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(Debralee Griffin)
19 August 33 is born to Frank H. and Marguerite Allien "Maggie" Griffin. Her mother is a former vaudeville dancer, professionally known as Margaret Gibson. Her older brother, Frank H., born 1929, will become actor Ruell Shayne. Her older sister, Mareta Eloise, born 1923, will become actress Teala Loring, a.k.a. Judith Gibson.
6 March 35 her sister Lezlie Gae is born in Denver, Colorado. She will become actress Lisa Gaye.
40 her mom and sister Teala do the burlesque circuit as the Gibson Girls. They open at the roaring 606 Club on South Wabash Avenue in Chicago just as the Democrats are convening to nominate FDR for a third term.
44 her sister Meg is born
? takes her name from Lord and Lady Paget of England, her ancestors
49? makes her stage debut with Charles Coburn in The Merry Wives of Windsor
September 49 Charles Boyer introduces her to the listening audience on NBC’s Hollywood Star Theater's "Pressure of Evil"
50 is considered for The Black Rose, but Cecile Aubrey gets the part
July 50 she and Jimmy Stewart unveil the first official design of the proposed 50-state American flag, which may be used if Alaska and Hawaii are admitted to statehood
September 50 speaks better since studying with 20th Century-Fox dramatic coach Helena Sorrell
October 50 films Bird of Paradise on location in Hawaii. When the cameras start, director Delmer Daves decides that a natural Hawaiian waterfall isn't colorful enough and orders a fake cascade constructed.
51 is still unkissed at age 18
March 51 will star with Louis Jourdan in Drums Along the Amazon, to be shot in South America and France. Jules Buck will produce from a story by Joe Eisinger. “Jourdan plays a fugitive from a penal colony who goes to the Inca country to look for gold. Tribes never before seen will be used in the picture. Peruvian singer Yma Sumac will play an Inca princess.”
15 June 51 graduates from Hollywood Professional School
October 51 together with Dorothy Lamour and Alfred Hitchcock, she takes part in Movietime U.S.A., “a publicity tour dreamed up by the exhibitors. Eventually the tour is reported bringing some horrible public relations to the hinterlands like Brockton, Massachusetts.”
March 52 replaces June Haver in Stars and Stripes Forever
May 52 columnist Walter Winchell reports her "mother is unhappy about Debra's choice. A wealthy socialite..."
September 52 doesn't like it when Gene Tierney is announced to star in 20th Century-Fox’s upcoming Evangeline, first slated for her. Newcomer Marisa Pavan is rumored for the same part.
December 52 she and Jim Thorpe's son Buddy hideaway at Tavern-on-the-Grass
January 53 is chosen "Chinchilla Queen of 1953" by the Chinchilla Association of America. She will reign at their annual convention, held January 17-18.
March 53 rumors say, "it isn't Debra Paget Mr. Big is interested in. It's her sister, Lorna Gaye he's palpitating for!”
May 53 finally meets Debbie Reynolds. Bob Wagner, who's dated both of them, did the honors.
Late June 53 shows up on the set of The Story of Demetrius flashing on her engagement finger a 10-carat diamond ring, which she removes when doing scenes. When queried about it, she says, "Oh, it's just a ring..."
columnist Edith Gwynn writes: "If that engagement ring Debra Paget's wearing wasn't given her by a certain Mr. Big, we have a hunch the '10-carat sparkler' is a studio donation. And that it's paste, not precious! Romantic publicity might do much to offset the dull press Debra's had up to now. All that no-date stuff; and being tied to her Ma's apron strings, etc..."
Mid-July 53 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows that Debra's "wearing a ring from Howard Hughes, but Mitzi Gaynor doesn't care. She has its twin..."
August 53 columnist Harrison Carroll notes her at the Cafe Gala "with her unidentified ring and escort..."
she and Janet Leigh wear special flesh-colored leotards for their nude bathing scene in Prince Valiant. The leotards are so skin-like that she and Leigh refuse to pose for news photographers in their working clothes.
columnist Jimmy Fidler knows that "considering the fact that until three months ago, Debra boasted that she had never been kissed, the gal has zoomed into the big league mighty sudden-like..."
