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(Janet H. Harrison)
20 December 24 is born in Peterson's Landing, Washington
? switches from school teacher to model
Late 40s works as an Earl Carroll showgirl, appearing nightly at Carroll's restaurant on Sunset Boulevard
? marries Carl R. Bergquist, a successful veterinarian in Norwalk, California
28 October 47 her daughter, Karen Edith, is born in Los Angeles
? is crowned "Miss Washington State"
? is disqualified from the "Miss America" pageant because of a secret marriage
October 51 as Jan Bergquist of Longview, Washington, she advertises for Noxzema in national newspapers. "The Noxzema Home Facial helped my dry, flaky skin so much. I'm a confirmed Noxzema user, now."
18 December 51 her son, Craig Reed, is born. He will become a dentist in Southern California.
? has a screen test but nothing comes from it as her type is judged as “not definable”
? is on stage in Somerset Maugham’s Rain in a tiny basement Hollywood theatre. There she’s discovered by a well-known actor who brings in agents and talent spotters.
? has a new screen test opposite Robert Pender
18 September 54 is crowned "Miss Calendar Girl of 1954" by the Specialty Advertising National Association in Chicago. Her calendar photo is published by the Novelty Advertising Company of Coshocton, birthplace of the calendar industry.
6 / 7 October 54 takes part in the morning parade marking the opening of the Coshocton Country Fair riding in a convertible up Main Street to the fairgrounds. Then she attends the Kiwanis Club luncheon. At 2 p.m., she has her photo taken with Ohio governor Frank J. Lausche.
55 is married to Carl Berqquist, a veterinarian. They have two children and live in Downey, California.
c. early 55 is on stage at the Gallery Theater in Hollywood portraying a 14-year-old girl in a play by Moss Hart
February 55 is featured in Spick
appears in Art Linkletter's commercials for Prom
January 56 is selected to be queen at the Long Beach Antique Show from January 25 to 29, to be held in the Auditorium. "She may serve as a special foil to the priceless collection of antique bathing suits loaned by Catalina swimwear especially for the important evening."
November 56 is pictured reigning as queen of the Long Beach Antique Show
March 57 is tested for a starring role in TV's upcoming "How to Marry a Millionaire." Others in the running are Sue Carson, Doe Avedon, Leigh Snowden, Joan Evans, and Jana Lund.
April 57 is on the cover of Autosport #16 driving the new 2-liter Testa Rossa Ferrari
19-20 October 57 is “Race Queen” at the San Diego Hourglass Field races
November 57 is “Race Queen” at the Palm Springs races
58 films Fort Bowie on location at the Kanab Movie Fort at Kanab, Utah
June 58 is featured in Stag
February 59 is featured in Joy
June 59 is featured in Rogue
September 59 is featured in Sir!
promotes health foods in syndicated newspapers
October 59 is on the cover of Breezy
? lives in Downey, California
Early 60 lives with her family in La Mirada, California
February 60 Carroll Shelby moves to La Mirada, California, and separates from his wife, Jeanne Fields, who stays in Dallas with the three kids. Shelby opens his Goodyear Racing Tire distributorship.
3 April 60 is official hostess of the Riverside Grand Prix auto race. Carroll Shelby of Dallas, Texas, accepts trophy from Dave Brandman, executive director of racing, which Shelby won before an estimated 70,000 spectators.
? divorces Bergquist
? is photographed with actor John Smith
January / April 61 is featured in Glance
c. 62 marries Carroll Shelby in Tijuana, Mexico. It's his second marriage. Wealthy sportsman John Edgar drives them in his Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. They have champagne and caviar served en route.
? divorces Shelby who will marry three more times, including Helena Dahl in August 1990 and his latest, British-born Cleo, in September 1997
22 December 62 remarries Bergquist in Los Angeles. He's 38; she's 34.
March 68 as Jan Harrison Bergquist, she is among several former Earl Carroll girls organizing a reunion dinner party held at the Four-in-Hand Restaurant in the Valley
8 November 15 dies at age 89 in La Mirada, California
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