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(Dolly Loehr)
7 October 26 is born in Los Angeles to Louis William Loehr, an oil supply superintendent, and Eartha "Thes" Loehr, a music teacher
? spends her childhood in Beverly Hills
c. 32 starts to take piano lessons at age 6
? attends Miss Grace’s Private School in Los Angeles
? by the age of 11, she’s a prominent member of the Los Angeles Junior Symphony Orchestra
? begins a piano career
c. 38 plays with the Los Angeles Junior Symphony at age 12 and is heard by Leopold Stokowski
41 debuts in There’s Magic in Music
fellow actress Susanna Foster becomes her best friend
is signed by Paramount to a seven-year contract and attends classes at the Paramount High School of Education. At 15 she’s the youngest performer under contract.
c. 42 is chaperoned on the Paramount lot by an ever vigilant mother
43 tries very hard to become the friend of 18-year-old actress Gail Russell. Eventually they become close.
45 continues taking piano lessons with Raissu Kaufman
is named “Star of Tomorrow” by the Motion Picture Herald
47 co-stars with Guy Madison, newly married to her friend Gail Russell, in the La Jolla Playhouse production of Dear Ruth
purchases her own home at age 21
dates oilman Bob Neal
c. 48 is spied by John Lindsay when dining with her cast at L’Aiglon. Lindsay is one of Southern California’s leading architects. They meet again at the Stuart Martins; Mrs. Martin is actress Angela Greene.
March 48 blue-pencils her engagement to Bob Neal
May 48 does an advertisement for Flame-Glo Lipstick
18 December 48 marries handsome young architect John C. Lindsay at the University of Southern California. He's 30; she's 22. Actress Jane Withers is matron of honor; best man is Stuart Martin. The reception is held at Wynn Rocamora’s house. Actress Jane Nigh is heartbroken.
May 50 attends a party given at Ciro’s for Dorothea Lee McEvoy, Screen Guide's editorial director, and is seen chatting with Brian Donlevy
April 51 is out with Lindsay
52 records two strictly classical LPs for Capital Records
is the last-minute replacement for Ann Blyth in Meet Me at the Fair
is on the cover of Life
5 May 52 is featured, among others, on the Life cover as one of TV’s leading ladies
53 replaces Dawn Addams in the Broadway production of Horses in Midstream
is off to Mexico for filming of Plunder in the Sun
tours with the stage production of The Moon is Blue
is in the London West End production of The Moon is Blue
January 53 separates from Lindsay
May 53 hosts a "Kid Party" at the Mocambo
5 June 53 / 54 is granted a divorce from Lindsay in Santa Monica. He claims she’s an emotional “idiot” and detrimental to his architectural career. She receives only a $ 1,700 property settlement from him.
November 53 does an advertisement for Lux Toilet Soap
places fourth among the Ten Best Dressed Actresses of Hollywood
March 54 free of her The Moon is Blue stage commitment in London, she’s groomed for Broadway’s The Winner, along with Scott Brady
5 June 54 her divorce from Lindsay becomes final
tours with La Jolla’s Sabrina Fair
55 is romantically linked to actor Andrew McLaglen while they film The Kentuckian. This breaks up when she’s cast opposite McLaglen’s wife, Veda Ann Borg, in You’re Never Too Young.
receives some unexpected publicity during the filming of The Kentuckian in Owensboro, Kentucky. While signing autographs, an 18-year-old fan handcuffs himself to her.
May 55 is a good acquaintance of Janet Leigh
June 55 is constantly with Andy McLaglen and will marry him when his divorce becomes final
July 55 will marry Andy McLaglen as soon as possible
December 55 is never seen without Ed Pauley Jr., the son of the famous oil magnate
7 December 56 marries the president of Los Angeles radio station KLAC, Mortimer W. Hall, who is divorced from Ruth Roman, in Mexico. His mother, Dorothy Schiff, was publisher of the New York Post.
6 July 58 her son Matthew is born
26 April 60 her daughter Dorothy is born
2 July 62 her daughter Mary is born
21 January 63 is on Broadway in Mary, Mary
Summer 63 returns to Los Angeles to study acting with Curt Conway
6 August 64 her daughter Margaret is born
68 moves with her family to New York, where her husband assumes an executive position on the New York Post. They have a town house in Manhattan’s East ‘80s and a weekend home on Oyster Bay, Long Island
March 70 is announced as the director of GO (Travel) Agency, headquartered at Bonwit Teller’s Department Store in Manhattan
is scheduled to star opposite Anthony Perkins in Play It As It Lays
9 December 71 suffers a stroke / brain hemorrhage in Los Angeles
17 December 71 as Diana Hall, she dies at age 45 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles of a stroke. She’s survived by her husband and four children.
20 December 71 a memorial service is held at All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills
22 December 71 her funeral service takes place at the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest, Beverly Hills
is interred at the Church of Heavenly Rest, New York, New York
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