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Prince Aly Salomone Khan
Prince Aly Salomone Khan
13 June 11 is born in Turin, Italy. His father is the Aga Khan of Yakimour III, Imam to 15,000,000 Asian and African Ismaili Muslims; his mother, Thérèse Magliano, is of Italian descent and a former ballet dancer at the Casino of Monte Carlo. The Aga Khan claims to be a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, through his cousin and son-in-law, Ali, the first Imam, and his wife Fatima, the Prophet's daughter. The hereditary title Aga Khan was conferred on the 46th Imam, Aga Hassanaly Shah, by the Shah of Persia in the 19th century.
? is educated by a private tutor
20s his mother dies
30 is sent by his father to Syria to visit his followers
4 November 35 the High Court of Justice, London, pronounces a decree dissolving the marriage between Thomas Loel Guinness, a member of the British Parliament, and his wife, Honorable Joan Guinness, on the grounds that Joan had frequently committed adultery with Prince Aly S. Khan from April 17 until April 20, 1935, at the Hotel Ritz, Paris, France
18 May 36 marries Joan Barbara Yarde-Buller in London/in a town hall of Paris. She’s about three years his senior, the daughter of the 3rd Baron Churston and the actress Denis Orme. With the marriage she becomes Princess “Tajuddawlah” Joan Aly Khan.
13 December 36 his son Karim is born in Geneva / Paris. There are rumors that he isn’t his father.
12 September 37 his son Amyn Muhammad is born
? joins the French Foreign Legion and is in service in the Middle East under General Waygand
40 joins the British Army
October 44 is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
c. 48 meets renowned actress Rita Hayworth at a party given by Elsa Maxwell at the Summer Casino in Cannes, France. She’s married to actor-director Orson Welles and has a little daughter, Rebecca.
dances cheek-to-cheek with Rita on the night of the International Sporting Club Gala
soon Rita moves into his lavish Chateau de l’Horizon. The three-story villa includes ten sun-filled bedrooms and seven bathrooms.
piloting his private plane Avenger, he’s off with Rita to Biarritz, France. Then they travel by car, a shiny new Cadillac ordered from Paris, to Spain and Portugal.
accompanies Rita to Los Angeles. Afterwards they are off to Mexico City and Acapulco.
is off to Cuba with Rita
December 48 Rita’s divorce from Orson Welles becomes final
27 December 48 flies his Avenger with Rita and her daughter to Paris, France. They stay at the Ritz Hotel. Then they are off to London, England, for a short visit with Orson Welles.
31 December 48 lands in Geneva, Switzerland. At the Palace Hotel in Gstaadt, he introduces Rita to his two young sons. Together they celebrate the New Year.
1 February 49 his wife, Princess Aly Khan, sues for divorce at the Seine civil court in Paris
? Rita becomes pregnant
7 April 49 his divorce is granted in Paris, France. With his wife’s consent, he’s awarded custody of his two sons.
27 May 49 marries Rita Hayworth at the town hall of Cannes, France. The Aga Khan and Aly’s stepmother, the Begum, attend. Afterwards a lavish reception is held at Chateau de l’Horizon.
28 May 49 a pair of Muslim priests from the Paris mosque marry him and Rita in a religious ceremony
28 / 29 December 49 his daughter, Yasmin Khan, is born at the Montchoisi Clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland
breaks his leg skiing
when Rita declares that she’s sick of life with Aly, he accuses her of drinking heavily
June 50 attends the Epsom Derby with Rita
because his father keeps him on a tight budget, he begins spending Rita’s money
31 December 50 Rita walks out on him at a New Year’s Eve party in Cairo, Egypt
? Rita walks out on him in Nairobi, Kenya. When he’s off hunting, she sends him a note about returning to the children in Cannes, France.
25 March 51 Rita flees from him and Cannes with their daughter, Yasmin. Via Paris and Le Havre, they set sail for New York.
28 April 51 from the press he learns about Rita’s wish for a divorce
Summer 51 is seen with actress Joan Fontaine at the Club Florence, a Montmartre nightspot in Paris, France
refuses when Rita asks for $3,000,000 for Yasmin. The messy divorce negotiations get into the press.