September 53 her bosses decline her query about accepting the lead in the Broadway production of Young Elizabeth. At least three more pictures are on her schedule.
October 53 her mother turns down a publicity scheme "that would have linked her gorgeous one with Bob Wagner during production of Prince Valiant"
November 53 denies that the diamond ring she wears is an engagement ring. Movieland magazine reports: “Her record of never having been kissed has been broken, so her screen personality is to change accordingly.”
her record of never having been kissed has been broken, so her screen personality changes accordingly
after a terrific spat in Santa Barbara, she and her big romance call the whole thing off. She returns his five-carat diamond “friendship ring.” Three days later, they make up, and she is once again sporting a sparkler on her third finger, left hand - a stone twice the size of the first.
is on hand to greet California's new governor, Goodwin Knight, upon his first visit to Hollywood after taking office
December 53 aided by her colourful mama, she battles 20th Century-Fox biggies and demands super-sexy roles in the future; otherwise, she may change studios
Christmas 53 buys her mother a white-faced monkey for Christmas. Her sister Lisa is gifted with a boa constrictor.
54 after Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, she is the number 3 girl on 20th Century-Fox's fan mail list. She has a little sister named Marcieloise and a little niece, Jeneene.
is on location in Mexico for the filming of White Feather
c. 54 dates Victor Mature, her co-star in Demetrius and the Gladiators
January 54 is greeted one morning by Dan Dailey, with a wolf whistle and "Hiya, little one!" when she drives her pale orchid Cadillac onto the studio lot
her whole family is down with the flu. She joins the list when she collapses on the set of Princess of the Nile.
March 54 promotes the upcoming Academy Award presentation by posing with the Oscar statuettes
June 54 her friends criticize her because she dyed her hair a pinkish tone
Summer 54 her mother meets Nicky Hilton on the plane to Las Vegas and tells him Hughes has her daughter at the Flamingo and expects to marry her someday, but he also expects to marry Terry Moore, Jean Peters, and Mitzi Gaynor
July 54 does an advertisement for Lustre-Creme Shampoo
goes by herself to the premiere of Prince Valiant
August 54 her sister Lisa helps her with breakfast so she won't be late to the studio while filming Princess of the Nile
16 September 54 upon reaching the age of 21, she collects $16,500 in bonds from the Los Angeles country clerk, an amount saved from her earnings while a minor. As customary under Californian law, a court-ordered percentage of her earnings were to be invested in bonds when she signed a movie contract in 1949.
Late September 54 purchases two new cars, paid for by her $16,000 in bonds
October 54 columnist Walter Winchell tells that "her most persistent pursuitor is Miguel Aleman, Jr., poor chap..."
she and Terry Moore, "once close pals, are barely speaking these days. The chill seems to be coming from Debra."
prepares for her opening at a Las Vegas nightclub wearing a 60-pound pound gold chain costume on her 110-pound body. She will perform her controversial Egyptian dance in its entirety. Most of it was cut from her movie, Princess of the Nile, because it was too "revealing."
November 54 is among a bevy of film stars attending the Desirée premieres in San Francisco and Chicago. She "and her mother walked off the plane loaded down with furs and garment bags."
is reported "the most pleasant surprise at the Flamingo. She out-Monroes Marilyn in a song, dance and personality routine." But her mother wails: "No one from the studio - not even the janitor - has been up to see her act."
December 54 is reported fighting a virus
January 55 wealthy actor Jay Robinson gifts her with a monkey. Winchell thinks it is "something to remind her of him."
her mother adds another denial to rumors that Jeffrey Hunter and Debra have big plans. "He's like a brother to Debra," she vows. "Nothing could be farther from their minds as marriage."
she and her director Sam Fuller attend the christening of a new miniature submarine being built by Abrojet-General Corporation. The sub is named Hell and High Water.
