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(Jacqueline Ann Teresa Bernadette Immoor)
25 May 32 is born in Teaneck, New Jersey, one of seven children, to architect Frederick Immoor and Katherine Shea, of Irish descent. One of her sisters, Judith Katherine Immoor, will become infamous as Judith Campbell Exner, girlfriend of President John F. Kennedy and Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.
35 her family moves to California
c. 49 attends North Hollywood High School with upcoming actresses Suzan Ball and Barbara Ruick. They are in treble clef class together.
? is discovered when her photo accidentally flutters out of an agent’s portfolio in a casting office
c. 50 dates actor William Campbell, who will later marry her sister Judy
51 is part of The Golden Circle at Paramount, which includes Barbara Rush
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin try to lure her and her sister Judy into a fake studio photo session promoting Sailor Beware
January 51 is the new love interest of Lieutenant Glenn Davis, the grid star and former escort of actress Ann Blyth
April 51 she and Pat Dorian are the most-in-love couple in town. The night after his return from Honolulu, she and Pat and their parents all dine together at the Captain’s Table. He is expected to go into the Navy soon.
July 51 attends the Mocambo’s first talent night with Bob Calhoun
August 51 she and John Payne, her co-star in The Flame and the Forest, listen to Frank Sinatra at the Riverside in Reno
will go to Honolulu immediately after finishing Green Gold of Nevada
? her mother visits her on the set of Giant Timber and is offered a role. She declines but promises to appear with her daughter in her next movie.
September 51 is a twosome at the Cove with fellow actor Roddy McDowall
April 52 it’s all over between her and Pat Dorian. She is with Pete Rugulo at the Captain’s Table, listening to the Page Cavanaugh Trio.
May 52 is seen at the Captain’s Table with Tony Devion; her ex, Pat Dorian, with Delores Saint
June 52 lunches with Dorian at the Gourmet Beverly
July 52 she and Dorian are seen at the Encore Room, and the wedding rumors start again. However, there’s a Marine officer back East who will try to talk her out of it.
September 52 is seen at the Mocambo with actor Lex Barker, estranged husband of Arlene Dahl
October 52 the press photograph her having fun with Barker at a Lake County, California, summer resort. Barker denies any romance even though she and Barker are among Hollywood’s newest twosomes. She is embarrassed and refuses an invitation to the opening of the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas because Barker is there. So he goes with fellow starlet Mara Corday, who's very much in love with him, but falls this night for another guest, actress Lana Turner.
26 October 52 is maid of honor at the wedding of her sister, Judy Immoor, to young actor Bill Campbell
December 52 is seen at the Captain’s Table with Dick Livingston
53 gives a pass to Prince Aly Khan, who's searching for a Rita Hayworth look-alike
January 53 suffers a compound fracture to her right leg during a skiing accident at Snow Valley, California. The injured limb is placed in a cast for two months.
17 December 53 marries actor Gary Morton. They get their license under their real names: Gary Goldapper and Jacqueline Immoor.
August 54 she and Morton separate
June 56 she and Morton are asunder after two and a half years of marriage
December 56 dates actor Richard Egan
11 July 57 has her marriage to Morton annulled in Los Angeles, where she announces her engagement to Bill Robinson, Hollywood actor agent, and shows off an engagement ring. Morton will marry Lucille Ball in 1961.
? marries William Robinson
October 59 is reported divorcing Robinson
March 60 does the night at the Oyster House with Chuck Courtney
? marries Clarence Sheldon Attix. He's 7 years her senior.
27 August 61 her son, Charles Sheldon, is born in San Diego
27 February 63 her daughter Elizabet K. is born in Los Angeles
10 December 64 her daughter Judith E. is born in San Diego
8 August 67 her daughter Patricia S. is born in San Diego
8 May 85 as Jacqueline Anne Attix, she dies at age 52 in San Diego, California
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