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(Myrna Rae Hansen)
5 August 34 is born in Chicago, Illinois, of German and Danish descent. Her father is the line extension manager of Lions Clubs International.
? is educated at Carl Schurz High School, where she becomes captain of the girls' tennis, volleyball, rifle, and basketball teams.
? is elected queen of the junior prom
? saves college student Albert LaTorre from drowning in Lake Michigan during a 60-mile-an-hour gale. She dives in and holds him up until the Coast Guard arrives.
? trains a jumping horse on her uncle's Ohio farm and wins third prize at the Cincinnati Horse Show
? is crowned "Miss Outdoors" at Chicago's International Sports Show
47 works as a Patricia Vance model and graces many a 24-sheet in Chicago
? marries husband Number 1
c. 49 starts modeling for pinup painter Gil Elvgren at the age of 15
? models for Haddon Sundblom
53 is elected "Miss Photoflash" by the Chicago Press Photographers Association. As a prize she flies to Hollywood for a bit part with Tony Curtis in The All-American.
is crowned "Miss Teen USA"
is crowned "Miss Illinois"
May 53 is seen ringside at the Mocambo with Chicago camera manufacturer Ted Briskin, the ex of actresses Betty Hutton and Joan Dixon. Ella Logan performs.
15 July 53 is crowned "Miss United States" in Long Beach, California. Because of this, she cancels her enrollment at the University of Colorado.
16 July 53 is first runner-up to Christiane Martel in the "Miss Universe" contest in Long Beach, California. Her prize is a $2,500 convertible, a $1,500 diamond wristwatch, and a 7-year-contract with Universal-International.
July 53 goes to Florida to model new bathing suit styles
Early September 53 her Universal-International contract is approved by a Los Angeles judge. Under the contract her starting salary is $200 a week.
September 53 she and Charles Simonelli are reported “cupidoodling" at Majors Cabin
November 53 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “U-I’s Gregg Palmer has switched from heiress Jill Farber to Myrna Hansen, with whom he appeared in Magnificent Obsession...”
54 goes to Hollywood as "Miss USA" for a bit in Yankee Pasha
places the crown on the head of “Miss Photo Flash,” Regina Dombe(c)k, at the 10th annual Chicago Press Photographer’s Association dinner dance
March 54 does an advertisement for Dream Step
November 54 is among other film stars at a show for Camarillo State Hospital patients
22 July 55 is one of the judges at the "Miss Universe" contest in Long Beach, California. Sweden's Hillevi Rombin gets the crown.
5 September 55 as West Coasters sweltered in 100-degree-plus heat, movie starlets strolled through a shower of artificial snow that’s guaranteed not to melt—even on Hollywood’s sun-baked ground. But it doesn’t provide any relief from the heat as Dani Crayne, Mayra Hansen, Jane Howard, Gia Scala, Lili Kardell, Karen Kadler, and Leigh Snowden quickly learned; the gals are photographed walking through the “snow” in shorts.
September 55 is pictured celebrating her 21st birthday in Los Angeles by picking up $2,040 in government bonds at the Hall of Records. “When she represented this country in the "Miss Universe contest she won a $900-weekly movie contract. Owing to her minority, a court ordered part of her salary invested in bonds.”
57 attends the premiere of Raintree County with Richard Garland
December 57 will be the official hostess for LOOK's All-American football junket
May 58 promotes the American Red Cross fund drive
August 58 there are rumors she may wed 31-year-old actor Richard Garland, the ex of actress Beverly Garland
59 meets real estate investor Lee D. Hyatt at a film colony dinner
is crowned “Miss Press Club”
February 59 promotes the opening of Safeway market’s newest store in Panorama City, California
March 59 attends Gary Crosby's housewarming party with Lee Hyatt
May 59 is seen at the Sportsmen's Lodge with Lee Hyatt
June 59 MGM agrees to let her out of her contract, which has three years to go
July 59 attends the Mary Kaye Trio opening at the Cloister in the Hollywood Hills with Lee Hyatt
60 divorces Husband Number One
August 60 Lee Hyatt celebrates her with a birthday party. John Saxon attends with Fay Newell; Mac Krim with Joan Furst.
February 61 she and investment counselor Lee Hyatt are pictured applying for a marriage license in Los Angeles. They plan to marry on Valentine Day.
14 February 61 marries Lee Duke Hyatt in Hollywood, California. She is 25; he's 41. Both have been wed once before.
May 61 expects a baby
26 September 61 her son, Darren Anderson, is born in Los Angeles
23 June 65 wins a divorce from Hyatt in Los Angeles, California. She claims that Hyatt was critical of all her actions and took a two-month trip around the world early in the year without inviting her. She's 29; he's 47. Hyatt will die at age 78 in 1997 in Los Angeles.
October 65 attends Natalie Wood’s birthday party for fiancé Ladislav Biatnik in the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Maisonette Room with Burt Sugarman
December 65 attends Kurt Frings’ party for Princess Soraya with Burt Sugarman
February 66 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that Bob Peterson's stock car racer at Riverside drew 73,000 people, among Fabian and fiancée Katie Regan, Burt Sugarman and Myrna Hansen, Carol Watkins and Larry Laurie. Edy Williams, in a purple bathing suit, led the celebrity parade...
June 66 Carroll tells that she “has been steady dating Burt Sugarman for a long time but she tells me there are no marriage plans. ’It's a bit too early yet,’ she says...”
June 67 is noted back with Burt Sugarman at Stefanino’s
May 68 she and Burt Sugarman are a twosome at the Windjammer
is reported the mother of two sons and living in Hollywood
28 April 85 marries Allen H. Kane in Los Angeles. He's 53; she's 49.
91 is a contestant on Family Feud
? she and Kane reside in Beverly Hills
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