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(Teri Jean Janssen)
31 December 42 is born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is the former Bernice Dalton, nee Graf, "Miss Nebraska of 1923." Her half-brother, David Harold Meyer, will become actor David Janssen.
60 is crowned "Miss Los Angeles"
17 June 60 an 18-year-old from Los Angeles, she competes for the “Miss California” title at the preliminary judging in Santa Monica, California. 61 girls are entered.
c. 20 June 60 is crowned “Miss California.” Runners-up are Louise May McConnell,18, of San Francisco; Judy Kileen, 21, of Bakersfield; Sharyn Lyn Hillyer, 17, of South Gate; and Sandra Marakas, 18, of Reseda.
Early July 60 represents California in the “Miss Universe” competition in Miami Beach, Florida. She and “Miss Florida,” Nancy Wakefield, are pictured cooling off “after the hot sun forced the girls inside. Their program called for extensive posing in swimsuits but the heat was too much.”
September 60 she and her sister, Jill, will provide special music at their cousin Bonnie Beckenhauer's installation as worthy advisor of Burlingame Assembly 137, Order of the Rainbow Girls, held at the Burlingame Masonic Temple. Their mother, Mrs. Bernice Janssen of Los Angeles, is in charge of the guest book.
October 60 is reported getting her first real chance at dramatics in a “Michael Shayne” segment
November 60 columnist Walter Winchell ponders. “If Ricky Nelson’s latest is Teri Janssen, what about airline hostess Edith Roder?...”
February 61 young actor Robert Gruber has it ever so bad for her
April 61 dates actor Peter Brown
poses with different kinds of bird facilities in a syndicated newspaper article
21 May 61 marries Stanley Bilchik in Hollywood. He's 28; she's 18.
25 March 62 her son Richard T. is born in Los Angeles
21 July 64 her son Daniel F. is born in Los Angeles
74 resides in Encino, California
December 74 as Teri Bilchick, she attends the Motion Picture Mothers holiday luncheon held at the Hotel Bel-Air with her mother, Bernice Janssen, and her sister, Jill Janssen of Hollywood
? divorces Bilchick, who will marry Linda Schuman in July 1981
27 January 79 marries Earl M. Fisher in Santa Barbara, California. He's 40; she's 36.
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