Rita refuses his overtures toward reconciliation
52 meets Parisian model-actress Lise Bourdin at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt. Labeled "Miss Arch of Triumph," Lise toured the United States on behalf of American Aid to France, Inc., in 1948.
Elsa Maxwell hosts a cocktail party at his Chateau de l’Horizon. Yvonne DeCarlo and bullfighter-poet Mario Cabre, her escort at the Cannes Film Festival, attend.
dines and wines Yvonne DeCarlo, and they begin a relationship. They make love in the nude on the deck of his motorboat. Later they travel to Paris for the races.
meets Yvonne in New York City, where they attend a cocktail party given by Judy Garland and her husband, Sid Luft, at the Essex House
20 August 52 visits Rita and his daughter in California. For a few days they reconcile.
Fall 52 Rita decides to drop the divorce proceedings for the time being and returns to him in France
3 October 52 Rita leaves their house in Neuilly and moves into the Hotel Lancaster in Paris
December 52 at a party during the Christmas holidays in Argentina, he meets actress Gene Tierney, who’s there on location filming for Way of a Goucho
26 January 53 Rita divorces him in Reno, Nevada. He spends the day with his current amour, Gene Tierney, in Cannes, France. Rita gets full custody of their daughter and will marry singer-actor Dick Haymes in September 1953.
? wins the Bar Steeplechase in Liverpool, England, three times
? as part of a bet, he crosses the Indian Ocean in a one-motored plane
53 drives actresses Rhonda Fleming and Yvonne DeCarlo in his Chrysler along the Grande Corniche, France
meets Gene Tierney in Paris, and they become inseparable. They spend the year travelling across Europe, and she rents a house near his Chateau de l’Horizon.
May 53 reserves a $9,500-per-night hotel suite for himself and Gene so they can have a birds-eye view of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation route
July 53 says he’s in love with Gene, but his papa, the Aga, says he still favors Rita
54 flies to London to be with Gene for the filming of Personal Affair
January 54 arrives in Hollywood to continue his pursuit of Gene. His custody battle with Rita Hayworth over child support for their daughter Yasmin has kept him out of the States for a long time.
March 54 the Aga Khan is opposed to a marriage of his son to Gene Tierney: “If he marries Mrs. Tierney, I will not receive her.”
March 54 Gene considers herself “certainly engaged” when spending a few days with Prince Aly at the Rosarito Beach Hotel in Mexico
after 18 months with Prince Aly, Gene returns to Connecticut; he, to Karachi, where he is to become ambassador of Pakistan
is a daily visitor to the set while Gene films The Egyptian at 20th Century-Fox
June 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports that Lise Bourdin is cutting in on Gene Tierney's time with Aly
55 his companion becomes Bettina, a former Jacques Fath model, who modeled Rita’s wedding gown prior to Rita’s marriage to Prince Aly in 1949
Fall 56 escorts Rita and Bettina to dinner at the casino in Deauville, France
December 57 starts dating actress Kim Novak
58 becomes Pakistan’s permanent spokesman in the United Nations
September 58 is elected vice president of the UN General Assembly
Spring 59 hosts Kim Novak and her parents at his Chateau de l’Horizon. Kim’s escort at the Cannes Festival is actor Cary Grant.
60 shortly before her marriage to millionaire Howard Lee, Prince Aly phones Gene Tierney for the last time with a dinner invitation, but she refuses
April 60 flies to Los Angeles to visit Yasmin
12 May 60 en route to a dinner party in his Lancia sports car, he collides head-on with another automobile. Bettina is beside him, and his chauffeur is in the back. Shortly before midnight, he dies at age 48 in a Paris hospital. The other two survive.
? is interred in the grounds of the Chateau de l'Horizon, where a grave is dug in the lawn by the side of his study
Early 60s Bettina starts an affair with German writer Peter Viertel. Viertel will marry actress Deborah Kerr in 1962.
10 July 72 his remains are transported from Nice to Damascus by an Air France chartered Boeing. The final burial ceremony takes place in Salamia, Syria, according to his will.
14 May 87 his second wife, Rita Hayworth, dies of Alzheimer’s disease in New York City
25 April 97 his first wife, Princess Tajuddawlah, dies
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