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(Lucy Ann McAleer)
20 November 32 is born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of a hardware merchant
? attends the University of Arizona drama school
studies at the Pasadena Playhouse
December 54 she and fellow Columbia starlets Adelle August and Jana Mason are heralded as the solution to producer Jonie Taps' search for the world's most beautiful legs. "The trio demonstrates they are ready to match legs with any contender as they walk down a Hollywood movie set."
January 55 Andy Carey, third baseman for the New York Yankees, is reported squiring her, the Columbia starlet, around flickerland...
1 February 55 is named "Queen of Hearts" to serve the 1955 Hearts Fund campaign of the Los Angeles County Heart Association to be conducted February 1 to 28. She's introduced to campaign leaders at a Heart Month kickoff breakfast at the Los Angeles town house.
February 55 is seen with Carey in the cockpit of a speedboat that he built in Oakland
April 55 while filming Queen Bee, Joan Crawford reportedly takes her under her wing. "I've learned all kinds of things," Lucy remarks. "She knows everything about lighting. Miss Crawford - she says to call her Joan, but I still can't get used to it - can stand in a whole bunch of lights and know which one of them is not focused correctly."
May 55 Carey announces his engagement to her. "They will tie the famous knot when baseball season ends."
June 55 she and Carey pose playing golf at the Grossinger, New York, Country Club
August 55 is expected to marry Carey on November 8. "She's a white hope doll at Columbia studios and he's the baseball star."
6 October 55 marries Andrew Arthur Hexem, a.k.a. Andrew Carey at the Hollywood First Methodist Church. He's 24; she's 22. His wedding gift is a watch with "Lucy Carey" in diamonds spelling the time. The 6 and 12 are stars instead of figures. After the ceremony the newlyweds fly to San Francisco to join the rest of the Yankee team on a TWA Super G Constellation flight to Honolulu, Hilo, and Tokyo, for a series of exhibition games.
October 55 the Careys are frequently seen at the Charley Bollar Castle Restaurant in Pasadena
December 55 the Careys are in the press with their "working agreement," which carries a "no interference rule." Under its terms, Andy refuses to appear on movie sound stages and she agrees not to interfere in baseball matters. "The closest Andy will come is the Studio Publicity Office, where they are seen together."
says goodbye to Carey, who's "bound for some fishing. Married in October, they think their marriage will survive separate careers. In summer she follows Yankees."
Early December 55 her parents take off for Europe, leaving her and Carey "use of their Hollywood home. This works out fine for Lucy, who was spending three hours a day commuting between her house in Malibu and the set of He Died Laughing."
February 56 the press heralds that she appeared unofficially in a production filmed by her husband while they are on their honeymoon in Japan. "Every member of the barnstorming Yankee squad who went on the trip will receive a print of finished film. She is helping Carey to edit and cut its 2,000 feet. Carey's hobby is photographing."
March 56 the press names her among the dates of James Dean, who crashed with his car on September 30, 1955
April 56 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that she and Carey are off to St. Petersburg, Florida, "where Andy is in spring training with the New York Yankees. Lucy will stay till Columbia needs her for a film."
End July 56 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she and Carey are "expecting a little Yankee..."
22 November 56 her son, Kenneth James, is born in Santa Monica
March 57 she and Carey present their 4-month-old son to the press. "Actor or athlete? Little Jimmy Carey has inherited a little of both with an actress as his mother and a ball player for his pop."
April 57 joins her husband in the East
November 57 in Alameda, California, her husband is reported catching one hubcap thief and helping police nab another. "His wife, movie starlet Lucy Marlow, saw two men taking hubcaps from cars while Carey was working on his speed boat. He struggled with Manuel Taffokla, 19, while Mrs. Carey called police, who captured Jimmy Bartlett, 19, with Carey's help. Both youth pleaded guilty and face sentences. The Careys live in Malibu Beach, California, and were visiting there."
February 62 her husband informs the Philadelphia Phillies that he is quitting baseball to concentrate on his brokerage business in California
Mid-60s her daughter, Jennifer, is born
? raises her kids in Newport Beach, California
November 74 divorces Carey in California
95 is on the Los Angeles stage in The Glass Menagerie
00 resides in Hayden Lake, Idaho
? lives in Beaumont, California
18 December 18 dies at age 87 in Beaumont, California
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