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11 February 34 is born in New York City. Her father owns a Brooklyn candy store, but her mother's remarriage to wealthy Dr. John Myers turn her into a debutante.
? attends Miami University in Ohio
53 is on the New York stage in Almanac’s
December 53 as Tina Louise Myers she is voted Number 1 Deb of 1953
January 54 dates actor Franchot Tone, the ex of Joan Crawford
May 54 is elected queen of the Artists Equity Ball in New York
April 55 her frequent escort at Gilmore’s is rich textiler I. Geist
June 55 will join Mickey Rooney in his upcoming film musical Hinky Dinky Parlez Vouz
August 55 does the New York hot spots with paper heir Bill Wakeman
December 55 is rediscovered by Franchot Tone
is the date of James McKinley Bryant, who recently saw Sonja Henie off to London
takes her nightclub act to St. Louis
January 56 her big secret is being a bit player in Broadway’s Pipe Dream
steals the show in Studio One
March 56 her new escort is attorney Sinclair Robinson, ex-beau of Hope Hampton
May 56 warbles at the Sahara in Las Vegas and misses Gerald LaZarre of the Pipe Dream cast more than anything else in New York
Ray Bolger signs her for his TV show next fall
finds disc jockey Bill Williams more than diverting
November 56 her date is the Duke of Imperia
December 56 enjoys ripe conversation with Julie Newmar at Dick Shawn’s party for Arthur Godfrey losers
? is crowned "Bicycle Queen"
? is crowned "Idaho Potato Peel Appeal Girl"
57 is predecessor to Julie Newmar as "Miss 100% Pure"
releases her record album "It's Time for Tina" with Urania Records
February 57 sues stripper Tana Louise who claims that’s her real name
March 57 testifies in defense for the reputation of her mother, Betty Myers, 43, in New York Supreme Court. Mrs. Myers is in a counter separation suit with her industrial husband, Dr. John Myers, 67. The angry Dr. Myers questioned a lot of Broadwayites about Betty’s friends, with particular interest centered on a talented dress designer. There are rumors that Tina’s involved, too.
April 57 she and fellow actress Monique Van Vooren decorate the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation telethon
is elected queen of the Art Students League costume benefit ball in New York. She presents the first prize of $200 to the winners wearing costumes depicting stained glass Gothic windows.
she and fellow actress Abbe Lane are frequent guests at New York’s Absinthe House
is featured in Esquire
June 57 has her act at Le Cupidon
July 57 is Appasionata Von Climax in the Broadway production of Li'l Abner. Actor Montgomery Clift will do an oil painting of her in that show but title it Roxanne.
does the mambo with designer Elgee Bove at Angel Lopez’ Chateau Madrid
August 57 she and her mother dress alike at Johnny’s Keyboard
she and Buddy Hackett leave for Los Angeles to film God’s Little Acre. While away, her part in Li’l Abner is offered to Vikki Dougan.
January 58 a party is tossed for her and Joey Adams at Le Cupidon. Bobo Rockefeller attends.
duet-a-tetes with Bill Wakeman at the Spindletop
April 58 has a new Broadway feud with Julie Newmar, her successor at Li’l Abner
June 58 is a romantic duo with actor Lance Fuller at Phil Ahn’s Moongate in Panorama City, California
July 58 is seen with Fuller at the Gourmet Beverly
September 58 breaks off with the one-and-only who was going to get a divorce to marry her but keeps the diamonds
October 58 attends a Hollywood party given by Milton Berle honoring Carl Sandburg. The event hits the news when Gary Crosby’s alleged insulting of a guest leads to a brief wrestling on the floor of the Rodeo Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel. James Mason has to separate the fighters.
lives in an apartment near Gramercy Park, New York City
November 58 has become an almost steady twosome with Aldo Ray after filming God's Little Acre
Robert Ryan wants her to play opposite him in Day of the Outlaw
December 58 is seen at the Gourmet Beverly with Hugh French
January 59 is seen at the Kon-Tiki in Montreal
has been married once and hopes to marry some day again
February 59 she and Merv Griffin are angry with each other
March 59 her agent asks for the Lana Turner-vacated part in Otto Preminger’s upcoming Anatomy of a Murder. The role will finally go to Lee Remick.
dates actor-singer Vic Damone
May 59 her escort to New York’s stage hit Our Town is Dr. Lee Salk, brother of famous Jonas Salk
June 59 attends the premiere of John Paul Jones with Marty Kimmel
July 59 is seen at Chasen’s with Ray Anthony, the ex of Mamie Van Doren
gets long-distance calls from young actor Tony Perkins
is maid of honor at actress Greta Thyssen’s wedding to Ron Starr
August 59 is the date of Ted Jordan, the ex of stripper Lili St. Cyr
October 59 is considered for the upcoming Salambo, but her part goes to Jeanne Valerie
is seen at La Rue’s with Milton Stevens
November 59 is off to Rome to film The Siege of Syracuse. She claims that after working 12 hours a day she’ll be glad to get back to the States, where working hours are limited by SAG regulations.
catches the eye of Italian actor Walter Chiari, ex-beau of Ava Gardner and Anita Ekberg
December 59 helps Brazilian millionaire Francesco "Baby" Pignatari spend his time and money in Rome
60 is still single and measures 38-25-36
January 60 her romance with Sheldon Reynolds is the real thing
3 March 60 she and Nancy Sinatra greet Elvis Presley upon his return from Germany at the Fort Dix, New Jersey, military base
May 60 attends the Cannes Film Festival in Southern France. She stays at the Carlton Hotel.
