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(Sharon Lee)
c. 32 / 33 is born in Dallas, Texas, of French, Irish, and Cherokee Indian descent
? is crowned “Miss Handyman” in Dallas
? starts as a singer with the Eddie Condon Band
? joins Kenny Sargent’s band
? becomes the protégé of legendary stripper Lili St.Cyr
June 53 is on the cover of Night & Day
September 53 is on the cover of Photo
? Bernard Delfont and Rob Nesbitt bring her to England
January 54 catches the eye of billionaire Howard Hughes and is supposed to get a big Hollywood buildup on the basis of her beautiful smile
c. 54 changes her name to Lee Sharon
? performs in Tokyo for 500,000 yen a week. The Japanese call her “Miss Happy-Limbs.”
? from Tokyo she’s off to Las Vegas and then to the Latin Quarter in New York City
August 54 is on the cover of Show
October 54 is featured in Modern Man
December 54 wears a smile for Ben Cooper, the actor
April 55 is suspected of being a secret bride
May 55 is around New York City with date Ben Cooper. The young actor is crazy about her.
July 55 claims she will henceforth spell her name Sharyn so that she won't be confused with actress Sharon Lee
August 55 Bob Neal presents her with a Thunderbird
November 55 attends the New York Art Students League Ball as Eve
56 attends a studio party in England that is given for Arlene Dahl, who just finished Portrait in Smoke
January 56 performs at London’s Pigalle Club
February 56 is on the cover of Bold
6 February 56 attends the Royal Premiere of Helen of Troy at the Warner Brothers cinema at Leicester Square, London, and is greeted by Princess Margaret. Gordon Scott and Betta St. John attend too.
c. 56 appears with famed pin-up Sabrina at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. Afterwards, she appears in Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Rome, and Barcelona.
February 57 is on the cover of Bold
August 58 gets her This-car-is-not-a-gift-from-Trujillo sticker autographed by the generous Dominican general himself
recuperates from a sinus operation at the Hotel Capitol
February 61 is seen at the Spindletop with Cliff Livingston, New York Giants football star
? her daughter attends Lida Hooe Elementary School in Dallas, Texas
95 dies
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