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(Jacqueline V. Loughery)
c. 31 is born in Brooklyn, New York City to Joseph and Ellen Loughery
49 is crowned "Miss Rockaway Point"
? becomes "Miss Christmas Seal" and "Miss Queen of Cover Girls"
c. Summer 50 is crowned "Miss New York State"
September 50 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that crooner Alan Dale, who was a judge at the "Miss New York" pageant, fell hard for Jackie. "He had her on his radio show, and on his television show, and has her on his mind all the time."
May 52 is the assistant of Renzo Cenana, the "Continental" of video fame. Kilgallen writes: "The minute she finishes the show with him, she rushes out of the Warner stage door to meet Guy Mitchell."
19 June 52 is among 15 international beauties honored at a get-together cocktail party and dinner at the 400 restaurant in Long Beach, California. The others are Indrani Rehman, India; Claude Godart, France; Oro Vered, Israel; Gladys Rubio, Uruguay; Hanna Sorenson; Denmark; Anne Marie Tistler, Sweden; Eva Rione, Norway; and Renate Hoy, Germany.
28 June 52 is crowned "Miss United States" in Long Beach, California. First runners-up are Jeanne Thompson of Baton Rouge and "Miss Missouri," Carolyn Carlew. Among the prizes is a seven-year movie contract and a $3,000 automobile. She appears in the contest in a borrowed evening gown and is awarded first place after a suspense-filled tie vote. A second ballot is taken, and she is named the winner. She utters her usual "happiest moment of my life" phrases and then discloses that she plans a serious dramatic career. "I hope to stay in Hollywood and try to make a success of the Universal-International movie contract I've just won. I want to become a dramatic actress."
30 June 52 is eliminated in the semi-finals of the "Miss Universe" contest in Long Beach. The winner is "Miss Finland," Armi Kuusela.
23 October 52 she and Guy Mitchell obtain a marriage license in Bakersfield, California
26 October 52 marries Mitchell at the Little Brown Church in The Valley in Hollywood, California. Mitchell arrived from Sacramento, California, just in time for the ceremony. He's 27; she's 21.
27 October 52 can't take a honeymoon because she has to report for work at a film studio. As she and Mitchell can't make Niagara for their honeymoon, they go to the Sportsmen's Lodge and have themselves photographed in front of the artificial waterfalls on its ground.
7 January 53 is elected honorary fire marshal of Universal City, a 400 acre municipality in San Fernando Valley. Rock Hudson becomes mayor in a balloting that totals 1,984 votes; Mary Castle becomes honorary police chief.
February 53 Kilgallen reports that Jackie and Mitchell "are knitting tiny garments for a summertime arrival"
September 53 is reported "madder than a wet hen" about reports of a rift with Guy Mitchell and joins him in Glasgow, England
23 September 53 she and Mitchell separate. Film circles in Hollywood say career rivalry caused the crash of their marriage in less than a year.
Early October 53 her attorneys say her flight to join Mitchell in Glasgow was against his wishes; in fact, it was a complete surprise to him
5 October 53 files for divorce from Mitchell in Los Angeles charging cruelty. She asks for $2,500 monthly support, $5,000 court costs and $25,000 for her lawyer, estimating community property to be worth $200,000. Mitchell's income, her petition states, exceeds $25,000 monthly. He's 27; she's 22.
October 53 the press thinks she is not only exaggerating Mitchell's yearly income, but also seeking a stratospheric support stipend
November 53 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that she lives in the apartment right over the one occupied by Marilyn Morrison, who helped herself to a generous financial hunk of another singer, Johnnie Ray
Mitchell's attorneys are reported to have "stacks of documents” concerning Jackie Loughery that will be introduced into the courts if the former "Miss USA" insists on that titanic financial settlement
December 53 in addition to the divorce case, her lawyer, Alyce Maloney, files suit for assault and battery against Mitchell, claiming he tried to jam a cigarette down Jackie’s throat. She'll claim Mitchell got really rough a few days ago when he came to the apartment Alice and Jackie are currently sharing in Hollywood.
Mid-December 53 Mitchell's reported raging over her "preposterous" charges. "He claims she broke a promise they both made not to air their marital difficulties in the newspapers, so now he'll go with both barrels when he files his counter charges. One of his major rebuttals will be the allegation that the ex-'Miss America' refused to have children."
December 53 Mitchell takes out ads in New York disclaiming responsibility for her debts
16 February 54 signs out-of-court agreement papers toward settling her divorce from Mitchell. Her attorney, Irving B. Glickfield, says she will receive $1,500 monthly alimony for three years, $20,000 in cash and a division of community property, with two automobiles and a $60,000 home. Mitchell's lawyer, Bernard Reich, says his client hasn't seen the papers yet but that if they contain items discussed a few weeks ago, with minor changes, Mitchell will be ready to sign also.
