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25 July c. 29 is born in Bogacs, Hungary
? war separates her from her parents and siblings and brings her to Germany
? at a U.S. office in Regensburg, Germany, she meets Fred S. Norring, an Army Intelligence officer
? marries Norring. He's approximately 12 years her senior.
c. 49 Norring takes her with him to the States
? as a cover girl on LOOK magazine, she’s spotted by director Billy Gordon
October 51 in bad English, she confesses in Hollywood: “I misses my husband and my dog. But he’s proud I come out here because I accommodate something worthwhile. Now I learn good English. Then I have to study at home, making learn mistakes and slippings. That’s only way to keep in the news!”
December 51 is pictured posing for Hollywood artist Tom Sherbloom, who chisels her likeness in a 300-pound cake of ice to be used as the centerpiece for a banquet table
Christmas 51 is part of a Hollywood troupe leaving for Alaska to entertain the troops
April 52 earns $250 a week under contract to 20th Century-Fox
gives a publicity tour of the studio lot to Austrian actor Oscar Werner, who will be in the upcoming The Man Who Fooled Hitler
July 52 becomes 20th Century-Fox’s Hungarian answer to Zsa Zsa Gabor. She just received her citizenship papers in New York, but her husband can’t leave his thriving insurance business to move with her to Hollywood.
September 52 columnist Walter Winchell knows that she requested her release from Darryl F. Zanuck after only two films. “She will get renotarized and wed Lawrence O’Hanna...”
2 October 52 her screen test at Fox leads to a contract
March 53 columnist Hy Gardner tells: “If Fox wonders where starlet Ava Norring has disappeared to, the answer is she’s in Miami Beach sunning out a divorce...”
? divorces Norring in Florida. Norring will die at age 74 in 1975.
May 53 is featured in Saga
December 53 mail reaches her in care of Leo Pillott, 20th Century-Fox, 444 W. 56th Street, New York, New York
28 October 54 marries husband Number 3, 23-year-old millionaire polo player Leverett Saltonstall Miller, in Elkton, Maryland. He's a relative of Massachusetts Senator Leverett Saltonstall and a nephew of C. V. Whitney.
the Millers make their home in New York City at Central Park West and 75th Street
November 54 columnist Walter Winchell tells: "Actress Ava Norring's in-laws took it hard - but they took it..."
June 55 sells the horse that she got as a wedding gift
has a photo layout in Esquire
October 55 is Samuel Hoffman’s model in Esquire
June 56 loses her baby
30 July 57 her husband's car collides with another automobile in East Meadow, New York. Actress Barbara Nichols, who is a guest of the Millers, and Leverett are hurt and have to be treated at Meadowbrook Hospital.
September 58 she and her husband are sued by her best friend, actress Barbara Nichols, for one million dollar in damages. Barbara alleges she sustained injuries while riding in their car to be their weekend guest in July 1957.
January 59 she and her husband are reported parting
December 59 buys half of Georgia Landeau's model agency
c. 64 her daughter Maria-Flora is born
? divorces Miller. Miller will marry Virginia G. Mower in 1969.
90 as Ava Mohas, she resides in Mill Neck, Long Island
14 January 16 dies at the Motion Picture Country Home and Hospital in Woodland Hills, California, of pneumonia. She is survived by her daughter, Maria-Flora.
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