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28 November 36 is born in Quanah, Texas, one of seven children of Roy Reding, a manufacturer, and his wife Ruth, a teacher
? brightens the campus of Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri
? attends a modeling school, Stevens, in St. Louis
? marries
? her twin sons are born in Missouri
56 goes to Hollywood from Branson, Missouri
? gets divorced
October 56 under the name of Julie Otis, she is one of the blondes with Tommy Noonan, master of ceremonies, at the Ballyhoo Ball in Los Angeles. The others are Sandra Giles, Mamie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield, and Kathy Marlowe.
? becomes the roommate of fellow Texas bombshell Sandra Giles
? attends the Richard Boone Drama School
? wins the "Mermaid at Marineland" contest and a Warner Brothers contract
57 has a bit part in The Helen Morgan Story
April 57 is elected "Miss Hollywood Stars"
March 57 she and fellow models Ada Hume and Lois Johnston add a lovely look to the Westerns Harness Racing Association meeting at Santa Anita Park. "They are the line sweethearts of the 1957 spring meeting."
July 57 is featured in Adam Vol. I, #10
October 57 is seen at the premiere of Raintree Country with George Jessel
58 is featured in the Adam Annual, photographed by Russ Meyer
has a bit part in Darby's Rangers
February 58 as "Sweetheart of the Boat Show," she graces the deck of one of the 1,000 boats exhibited at the Southern California boat show presented at the Great Western Exhibition buildings at Santa Ana Freeway at Atlantic Avenue
promotes the renaming of Food Giant markets in Southern California
March 58 promotes the new Paris fashion saying, "I couldn't get a part in a movie until the House of Dior made sack dresses." Before the advent of the sack style, movie producers told her they could cast her only in comedy roles.
April 58 has her own Southern California television show on Los Angeles Channel 13 at 12:50 p.m., "Here's Juli"
June 58 will play a reporter in her next film, to be shot in Spain
2 July 58 Lucille Taylor, 33-year-old wife of Reese H. Taylor, Jr., sues her husband in Los Angeles for separate maintenance claiming her husband recently quit his job with a Los Angeles law firm and is now journeying in Europe in an adulterous relationship with Juli. She also charges that 31-year-old Reese took all his stocks, valued in excess of $500,000, with him on the European junket. Mrs. Taylor asks that she be given support and custody of their four children, Reese Taylor III, 8; Stuart, 7; Anne, 5; and Lucille, 4. Taylor's father, Reese H. Taylor, Sr., is chairman of the board of the Union Oil Company and a prominent Southland civic leader.
August 58 she and Sandra Giles are seen with Lee Fleischman at Candy Barr's Club Largo opening
November 58 attends the Riverside Diamond Jubilee with young actor Dave Janssen
December 58 is on the cover of Frolic
is Swank's "December Discovery." Her measurements are 40-23-35.
58 - 59 is in six of Red Skelton's TV shows and has the lead in two plays at Hollywood's Repertory Theatre
November 58 is photographed at a New York restaurant with fellow blonde starlet Sandra Giles
December 58 is seen with Lee Fleischman and fellow blonde Sandra Giles at Candy Barr's Club Largo opening
59 is off to Morocco for the filming of Mission to Morocco
March 59 is on the cover of Scamp
April 59 is featured in Escapade
July 59 is on the cover of Foto-rama
is crowned "Miss Press Club of 1960" by the Greater Los Angeles Press Club. Former titleholders include Marilyn Monroe, Kippy Velez, Pat Hall, Marla English, Charlotte Austin, Venetia Stevenson, Lorraine Allen, Sandra Giles, and Myrna Hansen.
has three pets: two parakeets, named Stop and Go, and a Persian cat called George Gershwin
August 59 she and Gary Crosby date in Las Vegas
is seen with Steve Stanford at Ron Blue's
November 59 takes her sister Virginia to MGM, where she's promptly signed for a small part in Bells Are Ringing. Virginia operates a charm school in Springfield, Missouri.
March 60 is the colour pin-up in Vue
it’s reported she’s decided to become a lawyer
columnist Harrison Carroll reports a tense moment at La Rue’s when Reese Taylor, Jr., and his bride, actress Mari Blanchard, unintentionally are seated at a table near Juli, Reese’s former girlfriend, who’s there with James Taylor, no relation to Reese. “The ice was broken when Juli went over and congratulated the honeymooners.”
April 60 is escorted to Chasen's by actor Franchot Tone
August 60 throws a birthday party for Sandra Giles. The surprise twosome at that event is Tuesday Weld and Edd Byrnes.
