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(Mary Janice Rule)
15 August 31 is born in Norwood / Cincinnati, Ohio
46? joins the chorus line at Chicago's Chez Paree at age 15
49? is a chorus girl in Miss Liberty
May 52 is a new two-about-town with Arthur Loew, Jr.
October 52 changes her mind about dating because of young actor Richard Anderson
56 tests for Picnic and almost gets the part that eventually goes to Kim Novak
April 56 her engagement to actor Farley Granger is one of the shortest on record
owes a vote of thanks to actor Ralph Meeker, who pulled for her to get her the movie break in Brief Rapture
June 56 is together with Ralph Meeker
60 lives in New York with husband, writer-director Robert Thom, and their daughter
? divorces Thom
61 marries actor Ben Gazzara
October 62 returns with Ben Gazzara and their two-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, from Europe
64 is 5`6" tall
79 divorces Gazzara
17 October 03 dies at age 72 in Manhattan, New York, from cerebral hemorrhage
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