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(Janet Neilson Horsburgh)
28 September 34 is born in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, to Alexander Neilson Horsburgh, a.k.a. Alex Munro, Scottish comedian and head of Royal Air Force Entertainment, and his wife, Phyllis Robertshaw
? assists her dad entertaining RAF troops
50 quits school to tour the variety circuit
? after a screen test she is rejected by the Rank Corporation as "too individual"
? is a hatcheck girl in the Kismet Club, London
56 meets young actor Tony Wright at the Kismet Club. They start dating.
she and Wright attend the premiere of the film Tiger In The Smoke
Mid-January 57 marries Britain's "Mr. Beefcake," actor Tony Wright. For publicity purposes there's a mock wedding at noon for newspaper photographs.
after a honeymoon in Paris, they settle in a three-room apartment in Shepherd's Bush, London
she wants a flock of children, but Tony dismisses the idea of a family
58 is chosen "Miss English Television of 1958"
wins TV Critics Award of the Year
she and Wright separate
59 Walt Disney selects her out of 300 candidates for the female lead in Darby O'Gill and the Little People
30 July 59 attends the premiere of Sleeping Beauty at the Astoria, London
divorces actor Tony Wright
December 59 lives in America
26 November 62 is among the stars lining up outside Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London, for the Queen's visit to see West Side Story. Other stars include Sylvia Sims, Peter Finch, Claudia Cardinale, Cliff Richard, and Leslie Caron.
4 February 63 she and Hendry attend a showbiz car rally
15 February 63 she and Hendry attend a pre-wedding party at Claridge's in Mayfair, London
18 February 63 marries British actor Ian Hendry in a wedding ceremony at Bayswater Presbyterian Church in London. He's 32; she's 28. They marry before enjoying a brief 24 hour honeymoon due to the fact that Hendry starts work on a new film Double Twist at Twickenham film studios.
? she and Hendry reside at Pharaoh's Island, River Thames
ca. 7 July 64 her daughter Sally is Born at a maternity home in Woking, Surrey
? suffers two miscarriages
June 69 she and Hendry reside in Hampstead, London
18 July 69 is among the stars posing with diector Ken Annakin at his party. Other stars include Shirley Eaton, Nora Swimburn, Muriel Pavlov, and Marla La.
13 August 69 she and Hendry attend an art competition held at Harrods, London, with their daughter Sally
70 she and Hendry reside in Golders Green, London
May 70 her daughter Alexandra Corrie is born prematurely in London
11 December 71 divorces Hendry at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. He will remarry and die at age 53 in December 1984.
? resides at Tufnell Park, London
72 confesses to being an alcoholic
6 December 72 dies at age 38 in London on the way to a hospital after collapsing in her home. Her death is ruled due to a heart attack caused by chronic ischaemic heart disease.
? is cremated and interred at the Golders Green Crematorium, London
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