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14 December 19 is born in Wabash, Indiana
c. 37 attends Indiana University for one year and is chosen Freshman Princess
? moves to Chicago and does commercial photography and models at the Charles A. Stevens Department Store
January 41 moves to Los Angeles. Models at Bullock’s on Wilshire Boulevard.
42 signs a contract with RKO
is asked by the US government to be the official Army poster girl. She poses for George Hurrell for the first three posters, which carry the following message below her photo: "Please get there and back. Be careful what you say or write." Eleanor Roosevelt tries to stop any further posters; she thinks they will make the soldiers too homesick. However, the soldiers request more posters and want to know who the pretty girl is. As a result, nine more posters are ordered. This time, the message, on the right side of the poster and in the form of a letter, asks the GIs to buy war bonds and save their money for their dream homes, etc.
June 45 gives up her RKO contract. Spends 2-1/2 months visiting the GIs in France, England, Belgium, and Germany, which she visits twice.
July 45 marries Captain Jerry Johnson
? has one son. Her three grandchildren are Derek, Ian, and Dana.
works in the music business booking acts for the Hollywood Bowl while continuing to support the military by donating the profits from sales of coffee cups and other items carrying reproductions of the posters to the USO
July 01 celebrates 56 years of marriage

6 June 03 her husband dies
26 April 12 dies from the effects of advanced age and is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills.
Margie Stewart
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