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5 October 23 / 24 is born in Vienna, Austria/Frankfurt, Germany, the daughter of a Hungarian engineer. Among her mother’s ancestors is poet Gustav Freytag.
42 without the approval of her parents, she tests successfully in Berlin with legendary actor-director Gustaf Gruendgens
43-45 studies drama at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, Austria, for three years. By day she works in a factory.
c. April 45 flees when the Russian enter Vienna and makes her home with singer Maria Cebotari in Kitzbuehl, Salzburg, Austria
c. 46 marries Austrian ski instructor-turned-businessman Sigi Moser. His modest income doesn’t provide an easy living.
? works in a lawyer’s office
gets caught black-marketing sugar in post-war Austria
? an Austrian court sentences her, along with 28 others, from 16 to 30 months in prison. She flees to Germany, but is arrested four days later and returned to Austria.
c. 47 is released after 16 months
48 during the Salzburg Festival, she is discovered by director Geza von Cziffra at the Café Bazar. He tests her for his upcoming Hoellische Liebe and renames her Molnar.
24 May 50 is badly injured in an automobile accident when director Geza von Cziffra drives her, Paul Kemp, and young actress Hannelore Mueller in his British Standard (W 12.596) to location filming at the casino in Travemuende, Germany, for Der Mann, der sich selber sucht. His car crashes into a truck carrying granite. She suffers cuts to her face, a severe fracture at the base of the skull, and a fracture to the upper jaw. Her right leg is fractured twice. The four end up at the hospital Luebeck-South. Her black poodle, Bumpi, riding on her lap, is lost.
her singing voice in Der Mann, der sich selber sucht is NWDR singer Liselotte Malkowsky
September 50 for the first time since her car accident, she’s in front of the camera for the filming of Die Dritte von rechts, the first German musical after the war, filmed at the Studio Hamburg. Her song “Wenn ich will, stiehlt der Bill fuer mich Pferde” hits the German charts.
51 is to star in von Cziffra’s Die Verschleierte Maja
is scheduled for the upcoming Jolanda la figlia del corsaro nero, but her part eventually goes to May Britt
it’s an open secret that she and von Cziffra make their home at a recently rented house in Heilwigstrasse 52 in Hamburg, Germany. Von Cziffra’s wife, actress Petra Trautmann, stays with their little daughter in Vienna, Austria. Soon reporters find out that Vera and von Cziffra enjoy separate rooms.
? has an affair with director Géza von Cziffra
attends the renowned South American film festival in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where she’s honored among many foreign stars
Italian director Roberto Rossellini tests her in Rome for his upcoming Dov’è la libertà...?
January 51 isn’t present when director von Cziffra, Kemp, and Mueller are in court at the Grosse Strafkammer in Luebeck, Germany, concerning the car crash last year
c. 51 is off to England for the filming of A Tale of Five Cities
September 51 due to her criminal record, the US immigration office denies approval when RKO wants her for a small part in an upcoming movie
52 attends the premiere of her Der bunte Traum in Frankfurt, Germany. It’s the most expensive German movie since the end of the war.
? separates from Moser
? moves to Rome for five years and makes her home in a two-room apartment with terrace in the gardens of the Villa Borghese
c. 52 her address is 4 Via dei Baullari, Rome, Italy
? finally she gets a two-year visa to visit the States
53 returns to Germany from Italy for the filming of Der Vetter aus Dingsda and Das Bekenntnis der Ina Kahr
54 takes scuba diving lessons for Rossellini’s upcoming The Sharks
56 is to be on the Hamburg stage
January 56 divorces Moser after ten years of marriage
expects to marry again soon, but won’t tell the groom. Film producer Franz Count of Treuberg is very likely to be the lucky one.
? fails to return to the stage for Peter Ahrweilers Kleiner Komoedie
Early 60s marries a wealthy Milano businessman
Mid-60s lives in Rome and devotes her time to painting
? divides her time between Rome and Vienna
16 March 86 dies at age 62 in Rome, Italy, after a long illness. Her sister, who lives near Frankfurt, Germany, is informed about her death a week later.
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