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(Carol Jean Hale)
27 December 38 is born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to a devout Mormon family. Her father will become president of a major insurance company.
? is raised in Darien, Connecticut
56 is a debutante in Darien
? attends the University of Utah for one semester, majoring in ballet
? attends Skidmore College in Saratoga, New York, for three semesters. Her brother attends Princeton.
? is entered in the “Miss New York” pageant but bows out of the finals upon her father’s request
? dates boys from Yale, Dartmouth, and Harvard
? is accepted at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. There she meets her future husband, fellow actor Dabney Coleman.
? becomes a model for the Conover Agency and the Huntington Hartford Agency
? debuts on TV in a Hudnut commercial
May 60 choreographer Jimmy Starbuck spots her dancing in a studio production at the Playhouse and casts her for “Sing Along With Mitch.” Fellow dancers are Karen Connor, Deirdre Ottewil, Dee Jay Mattis, Sheila Forbes, Joan Kruger, Mary Lou Ryhal and Sandy Wirth.
Summer 60 is on the summer stock circuit with Tom Poston in The Male Animal
60 when strolling down Fifth Avenue in New York, she is spotted by Sandra Dee’s agent, Len Luskin, who arranges a screen test for her with MGM
turns down a part in the upcoming Butterfield 8, choosing to remain in New York City
breaks up with Coleman and later reconciles
61 is a regular on “Sing Along With Mitch” TV show
11 December 61 marries actor Dabney Coleman. He's 29; she's 22. He has one daughter, Meghan, from a previous marriage to Ann Courtney Harrell.
63 is in Puerto Rico for her film debut in Felicia
65 a woman impersonating Jean Hale steals more than $10,000 worth of merchandise from some Los Angeles boutiques. Years later, after serving prison time, the same woman will again pretend to be Hale and marry approximately ten men across Texas and Oklahoma.
April 65 she, Leslie Perkins, Melody Johnson, and Janet MacLachlan are the celebrity models for the Jean Louis and Yves St. Laurent fashion shows that are a special Easter feature of the Universal City Studio Tours program
c. 66 tests for the female lead in Bonnie and Clyde and is among the final contenders. Eventually the part will go to Faye Dunaway.
her daughter Kelly is born
67 gets her part in In Like Flint, even though studio head Darryl F. Zanuck wants French actress Catherine Deneuve. Parts of the movie are filmed on location in Jamaica.
March 67 the press reports about “liquid-lipped Jean Hale, a blonde cross between Virna Lisi and Ursula Andress...”
March 68 columnist Dorothy Manners knows: ”The reason we haven’t heard anything about Jean Hale since she made In Like Flint with James Coburn is that she has been very ill during her second pregnancy. She is much better now and Jean and her actor husband Dabney Coleman are looking forward to the arrival of the baby in early April. They have a daughter, Kelly, who is nearly four. Jean is one of the few actresses under contract to a major studio - 20th Century-Fox. They have plans for her as soon as she’s able to return to work...”
14 April 68 her son, Randolph S., is born in Los Angeles
? declines a role in Valley of the Dolls because of the semi-nudity involved
? because she refuses a publicity tour through Europe for In Like Flint, she has to leave 20th Century-Fox
69 loses the female lead in The Trouble with Girls. Her part will go to Marilyn Mason.
71 is off to Mexico for the filming of Something Big, but all of her scenes end up on the cutting room floor
21 February 72 her daughter Mary J. is born in Los Angeles. She'll become singer-songwriter Quincy Coleman.
? she and Coleman separate
May 82 columnist Marilyn Beck reports about Dabney Coleman and “a marital split from Jean Hale, the mother of his three children...”
4 December 84 divorces Coleman in Los Angeles after a troubled marriage. They have three children, Quincy, Randy, and Kelly.
90s runs her owns production company, Coleman-Tanasescu Entertainment, with partner Gino Tanasescu
? as Jean Hale Coleman, she resides in Pacific Palisades
3 August 21 dies at age 82 in Santa Monica, California
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