February 55 is named "Miss Sonic Boom" after two hours of posing for jet pilots at Nellis Air Base, Nevada. She made a tour of the base while vacationing in Las Vegas.
March 55 has spent a cool quarter of a million on her wardrobe
May 55 puts studio sleuths on the trail of "that uncensored photo of her. ‘I want to be sure that it does not become a collector's item.’"
June 55 will wear brown lenses for her part in The Ten Commandments. Others considered for the part were Pier Angeli, Vanessa Brown, Pat Crowley, Piper Laurie, Irene Montwill, Lori Nelson, Cathy O'Donnell, Jean Peters, Karen Sharpe, Elaine Stewart, and Donna Reed. Finally Debra was signed without an interview with director Cecil B. DeMille.
July 55 it's reported more than an engagement for her brother, Frank Griffin, and RKO secretary Olga Sletzenko. "Buzz on the lot is that they're secretly married."
November 55 denies she's moving out on mama and taking an apartment of her own
will get $25,000 for her three weeks in Las Vegas. "And, according to Leroy Prinz, she will do an unexpurgated version of that Oriental dance in which 20th Century-Fox had to make 17 cuts before the picture could get by the Johnston office..."
4 November 55 is pictured enjoying a "before-bedtime" tussle with her cute blonde nieces, Jeneene, 4, and Kim, 2, at their Beverly Hills home
December 55 fights with Darryl F. Zanuck for sexy roles on the screen, and “she has the equipment to do it, too”
4 December 55 making her second night club appearance at the El Rancho, she wears shorter hair and shorter costumes than the first time. She dances and sings numbers including Ooh, Bang, and Jiggly Jang and Whatever Lola Wants.
56 when Universal-International wants to borrow her for a film role, her studio decides against lending her and Lisa Gaye, her 17-year-old sister, goes in her place and comes back with a long term contract
May 56 explains why she has her Cadillac repainted and covered with jewels: "I had it painted strawberry just like the velvet bedspread and drapes in my bedroom, and then added jewels like I have on handbags."
after being together in Omar Khayyam, she changes her brother's name from Frank Griffin to Ruell Shayne. "No one named Frank Griffin could possibly become a star. It's too plain.”
5 June 56 appears on “The Milton Berle Show” with her Love Me Tender co-star, Elvis Presley
4 July 56 spends all day washing and polishing the rhinestones on her Cadillac
August 56 is reported carrying around a bucketful of rhinestone jewels in the back of her car to replace the ones the fans pick off for souvenirs. She says: "A jewel lost off the Cadillac is a fan gained..."
Early November 56 will film Conquest in Mexico City. She will wear short hair and be a redhead.
November 56 tosses a cast-and-crew party at her home following the completion of Love Me Tender. Members of her show business family troop in. Later she'll say about Elvis Presley: "He used to come over to our house and have dinner and just go around with my family. He called me from El Paso and asked me to marry him. My mother and daddy were not for my getting involved. I probably would have married him.”
Late November 56 columnist Earl Wilson heralds that she said "yes" to Louis Davilla, Mexico City hotelier
57 is off to Mexico for the filming of The River's Edge
April 57 columnist Earl Wilson reports her to hope to get 20th Century-Fox to drop her "so she can play bad, bad women elsewhere."
will start a TV series called "Premiere Performance," to be shot at 20th Century-Fox
is named "the most glamorous chassis of 1957" by the Rollins foundation of Los Angeles
Winchell thinks she and "Henry Lucy III gave Hollywood people the notion they are serious..."