July 60 finishes Sappho in Rome and signs for a starring role in Roberto Rossellini’s Viva L’Italia
September 60 is caught in London campaigning for John F. Kennedy: "I adore politics. The Democrats will win the elections and I hope the first thing do is choose Stevenson for Secretary of State."
October 60 her mother, Betty Myers, levels sensational charges against multi-millionaire Dr. John Myers
December 60 there are rumors about her and young actor Burt Reynolds, playing together in Armored Command, which is filmed abroad in Europe
tells the Paris press she wouldn’t mind marrying playwright Arthur Miller
January 61 sublets Jack Lemmon’s Central Park South apartment
she and Tony Perkins, each back from Europe, say a fast hello at the Four Seasons
February 61 is seen around Hollywood in a blonde wig
March 61 her Italian movies are scheduled for release in the United States
Italian director Rossellini wants her back in Italy for a picture
will star in the pilot film of the "Some Like It Hot" television series
February 62 is an attention-getting duo at the Brasserie with hotelman Conrad Hilton
11 February 62 she and her New York roommate, model-actress Gita Hall, the ex of Barry Sullivan, give a party on Tina’s birthday. They invite 8 other girls and 40 men, among them actor Hugh O’Brien; composer Bob Merrill; Peter Duchin; Claude Terail, maitre of the Tour d’Argent of Paris; and playwright Arthur Kopit.
March 62 is seen out with Dr. Ernest Wyler, the ex-date of Kim Novak. The next night, Wyler’s seen out with her roommate, Gita Hall.
April 62 has a feud with socialite-actress Dina Merrill
attends the premiere of Boys Night Out with playboy S. Ungar
catches the interest of Conrad Hilton
July 62 is seen at the Coconut Grove with "Beau" Belinsky
November 62 her date at Erika’s is Dr. Barry Moss
April 63 her escort at the opening of Perona’s is wealthy Miamian Ricky Ricardo
January 64 director George Abbott wants her for his upcoming A Girl to Remember, to start at the Mark Hellinger Theater in May
February 64 is cozy with Tommy Leonetti at Shepheard’s, celebrating her birthday
is one of 19 candidates voted into the Actors Studio
January 65 CBS threatens her with a $50,000 lawsuit. Allegedly she took two days off work on "Gilligan’s Island" because of illness and spent it doing picture layouts for a national magazine.
April 65 does the scene with Tommy Leonetti
has a whirlwind romance with television moderator Les Crane, who quietly got a Mexican divorce
May 65 she and Crane decide it wasn’t the real thing
makes the New York discotheque scene with Lee Marvin. He’s in town to promote his Ship of Fools.
June 65 has a warm friendship with Jim Aubrey
January 66 is in Broadway’s Cactus Flower
she and Crane move their marriage date forward from June to March 20, the anniversary of their first meeting. It probably will be in San Francisco.
February 66 comic Larry Wilde, who introduced Les Crane to her, will be best man at the wedding on April 3. They’ll honeymoon in the Greek Isles.
pals suspect her romance with Les is over
3 April 66 marries Crane in Beverly Hills. He’s 29; she’s 28.
May 66 is seen at Norby Walter’s with her husband and declares, "the honeymoon’s over"
June 66 she and Crane plot a belated honeymoon trip to Mexico
? she and Crane move into a house in the Hidden Valley section of Coldwater Canyon
? becomes an expert at T’ai Chi Ch’uan, "a system of exercises for the thinking man"
November 69 attends the opening of Tony Bennett at the Ambassador Hotel’s Coconut Grove
Summer 70 files for divorce from Crane after a four-year marriage, even though she expects her first child on October 23. She says that they both were aware of the pregnancy before they separated, "the rest is too personal to talk about."
June 70 divorces Crane in Los Angeles
25 August 70 will receive $5,000 a month in temporary alimony and child support
3 November 70 her daughter, Caprice Alexandra, is born at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles
May 72 admits she’s husband-hunting
May 74 seeks an injunction against the Emmys ceremonies, wanting to have the telecast stopped on the grounds the new award structure is unfair.
March 77 is off to Australia for the filming of Puzzle opposite James Franciscus
April 77 is seen around with Dr. Louis Scarrone, ex-escort of Liz Taylor
April 89 helps raise money for Norma McCorvey, "Jane Roe" in the landmark Roe vs. Wade abortion case
90 publishes her book Sunday, about her childhood experiences in a boarding school
March 94 considers a lawsuit against Ted Turner, who owns the rights to "Gilligan’s Island." The show has run for decades in syndication, but she and the fellow castaways have never received a red cent in royalties.
May 94 puts her three-bedroom house on the edge of Beverly Hills on the market for $1.2 million. The ranch home boasts a koi pond, a 40-foot pool, and a guesthouse.
February 98 attends a celebrity scrabble tournament at Madison Square Garden in New York
02 lives in New York City
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