September 60 takes a law course at UCLA and studies acting with dramatic coach Harold Clinton
November 60 is pictured as “Miss Los Angeles Press Club,” selling tickets to the Los Angeles Press Club’s Thanksgiving Day benefit for the Press Club 8-Ball Welfare Foundation to be held at Pacific Ocean Park
December 60 as “Miss Los Angeles Press Club,” she is official hostess at the gala opening of Empire Savings’ new building on Van Nuys Boulevard
61 is on the cover of Adam Vol. 5, #3
January 61 loses her $5,000 gold-spangled sports car, a gift from Alfa Romeo, when the Pasadena garage that she sent it to for repairs goes bankrupt
the press reports that she would be proud of her $5,000 gold-spangled sports car if she hadn’t lost track of it "which was a gift from an Italian car manufacturer, when she sent it to a garage for repairs. The garage went out of business and the car was moved and the second garage went kaput, too. Juli has finally located her car, but the price has spiraled to the point it has become a court case."
February 61 as "Miss Greater Los Angeles Press Club," she's presented one "Goddess of Light" trophies by Jim Trehearne, print competition chairman of the Industrial Photographers of Southern California banquet at the Greater Los Angeles Press Club Building in Van Nuys, California
17 March 61 is chosen by fraternity members of Tau Epsilon Phi as "the girl they'd most like to get stranded in the desert with." She and fellow negligee-clad starlet Paula Lane, reclining on hospital bed propelled by two teams of husky University of Southern California fraternity men, take part in a 30-mile race from Jean, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, as a charity stunt, where the loser is thrown into a swimming pool. Juli is tossed into the swimming pool at the Stardust Motel as the penalty for loosing. The pushers from both teams join her.
Fall 61 is featured in The Vagabond
October 61 at her apartment, she hosts British starlet Sabrina during her visit to Hollywood. Columnist Harrison Carroll thinks "their combined measurements would give Jayne Mansfield nightmares."
November 61 a municipal court orders the garage to return her jeweled sports car to her. The garage man, Nathaniel Tyson, was holding the car in a dispute over a repair bill.
25 August 62 marries oil heir and attorney Reese Hale Taylor, Jr., the ex of actress Mari Blanchard, in her hometown of Springfield, Missouri. He's 34; she's 26. His father was Reese H. Taylor, Sr., president of the Union Oil Company of California and president of the Los Angeles Turf Club, which operates the Santa Anita Race Track.
November 62 columnist Mike Connolly reports that she enrolled for a starring role in Renzo Russo's new Roman orgy, Sexy
63 is on the Los Angeles stage with Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
is on the cover of Scamp
March 64 is featured in Fling
6 May 64 sues Taylor in Los Angeles, charging extreme cruelty and adultery. Superior Court Judge Ray Bennett issues a restraining order to stop Taylor from annoying or molesting her. She seeks $1,690 monthly support.
13 July 64 announces in Los Angeles that she and Taylor will "do everything we can do to save our marriage" and that she dismisses her suit for divorce. She was in Superior Court prepared for a hearing on her demands for $1,690 a month support pending her divorce trial.
September 65 is courted by Stan Todd, estranged husband of actress Joi Lansing
January 66 is pictured with Jerry Torres, proprietor of El Poche Restaurant in San Gabriel, California
is seen at the Luau with Jerry Fogel
March 66 attends a party with Vic Orsatti at Chasens that is thrown for Ethel Merman by Ann Miller and Arthur Cameron
April 66 flies to Missouri to attend the funeral of her grandfather
Early November 66 is noted at Don the Beachcomber with Si Rose of the John Powers modeling schools
is seen at the Other Place with Paul Reagan
December 66 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: "The European producer in on the company, Forum Films, is Paul Kutik, who has been steady dating Juli Reding. I asked him if it was serious with her. 'It's a little early to say,' he declared. 'She's a wonderful, exciting girl, but we have known each other only about a month.'"
March 67 is seen at the Daily Club with artist Jim Stanein
is seen at P. J.'s with dancer Roy Sciatta
July 67 columnist Earl Wilson reports George Jessel at Toot Shor's "boasting about a new girlfriend, actress Juli Reding of Hollywood, but he confessed still feeling deeply for a recent fiancée who he said, 'left me to go back to her brother - it turned out her brother was really her boyfriend all the time.'"
November 67 Carroll reports: "Herb Hutner tossed a brunch at his home for daughter Lynn and the cast of the moral rearmament play Up With People. There were about 140 guests. Herb's date was Juli Reding, Conrad Hilton was with a pretty blonde, Louise Dahl, Lee Anderson with Ron Postal, Gloria Garrick with Jacques Bergerac, Ruta Lee with Bob Calhoun."