May 57 maintains a 26-room mansion for 13 relatives. She has 10 television sets throughout the house and an eleventh, a portable, which she takes to the bathroom. She bathes in a black and gold bathtub, with 18-carat gold fixtures. She drives the world's only jewel-studded, strawberry-pink Cadillac.
her mother loses sixty pounds and says: "The more I lose, the better Debbie looks."
will have a starring appearance on "Climax"
appears in 20th Century-Fox's The Way to the Gold
June 57 Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's manager, congratulates her on roping a starring role in Yellow Moon at Paramount
July 57 is reported going places with Pete Freeman
is seen at the Cocoanut Grove with Pete Freeman
is chaperoned by her mother when going to New York for "The Steve Allen Show"
August 57 her escort at the Lark to hear Joe Daronborg's Dixieland band is disc jockey George Sanders
December 57 has no boyfriend because she's obsessed with her career
has a private zoo, which contains a golden gibbon ape, two dogs, three cats, one parrot, two parakeets, one cockatoo, one macaw, one peacock, and a chimpanzee
58 continues to live a dateless life, at least in public; she spends her time pasting sequins on her Cadillac
is the mystery guest at a New York TV show called “Masquerade Party” with actor Joseph Cotton
while appearing in Las Vegas, singer David Street comes to watch her show. They date for three months.
Early January 58 is considered for a diplomatic mission to Moscow, sending 10 Hollywood beauties to reshape Russian thinking and promote Russian-American friendship. The others scheduled are Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Abbe Lane, Kim Novak, Jayne Mansfield, Cyd Charisse, Susan Hayward, Marie McDonald, and Jean Martin.
11 January 58 her friendship with singer David Street blossoms into love while both watch a Saturday night movie on TV. They have known each other since 1945 / she met him while playing the Flamingo Hotel and he sang at El Cortez at a benefit.
13 January 58 announces she will marry Street tomorrow at the Beverly Hills home of her mother. His former wife, TV actress Sharon Lee, calls Debra's mother several times threatening to disrupt the upcoming marriage. Street secretly married Sharon on December 14, 1957, and divorced her on January 8, 1958.
14 January 58 marries Street in a quite home ceremony in the living room of the baroque 28-room Griffin mansion in Beverly Hills, California. It's the first marriage for her and the fifth for him. He's 37; she's 24. "I wasn't the least bit nervous about losing a daughter," says her mother, "because I gained such a wonderful son-in-law. But I kept looking toward the door all during the ceremony for fear that Sharon would show up." About 100 guests, most of them reporters and photographers, crowd the spot.
Street has professional and financial problems, and so the couple moves in with her family
End January 58 Sharon Lee is reported carrying no torch over the speed with which Street married Debra
Early 58 spends her honeymoon alone in Mexico while filming From the Earth to the Moon and afterwards secretly files for a divorce
March 58 says in Hollywood that her 10-week marriage to Street is on shaky ground. "David and I are tiffing," she claims. "We may work this out nicely and we may not."
10 April 58 is granted an uncontested divorce from Street in Juarez, Mexico, on grounds of incompatibility. The hearing is held before Judge Ignacio Martinez Aguayo of the First Civil Court. Street will die at age 53 in 1971 in Los Angeles.
June 58 will leave for Berlin in July to do The Indian Tomb
20 July 58 General Rafael Trujillo, Jr., says: “I want everyone to know the girl I really care for now is Debra Paget.”
July 58 she and almost her entire family take off by automobile for an Acapulco vacation
Early August 58 is pictured getting a reluctant farewell from her pet ape, Haji Baba, as she departs from International Airport in Hollywood for Europe to film a picture in Germany
? is off to Berlin, Germany, for four months, and to Delhi, Jaipur, and Udaipur, India, for Journey to the Lost City. She takes her mother, father, and little sister Meg with her to the Hotel Berlin.
September 58 is on the cover and prominently featured in Scamp with a photo-layout on her nightclub act at the Flamingo, Las Vegas
October 58 the US press reports she got a knee infection in Germany while dancing in The Indian Tomb and is out of the picture for a week. „The star and her mother, Maggie, head to India soon to complete the film. Debra's father, Frank Griffin, and younger sister; Meg, who also have been with her in Germany, will return here..."