March 54 slated for an uncontested divorce from Mitchell in New York City, she says she's looking for a man "who who loves home life and wants 12 children--six boys and six girls."
June 54 is an eye-raising duo with actor John Bromfield, the ex of Corinne Calvet
July 54 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that there's a recording deal brewing for her
is the object of affections from Bob Harding, wealthy Texan
there's a recording deal brewing for her, "a non-songstress up till now..."
Early August 54 returns to Hollywood with her mother, who brings her a French poodle to stay at Jackie's apartment
August 54 admits that she's talking to Mitchell by transatlantic telephone and that reconciliation might take place when he returns to Hollywood after September. Their divorce isn't final until next March.
September 54 Johnson reports that Mitchell, who is asking that she give up her TV and movie career, is cooking up reconciliation: "I am still in love with Jackie and I've made her a proposition."
February 55 Johnson confirms that their reconciliation didn't jell. The next Mrs. Mitchell may be Betty Lee, "Miss Texas."
March 55 poses with Jess Barker, estranged husband of Susan Hayward, for a magazine layout
July 55 is reported an interesting twosome with young actor Vince Edwards
October 55 columnist Walter Winchell reports "That was Jackie Loughery with deejay Bill Williams in Birdland - sighing over Jeri Southern's lament." He's just back from visiting Ava Gardner in Spain.
January 56 spends weekends with her ex-husband Mitchell to practice horseback riding for her TV films. Winchell thinks that "it also looks like her TV heart interest has gone back to his wife."
April 56 Mitchell says the rumors linking him with her are upsetting his harem. Mitchell will marry Danish-born model Elsa Sorenson, a.k.a. Dane Arden, later in the year.
Early June 56 singer Dick Haymes is reported drooling over her at El Morocco. Erskine Johnson thinks they are talking about marriage. Chums say that Haymes hasn't been that serious since he parted from Rita Hayworth.
Mid-June 56 says upon her return to Hollywood from New York that she's dating Haymes exclusively
Early August 56 it's serious between Haymes and her
August 56 will return to Hollywood to be the leading lady in a new Mark Hellinger TV series. She came to New York to be near her Flatbush folks. Her father is a Navy captain.
October 56 is romanced by Bob Merrill, who wrote many of Guy Mitchell's tunes
December 56 Mitchell says last year’s warbling in Europe he made enough to pay her off - $100,000 off the top
April 57 she and actor Jack Webb have discovered each other. His dates with her indicate there will be no reconciliation this time with his estranged wife, Dorothy Towne. Jackie's also the love interest in his upcoming The D.I.
February 57 is featured in Tab
28 February 58 bruises and batters her legs in Phoenix, Arizona when she falls down a high stairway during filming of "26 Men," a TV series dealing with the tales of early Arizona rangers
April 58 dyes her hair blonde
May 58 is seen at La Rue's with Stuart Cramer III, ex-husband of Jean Peters
23 June 58 gets an engagement ring from Jack Webb in Hollywood. She says her wedding gown will be a pastel sheath. "No sack," she laughs. "I like them, but not as a wedding gown..." He refuses to say where he and she will be wed but says the ceremony would be performed by a judge. Webb ignores newsmen's requests to "just get the facts, man."
24 June 58 marries Webb at the home of his best man and long-time friend, Herman Saunders, in Van Nuys, California. He’s 38; she’s 27. Municipal Judge Byron J. Walters performs the ceremony.
December 58 is on the cover of Escapade
February 59 is on the cover of Escapade again
April 59 is featured in Escapade
24 March 64 divorces Webb in less than four minutes in Los Angeles Superior Court. She gets $99,000 alimony over a five-year period; $2,000-a-month payments the first year with a gradual reduction to $1,500. She complains that Webb was married to his work. This is the same complaint his first two wives, Julie London and Dorothy Towne, used to get divorces from him. He's 43; she's 33. They have no children.
27 April 69 marries Jack W. Schwietzer in Los Angeles. He's 41; she's 34.
December 69 serves as hostess at the new Point After supper club in Studio City, California. She assists manager Johnny Mann and maitre d' Steve O'Brien at the door.
12 May 70 is guest of honor at the "Miss U.S.A." pageant held at Miami, Florida
? becomes director of customer services for a Los Angeles firm
May 76 takes part in the 25th anniversary of the first "Miss U.S.A." contest in Niagara Falls
December 22 is featured in Western Clippings
23 February 24 dies at age 93 in Los Angeles
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