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(Beverly Jo Morrow)
1 November 39 is born in Cuero, Texas, to L. G. and Ruby Morrow, nee Powell
? as a baby, she moves to San Diego with her parents
? is a San Diego beauty queen
February 58 is named queen of the Los Angeles High Fidelity Music Show, held at the Biltmore Hotel
58 secures a 20th Century-Fox contract by winning a talent-contest
while rehearsing for her first role, as a walk-on opposite Christine Carere in A Certain Smile, the producer invites her to his office and tries to make a pass at her
November 58 is seen with Mac Krim at the Luau
January 59 is a twosome with Mac Krim at Vickie Morgan's party
March 59 is seen at Dino's Lodge with Ivan Townsend Smith
April 59 her fiancé, Ivan Townsend Smith, throws a big party for her. Linda Christian attends with Ray Anthony; Joan O'Brien, with NBC executive Jack Myers.
? until she leaves for England to film Our Man in Havana, she lives at the Studio Club
May 59 flies from Cuba via Idlewild Airport, New York, to London to complete filming of Our Man in Havana
is scheduled to spend a weekend as guest on the yacht of her ex-fiancé Ivan Smith while filming Our Man in Havana in London. Smith tours Europe with his mother.
June 59 she and Smith postpone their July wedding because she will be movie-making in Spain
August 59 Smith's romance with actress Judy Meredith cools, and he's seen with Shelley Kaplan
September 59 is asked by Smith to meet him in London, but their revived romance there lasts only three days. They have a big fight, and she flies back to Spain.
? has an affair with her director, Jack Sher, while filming The 3 Worlds of Gulliver, in Spain. He is 26 years her senior. She considers her co-star Kerwin Matthews a dull and uninteresting person.
December 59 is the frequent date of Mac Krim, the ex-beau of actress Kim Novak
April 60 is seen ringside with the ex of actress Joan Crawford, actor Franchot Tone, at the Interlude when Judy Garland sings with Don Rickles
June 60 surprises Mac Krim with a birthday cake at agent Louis Shurr's office
July 60 is seen at Ye Little Club with Jack Haley, Jr.
August 60 is seen with TV actor Rian Garrick
? has an argument with studio boss Sam Briskin over her weight while filming 13 Ghosts, which ends with his having a heart attack
6 October 60 is in Los Angeles Superior Court after being fired by Columbia Pictures because her weight
mustn't exceed 132 pounds; her hips, 37 inches; and her waistline, 24 inches. She sports 137 pounds.
December 60 dates disc star Bob Crewe
June 61 consoles herself from being fired by Columbia with Jackie Barnett, songwriter for Jimmy Durante
September 61 promotes the opening of the new White Front Warehouse store at 5555 East Olympic Boulevard, Van Nuys
May 63 will marry Barnett in June
30 June 63 marries Barnett in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a Jewish ceremony. He's 42; she's 23. Comedian Jimmy Durante is best man.
the Barnetts take an extended honeymoon trip to Europe
25 September 64 her daughter, Dawn A., is born in Los Angeles. The birth of her deaf child forces her to retire from movies.
8 March 66 her son, James B., is born in Los Angeles
73 becomes friends with actor-writer Sal Ponti (a.k.a. Anthony Hall) while filming Dr. Death: Seeker of Souls
13 April 84 divorces Barnett in Los Angeles
90s as Jo B. Morrow, she makes her home in White City, Oregon
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