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(June Stovenour)
10 June 26 is born in Rock Island, Illinois, to Fred and Marie Stovenour. When her mother remarries, she adopts the surname of her stepfather.
c. 33 makes her stage debut at a Cincinnati theater at age 6
wins the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music's "Post Music Contest" at age 7
34 has her first Hollywood screen test
has her own radio show at age 11
attends Beverly Hills High School
39 debuts as a soloist for Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra
does a short stint with Freddy Martin and His Band
40 chaperoned by her mother, she begins touring as the soloist with Ted Fio Rito's band at age 15
5 May 42 is signed to a $75-a-week contract with 20th Century-Fox
the Fox executives suggest that she complete her schooling
she measures 32-21-30
45 toastmaster general George Jessel suggests her for the upcoming The Dolly Sisters, opposite Betty Grable
has been featured in Technicolor movies only, a record to date
works professionally with her future husband, Fred MacMurray, while filming Where Do We Go From Here?
lives with her family in West Los Angeles, in the house originally built by Nelson Eddy
2 May 45 is on the cover of Yank, The Army Weekly
July 46 dances with actor Bob Hutton at the Mocambo
46-47 dates composer David Rose, ex-spouse of Judy Garland
meets dentist Dr. John Duzik, who becomes her fiancé
9 March 47 elopes to Las Vegas at age 21 with trumpeter Jimmy Zito. They met while working with Ted Fio.
26 March 47 she and Zito remarry in a Catholic Church ceremony
16 June 46 separates from Zito
25 March 48 her marriage ends in divorce, with charges of extreme mental cruelty
resumes her romance with Duzik, whom she plans to marry
May 48 attends the premiere of Adventures of Casanova with her current beau, Dr. John Duzik
July 48 columnist Hedda Hopper says about her divorce from Jimmy Zito: "He never loved her."
March 49 her constant escort is Dr. John Duzik, a dentist. He escorts her to Diana Lynn's wedding.
30 October 49 Duzik dies suddenly as a result of a hemophilia attack while undergoing surgery
April 50 rebuilding her life from shattered pieces, she gains new peace in her unselfish devotion to others by visiting Birmingham General Hospital
Summer 50 is on a pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem to find peace of mind and gets an audience with the Pope
returns with a new look from her pilgrimage and her South American tour
51 while filming a dance scene for The Girl Next Door, she falls off a table and suffers a concussion
December 51 attends the 1952 Ice Follies with oilman Howard W. Lee of Texas. He will later marry Hedy Lamarr and Gene Tierney.
Early 52 as with fellow actresses Ann Miller, Jane Nigh, and Barbara Whiting, she's a frequent date of Dan Dailey
February 52 amazes Hollywood by announcing she intends to become a nun
8 February 52 gives up her $3,500-a-week contract at Fox when she enters St. Mary's Academy in Leavenworth, Kansas. She becomes a novice in the Order of the Sisters of Charity.
30 September 53 for health reasons she's forced to leave the convent after seven and a half months
January 54 after seven and a half months in a convent, she returns to Hollywood, where she goes into seclusion
back in Hollywood, she goes into seclusion. Her mother thinks her daughter realizes that she made a mistake from the start.
13 February 54 returns to show business with a production of Lux Radio Theatre
28 May / April 54 meets Fred MacMurray at Fred Marin's Gay Nineties party in honor of John Wayne. She comes with A. C. Blumenthal, dances a lot with Laurence Harvey, but only has eyes for Fred.
begins dating MacMurray
Fred MacMurray is waiting for the "go" signal from his kids before he marries her
28/29 June 54 after an extended trip to South America, she marries Fred MacMurray on a ranch near Ojai, California. She is 28; he is 45.
the MacMurrays make their home in a Georgian colonial house in Brentwood
December 55 no one can talk her into going back into pictures
56 the MacMurrays learn that they cannot have children of their own. An obstetrician, Dr. Lou Prucher, talks Fred into accepting her wish to adopt a baby. The baby they wait for turns out to be twin girls.
4 December 56 the MacMurrays adopt twin daughters, Katie Marie and Laurie Anne. MacMurray has two children from his first marriage.
31 December 57 the MacMurrays do their only professional appearance as husband and wife in a Desi Arnaz and Lucy Ball Las Vegas show. It is her last work.
71 the MacMurrays have a house in Brentwood and a ranch in Healsburg
91 the MacMurrays reside in Brentwood, California
5 November 91 becomes the widow of MacMurray
4 July 05 dies at age 78 in Brentwood, California, of respiratory failure
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