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(Violetta Liane Rensing)
19 July 27 is born in Berlin, Germany
50 her address is Oberhaardter Weg 39, Grunewald, Berlin, Germany
51 begins a German film career
55 her address is Darmstaedter Straße 7, Berlin, Germany
End October 55 she and 14 other actresses are chosen as "WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1956" by a group of veteran actors and actresses, including Ginger Rogers. The other Baby Stars are Fay Spain, 21, Phoenix, Arizona; Barbara Huffman, 21, Tucson, Arizona; Ina Poindexter, 23, Covington, Tennessee; Dawn Richard, 18, Los Angles, California; Donna Cook, 18, Los Angeles, California; Norma Nillson, 18, Los Angeles, California; Phyllis Applegate, 22, Los Angeles, California; Del-Fin Thursday, 20, Honolulu, Hawaii; Jolene Brand, 21, Baldwin Park, California; Roxanne Arlen, 21, Detroit, Michigan; Lita Milan, 21, Brooklyn, New York; Jewell Lain, 24, Indianapolis, Indiana; Doreen Stevens, 21, Atlantic City, New Jersey; and Barbara Marks, 22, San Diego, California.
February 57 tagged as an NBC television actress, she promotes Monterey drop leaf tables in local newspapers
6 May 57 marries fellow immigrant, Zagreb, Yugoslavia-born Stephen Zlatko Korper, in Los Angeles. He’s 43; she’s 29.
21 June 57 her husband applies for citizenship in Los Angeles
10 July 58 applies for citizenship in Los Angeles
October 58 is on hand to greet Captain Alfred Raschke when he brings the new German vessel Marburg into Los Angeles Harbor
22 July 60 opens with Liliom at a gala champagne event at the Atley Theater in Van Nuys, California
15 July 65 her daughter, Conny M., is born in Los Angeles
? resides in Santa Clarita, California
10 August 91 becomes the widow of Korper, who dies at age 77 in Los Angeles
? resides in Granada Hills, California
22 January 11 as Violetta Liane Korper, she dies at age 83 in Los Angeles
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