November 58 is again on a steady-dating basis with ex-husband David Street. Her mother says, "Anything is possible."
shocks Hollywood by visiting Ramfis Trujillo, 29-year-old son of the Dominican dictator, aboard his yacht Angelita. Ramfis tells her that he wants her for the part of Dulcinea in his upcoming Don Quixote but drinking during the whole interview muddles his thought and scares her off. Afterwards she says: "He is putting up the money to produce Don Quixote, the picture Mike Todd was planning before his death, and he wanted to interview me about playing the part of the leading lady. Besides, my mother went with me!"
will star in The Girl in the Red Bikini
January 59 changes her hair to platinum blond for the "Cimarron City" segment "The Beauty and the Sorrow." Columnist Harrison Carroll reports: "German producers have upped their salary offer, trying to get Debra back to Berlin for another movie, but mama is uneasy about the international situation there."
13 February 59 serves as official hostess for the Southern California Golden Gloves championships, held at Hollywood Legion Stadium
March 59 is expected to fly to Germany in June to film Truxa, a musical
April 59 her trip to Germany is off because the picture is postponed
attends the groundbreaking of a Hal Hayes project in North Carolina and will fly to Texas to assist in another. Hayes, ex-fiancé of Zsa Zsa Gabor, takes her, her mother, her sister, brother-in-law and their friend from Mexico, Fernando Parra, to dinner and to the Club Largo.
59 is crowned "Azalea Queen" at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina
6 May 59 while headlining in a Flamingo show in Las Vegas, she is stricken with a lung congestion and collapses into the arms of a fellow dancer. She is taken to Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital, where it is indicated she will remain for several days.
7 May 59 her condition is described as improved. The diagnosis is double pneumonia and acute mononucleosis.
June 59 her mother's reported in trouble finding a new home. "If they don't sign a new leaser, Debra and her parents have to move out in a hurry. And they have 26 rooms of furniture to dispose of."
Winchell knows she recently made “a picture named The Tiger of Eschnapur in Germany. Now she wishes she hadn't. Critics all over Yurrop growled at it..."
September 59 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: "Debra Paget's current romance is the revival of an old flame, and her mother is reportedly quite upset about the turn of events. The gentleman in question is supposed to be seriously involved with another beauty."
October 59 is considered for the title role in Salambo; the part eventually goes to Jeanne Valerie
November 59 is heralded Mexico's newest booster "since trysting with Fernando Parra"
December 59 is seen out with Jody McCrea
Early March 60 meets director Budd Boetticher. Later she will say, "I fell madly in love with him. I always liked directors. He was very charming. We had our work in common."
27 March 60 marries director Budd Boetticher at a Mexican cafe in Tijuana, Mexico. He's 44; she's 27. Ruben Padilla and Rand Brooks attend the couple. She and Boetticher return by automobile immediately after the ceremony and pose for the press at the El Cortez Hotel in San Diego.
28 March 60 after returning to North Hollywood, she is pictured carried by Boetticher across the threshold of her home
April 60 is replaced by Salome Jens as the ingénue lead in Angel Baby with Mercedes McCambridge and George Hamilton
19 April 60 her mother reveals that Debra has separated from Boetticher, barely three weeks after their marriage
June 60 she and Boetticher are heralded a surprise twosome of the week, showing up together at the Sportsmen's Lodge. She tells columnist Harrison Carroll that Budd's talking to her about a picture, but Carroll thinks "it's more than that. I hear they have been dating quietly."
September 60 lunches with Boetticher at 20th Century-Fox and holds his hand during the entire meal while telling him she's winging to Yugoslavia to make another picture
November 60 she and Boetticher are reported reconciled. "She's returned from Europe and if all goes well she'll star in a Mexican flick which Budd will produce and direct."
January 61 her European picture stretches out longer than expected, but Boetticher expects her home by the end of the month. "'She's worked very hard and is tired," says Budd. "If she feels well enough, we will go to Mexico. I want her to meet my friends there and to become well acquainted with the Carlos Arruzas. She will portray Mrs. Arruza in our picture, The Carlos Arruza Story."