December 67 she and Herb Hutner are a twosome at the Factory
Early June 68 Carroll heralds: "Heard that Juli Reding and Herb Hutner, Zsa Zsa's ex, will be married in July. Couldn't reach Juli. When I checked Herb, he said, 'It's possible that we will be, but no definite date is set.' 'Are you officially engaged?' I asked. 'Mighty close,' he laughed."
June 68 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: "Juli Reding and Herb Hutner may not be engaged officially but, at Stefano's, she was wearing a big sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds..."
July 68 is pictured with her British girlfriend, singer-actress Sabrina, outside a Los Angeles courtroom, shortly before Sabrina is ordered to pay $250 plus interest to a musical comedy writer, who charged she owns the money for material written for her. Juli's a witness.
December 68 she and Hutner take a bus load of guests to the Music Center
January 69 gives a surprise birthday bash for Hutner. "He thought he was just taking Juli to dinner, but when he got there, Juli had 120 guests waiting for him in a tent in her back yard. Some of the festive twosomes: Pamela Mason with Joe Lenzi, Eve Johnson with Gregg Juarez, Madelyn Gonzales with John Miles, Sandra Giles with Clint Ritchie, Choo Choo Collins with Bill Hollingsworth, Ruta Lee with Arnie Silverman, Toni Mayer with Bobby Cohn, and Marianna Hill (she used to date Sid Luft) with Jess Stearn."
March 69 is the date of Herbert Hutner at the invitation of Sheila and Joseph Barbera of Encino
July 69 she, Cheryl Reventlow, Mrs. Hal March, Mrs. Edd Byrnes, and Mrs. Harold Robbins form POOFF, standing for Preservation of Our Femininity and Finances. At Chandler's, they present their initiative to "battle the high-priced designers of clothes seemingly created for flat-chested girls."
August 69 columnist Marilyn Beck writes "Zsa Zsa Gabor might have become bored with him, but Juli Reding certainly considers him one fascinating friend. So much so that Juli's confiding she hopes to tie the knot with Herb Hutner, Zsa Zsa's most recent ex."
28 November 69 marries the ex of Zsa Zsa Gabor, wealthy financial consultant Herbert L. Hutner, former chairman of the board of Struthers Wells Corporation, in a swank wedding at Pebble Beach, Carmel, California. He gives his age as 60; she states hers as 32. The ceremony is performed by the Reverend Clifford King of Los Angeles. Hutner charters Frank Sinatra's plane to fly the wedding party to Carmel, California. "They plan to move to Hutner's new home in Beverly Hills next week."
70 travels throughout the country with friend and former actress Ruta Lee, as a national spokeswoman and anti-smoking crusader for the American Cancer Society
August 70 is considered an outstanding feminine tennis player next to actress Janet Leigh and John Wayne's wife, Pilar
c. December 70 she and Hutner throw a first-wedding anniversary bash in their Bel Air home. A feature of the evening is the tape of their marriage ceremony played for the guests.
13 April 71 is one of the celebrity patrons at the Uppity Night at the Races charity held at Hollywood Park
March 72 is member of the board of POOFF, Preservation of Our Femininity and Finances, which was founded to voice support against the "new, ugly, unfeminine fashions, especially the midi"
she and Christina Onassis Bolker are co-chairwomen of the Pisces Ball benefit, held for the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Mrs. Richard Burton is honorary chairwoman. Entertainment is provided by Jack Benny, Elke Sommer, Ross Martin, and Walter Matthau.
October 72 the Hutners honor Carroll and Georgina Rosenbloom, new owner of the Rams, with a dinner party at their home. Among the guests are Cheryl Reventlow with producer Robert Cohn, football commissioner Pete Rozelle, and MCA and Universal's Lew Wasserman and his wife, Edie.
March 73 she and fellow actress Elke Sommer organize a $100-per-plate charity ball
August 73 attends Kay Gable's birthday luncheon at the Bistro with Mrs. Robert Stack
January 74 the Hutners are among the guests attending the cocktail reception for Bahaman Prime Minister Lynden Pindling and his wife at the Champagne Room of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
87 as Juli Reding Hutner, she guests on a "Murder She Wrote" episode
? helps in raising money for a new gazebo that is built at North Beach Park, Branson, Missouri. She is supported by many influential friends like the St. Louis Rams owner Georgia Frontierre, Mrs. Henry Mancini, Andy Williams and Bobby Vinton.
2 July 00 she and husband Herbert Hutner are event chairs at the Annual ICON Award Gala 2000 held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel
7 December 08 becomes the widow of Hutner, who dies at age 99 at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles
16 September 21 as Juli Reding Hutner, she dies in Springfield, Missouri
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