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Vic Orsatti
Vic Orsatti
(Victor M. Orsatti)
25 November 05 is born in Hollywood, California
? is one of Hollywood’s most important talent agents
29 May 37 marries 22-year-old actress June Lang
12 July 37 June separates from him. She will later marry mobster John Roselli.
Summer 39 is the theatrical agent for skating star Sonja Henie and accompanies her and her family on a tour to the Nordcup, the northernmost part of Norway
42 actress Marie McDonald becomes his client; he obtains a contract with Paramount for her
10 January 43 marries Marie McDonald
May 47 to divorce him, Marie books a six-week stay in Las Vegas, where she has an affair with mobster Bugsy Siegel.
spots aspiring actress Martha Hyer and gets her an interview at RKO
After May 47 sells his agency after the deaths of his brothers, Frank and Al
50 sets up an independent company, Sabre Productions
54 marries model-actress Pat Vaniver, a.k.a. Dolores Donlon
the Orsattis honeymoon in Europe
? divorces Dolores
? founds Ror-Vic Productions with actor Rory Calhoun
9 June 84 dies at age 79 in Newport Beach, California
Fallen Angels by Kirk Crivello, Night and Day, Queen of Ice - Queen of Shadows by Raymond Strait, They Had Faces Then by John Springer and Jack Hamilton, People Today
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