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(Malgorzata Jolanta Konopka)
42 / 43 is born in Warsaw, Poland, from Catholic, Polish nobility. Her father is a high-ranking civil servant with much land and many horses; her great-grandfather fought in the Napoleonic wars; her mother is an archaeologist.
59 goes from Poland to London
is a model in high demand and gets around a lot
64 has a small part in Becket
67 goes to Rome with her friend, actor Massimo Serato. She settles in Parioli and eats only smoked salmon that her mother sends her from London. Her hobby is travelling; Italy and Australia are her favorite destinations.
3 January 67 is on the cover of Italian Tempo magazine
1 August 67 is on the cover of Italian Tempo magazine
her measurements are 100-58-100 cm
12 December 67 as Magdalena Konopka, she marries Franco-Canadian billionaire Jean-Louis Desy at the Chelsea registry office in London. He’s 28; she’s about 24. He's the son the former Canadian Ambasssador to Paris. They have met in Italy several years ago.
Spring 68 separates from Desy after three months and returns to London. He stays in Rome. She accuses him of severely beating her; he blames her for walking out on him, unfaithfulness, and the disappearance of some jewelry.
? should be on the set, but she is off to Capri for an affair and is fined
November 68 as Malgorzata Jolanta Desy de Boucherville, she resides at 53a Barnes High Street, London SW13
July 69 is spotted by Frank Sinatra in Rome and will co-star with him in The Night Ray
August 69 is crowned “Lady Universe“ in Marina di Ravenna, Italy
70 films When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth in the Canary Islands and at Shepperton Studios near London. Co-star Victoria Vetri will later recall that everyone was screwing around, skinny-dipping, and drinking sangria.
May 70 is featured in Penthouse
23 January 71 is on the cover of Italian Tempo magazine
71 returns to Rome
wants to keep a bear at home, but the legal requirements in Italy don’t allow it
claims to fall in love easily, without making a tragedy out of it
71 a few days with Marchesa Camillo Casati Stampa and his wife on the Sardinian island of Zannone have legal repercussions
72 confesses to have gained 10 kilos since her modeling days and to have attended some wrong parties
is out with the Rothschilds and Pignatellis
flirts and spends some nights with Sean Connery in Porto Rotondo
as a preparation for her next movie, she reads four pages of the Koran daily
26 November 72 is on the cover of Italian Tempo magazine
Tempo, Victoria Vetri in Femme Fatales, The London Gazette, Nevada State Journal,
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