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9 June 38? is born in Jamaica, Long Island, New York, of German-American ancestry, the second of six children. Her father’s a New York City lieutenant detective.
? graduates from the World Secretarial School in New York
? is a legal secretary to a big-league patent attorney for 18 months
August 57 is in the chorus line of the El Rancho, Las Vegas
? meets George White, who puts her in his tabloid revue Scandalettes at the El Rancho in Las Vegas
? is a showgirl at Ciro’s
? while working as a showgirl at Frank Sennes’ Moulin Rouge in Hollywood, she’s spotted by a William Morris Agency representative for George Gobel’s new Riviera Revue
July 58 columnist Earl Wilson writes: "George Gobel has a guitar-carrier-out in his act at the Riviera who turns out to be beautiful Marilyn Hanold from New York, one of the shapeliest dolls in the country. She's on leave from the Los Angeles Moulin Rouge where George discovered her. George finds ‘Marilyn Hanold’ a mouthful so he just calls her ‘Charley,’ and now everybody else in town calls her 'Charley.' George explains he's too lazy to pronounce her whole name. 'I'm one of these guys,' he explains, ‘that live in a constant dread of getting tired.'”
August 58 Earl Wilson names her a "Wilson Girl Nominee"
September 58 the press hails her a beauty queen from Flushing, Long Island
? poses for pinup painter Gil Elvgren
February 59 is on the cover of Photo Life
March 59 columnist Earl Wilson writes: "George Gobel's famous and beautiful 'Charley' - his guitar-carrier, Marilyn Hanold - has been swiped from him by tycoon John Royal, the girl-collector..."
May 59 columnist Walter Winchell tells: "Marilyn Hanold of Operation Madball and Dan Berlin, plane parts maker, are Cloud 7'ing..."
June 59 is Playboy’s "Playmate of the Month"
March 64 columnist Earl Wilson knows: "Shapely Marilyn Hanold of 'The Sid Caesar Show' will be a reason to see the World's Fair: she'll be a spokeswoman at Mobiloil..."
February 66 columnist Earl Wilson notes her on the arm of Stephen Boyd "these nights in Hollywood."
c. 66 is under a two-year contract with 20th Century-Fox
August 66 is pictured squired by Stephen Boyd
September 66 is selected to replace injured Jill St. John as special guest celebrity for Diamond Jim Brady Night, held at the Harold Smith, Jr., home at 100 Greenridge Drive, Reno, Nevada. She will sell kisses at the kissing booth during the gala.
67 marries oil tycoon Rulon Keaton Neilson. Neilson is founder and president of Skyline Oil Company, a Salt Lake City-based oil and gas exploration venture. He's about 57; she's about 29.
October 67 Wilson reports from Luchow's: "Britt Eklund, Marilyn Hanold and her bridegroom, and Jan Mitchell eating the 'hausplatte,' five kinds of sausages..."
69 her daughter Elisabeth R. is born
8 March 71 her daughter Sabrina C. is born
? her third daughter is born
? she and her husband are active supporters of the cultural arts in Utah, including the Utah Symphony, The Utah Opera Company, Ballet West, and the Pioneer Theater Company
1 February 93 becomes the widow of Neilson, who dies at age 83 in Salt Lake City
00 is still active in the arts and is prominent at charities and gala events in the Salt Lake City area
? as Marilyn H. Neilson, she resides in Salt Lake City, Utah
21 is writing her memoirs
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