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(Delores J. Moran)
26 January 26 is born in Stockton, California, the daughter of James G. "Jim" Moran and his wife, Mary Esther Moran, nee Whitlow
Mid-30s her family moves to Orland, California, where her father becomes a popular Shell Oil Company distributor and where her mother opens a beauty parlor
2 June 39 graduates from Orland Grammar School
c. 39 is a car hop in a drive-in in Sunnyvale, California
c. 41 her father is transferred and the family moves to Chico, California, twenty miles east of Orland
18 April 41 is winner of the 4th District Lions Club public speaking contest. "Democracy in a Changing World" is title of her speech.
May 41 is crowned "Queen of the Butte County Fair" by California governor Culbert L. Olson. Her prize is an expense-paid trip via Greyhound bus to Yosemite National Park.
July 41 visits Yosemite, where she is photographed by photographers from National Geographic magazine
is a guest on Commander Scott's "Romance of the Highway," a Greyhound radio broadcast in San Francisco
31 August 41 is awarded third place out of a field of 50 in a competition for the "Girl of the Golden West" title at the California State Fair, Sacramento
? is spotted by a Warner Brothers talent scout at the annual Elks picnic in Sacramento
November 41 is invited to Hollywood for interviews and immediately placed in a special training school by Warner Brothers studio
December 41 enrolls in Warner Brothers' special school to complete high school studies and has 3 hours of dramatic study in the afternoons
is awarded a 5-year movie contract with Warner Brothers
January 42 is a 15-year-old beauty queen from Butte County, California, and has to receive court approval of her movie contract
the Orland Chamber of Commerce lodges vigorous protest with Warner Brothers publicity department referring to Dolores as "a Chico product" when she was "one of Orland's daughters" and that Orland was her hometown
Spring 42 a "Dolores Moran Movie Club" is formed at Orland High School by former friends and classmates
April 42 her mother sells her beauty shop in Orland
June 42 her younger sister, Marjorie Moran, graduates from Orland High School, and then the family moves to Hollywood
March 43 catches the eye of actor Jimmy Stewart
April 43 will pose for the "Glamour Goddess" statuette to be entered in the National Plastics competition in New York in July
16 April 43 is on the cover of Yank, The Army Weekly
June 43 is featured in Esquire
July 43 make-up wizard Perc Westmore colors her hair "Palladium Blonde"
November 43 receives a complaint from some male neighbors because she sun bathes in her back yard with little on
March 44 is selected by former "Flying Tiger" pilots in China as their "Tiger Girl"
April 44 is presented with an identification bracelet by Jess Barker. Barker will marry actress Susan Hayward in July.
9 April 44 is on the cover of Yank, The Army Weekly
August 44 is a twosome with Humphrey Bogart's cousin, Lieutenant Bob Rob
November 44 is seen out with air hero Major Gus Daymond. The two will be off to Yuma.
February 45 Daymond is the Number 1 boy in her life
March 45 receives a daily bouquet from Archduke Felix of Austria, the 28-year-old son of the late Karl I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary
the only thing standing between her and producer Ben Bogeaus is the refusal of his estranged wife, 23-year-old actress Mimi Forsythe, to give him a divorce
September 45 suffers from her diet
October 45 is named the "Anti-Smog" girl by Hollywood still photographers
April 46 breaks off with Bogeaus
May 46 dines at the Seacombers with Ben Bogeaus
June 46 is seen seldom minus Bogeaus but will not be in his upcoming A Miracle Can Happen
July 46 trips out of Bogeaus' life and is seen with another producer. Bogeaus squires starlet Bettye Avery.
August 46 is seen at the California Cabana Club with 44-year-old actor-turned-director Leslie Fenton
c. August 46 marries Benedict E. Bogeaus secretly in Salome, Arizona. He's 42; she's 22.
September 46 reveals her marriage to Bogeaus
Christmas 46 she and her husband spend the holidays in Connecticut with Paulette Goddard and Burgess Meredith
January 48 she and her husband are off to Havana, Cuba
July 48 has been off screen for health reasons for nearly two years
30 August 48 her son, Brett Benedict, is born in Hollywood
August 49 gets the part originally scheduled for Ida Lupino in her husband's upcoming The Diamond Necklace
August 51 she and her father, James G. Moran, secretary-manager of the Van Nuys Chamber of Commerce, visit Ben Bogeaus, who's in Mexico for a period of several months to make pictures
February 52 there's a serious wobble in her marriage to Bogeaus
August 52 when producer Benedict Bogeaus announces he will leave his wife Mimi Forsythe for Moran, Mimi takes her own life at age 30
17 August 52 Bogeaus' ex-wife, retired actress Mimi Forsythe, is dead on arrival at Santa Monica Hospital. She was taken to the hospital from a hotel where she had been living for a short time with a maid.
November 55 she and her husband give a lovely reception at their Bel Air home for newlyweds Yvonne DeCarlo and Bob Morgan
57 actress Debra Paget considers her one of the most beautiful women in the world when she films From the Earth to the Moon, produced by Bogeaus, at Churubusco Studios in Mexico City
February 62 files for divorce from Bogeaus in Los Angeles, California. She's 35; he's 57. She charges cruelty. He will die from a heart attack at age 64 in 1968 in Los Angeles.
December 68 hits the news when she inherits $250,000 from 58-year-old bachelor Anthony Ponce, whom she served as a car hop in a drive-in 27 years ago. His surprised relatives contest their uncle's will.
5 February 82 as Dolores Moran Bogeaus, she dies at age 56 in Woodland Hills, California. Her mother and her sister survive.
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