7 May 61 she and Boetticher cross the Mexican boarder at Nogales, Arizona, in their shiny new white and silver Rolls-Royce to film El Toreo, a.k.a. Ole!, a.k.a. Arruza, a monumental documentary on famed matador Carlos Arruza. But Debbie-gal walks out in the middle of the project, leaving it high-and-dry until her look-alike, Mexican actress Elsa Cardenas, is hired to finish the movie and become the next Mrs. Budd Boetticher. The project eventually ends in the accidental deaths of Aruzza and most of the film crew seven years later.
24 / 29 August 61 her mother tells the press that Debra has obtained a divorce from Boetticher in Juarez, Mexico, after an 18-month marriage. "It's all over. Debra got the divorce. She is very sick and upset. She didn't decide on this step until late Wednesday afternoon. Debra does not do these things lightly." Later Debra will say: "I didn't work after that divorce for five months. For the first time in my life, I didn't want to do much of anything. My mother set up an engagement to go to Vegas which helped. I started dancing again. It was a very traumatic time. I felt sort of dead inside." Boetticher will die at age 85 in 2001 in Ramona, California.
September 61 she and actor-singer Vic Damone are a Hollywood duo
November 61 Winchell thinks she "has Jody McCrea and Terry Anthony glaring"
February 62 is reported preparing a nightclub act and searching for two male dancers to be featured with her
? while preparing her Las Vegas act, mutual friends arrange a date with Texas oilman Ling-Chieh "Louis" K’ung, Jr. He also is recently divorced.
? decides to do films in Europe
? is announced to star in the upcoming Goliath and the Dragon and in Flight of the Lost Balloon
19 April 62 marries K’ung, the son of Hsiang-hsi K’ung, minister of finance in pre-Communist China, and his wife, Ai-Ling Soong, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s 41; she’s 28. Her mother confirms the marriage. The newlyweds are not available for comment. She would have had to fly to Rome the very same day, but K’ung hired a plane and flew them to Las Vegas instead.
the K’ungs settle on an estate near Houston, Texas. K’ung, the nephew of Chiang Kai-shek and Su-Yat-sen, is son of a prestigious Shanghai family and claims to be a direct descendent of Confucius. He attended England's Sandhurst Military Academy and served as a major during World War II. Afterwards, K’ung came to the United States as a diplomat assigned to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D. C., and then he moved to Houston. In 1961, he founded the Westland Oil Development Corporation. In the early 1980s, he will relocate his operations to Montgomery and build a fortress and underground atomic bomb shelter, which holds 1,500 people and supplies for up to 90 days, including bed space, kitchen, and surgical area. K’ung will lose title to the complex in 1987 during the oil industry bust, driving the company into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
May 62 Wilson reports K’ung has her cancel all her personal appearances, "costing him a goodly bite in his payroll, in payoffs to clubs"
7 November 62 her father dies
November 63 she and K’ung expect their first child
22 June 64 her son, Teh-chi Gregory / Gregory E., is born. He will graduate from Texas A&M University and become a lawyer.
c. October 64 accepts a guest role in a TV show when Gregory is four months old. Even though she’s only gone for four days, the boy gets sick and she can't be reached. Afterward, she decides to raise her child herself and vows not to return to work until he finished high school.
March 65 Wilson reports her residing quietly in Houston
? travels most of the time with her husband and his employees. She spends a lot of time in the K’ung fortress building.
? becomes deeply religious
80 she and K’ung separate after 18 years of marriage. She refuses to discuss the divorce.
divorces K'ung
? moves into a new home in Houston, which she shares with her mother
11 October 82 her mother dies at age 79 in Houston
83 lives in Houston with a trio of poodles. She says: "My ex-husband and I really have a wonderful relationship. We see each other all the time. We're the best of friends and we share a wonderful son." K’ung will die at age 75 in 1996 in a Houston hospital of cancer.
90s has her own program on Trinity Broadcasting, a Christian network, named An Interlude with Debra Paget
98 she and her son are members of a household at 411 Kari Court, Houston, 77024 Texas
04 as Debra G. Kung, she resides in Houston and is quoted saying, "I don't want to be contacted by anyone about anything."
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