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(Christiane Maria Kraaz)
10 September 36 is born in Wuerzburg, Germany. Her mother’s a teacher at a secondary school; her grandfather a high judge.
? works as a dental assistant
? takes acting lessons
? is discovered in the lobby of a movie theater in Munich
? is discovered for Martin Katz’s Theater unter den Arkaden in Munich, while working as a candy shop assistant
55 is on the Munich stage in Rendezvous in Wien at Martin Katz’s Theater unter den Arkaden. It becomes the first theater premiere broadcast in Germany.
lives in an elegant apartment in Munich-Schwabing
61 after two marriages she falls for Algerian-born Miloud Ganga, whom she meets at a Munich nightspot
63 marries Ganga in Oran and moves to North Africa
soon her marriage turns to hell. While Ganga's spending his time in the nightclubs of Oran, Paris, Munich, Berlin, and Stockholm, she’s back home in Africa.
c. 64 her daughter Alia is born. When she turns twenty-two, she will move to Israel.
c. 65 her daughter Myriam is born. She will take acting lessons.
? sells her Munich flat and her car to open a nightclub for her husband
? because of her bad marriage, she turns to alcohol
? flees her husband and returns with her two girls to Frankfurt
ca. 69 divorces Ganga
? works for a short time as a sales assistant in a department store, later in a boutique
85 lives in Frankfurt, Germany, and works as a cleaning woman
86 lives with her manager and friend Kurt Lehmann and hopes for a comeback
8 April 07 dies at age 70 in Frankfurt am Main
Martin Katz, Funk Uhr, TV Hoeren und Sehen, Bild
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