co-star, studio contractee Bill Williams, while filming West of the Pecos. He’s five years her junior.
22 June 46 marries Williams in Rockford, Illinois. It is considered an apple-pie marriage.
24 July 47 her daughter Barbara Willa Johanna is born
27 October 48 after leaving RKO she signs a term pact with Columbia
16 February 51 her son William is born. He will become actor William Katt.
22 December 53 her daughter Laura Lee is born
70s lives with her family in a new Bel Air home
06 resides in Sherman Oaks
26 January 17 dies at age 94 at her home in Sherman Oaks, California, of complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
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