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(Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell)
21 June 21 is born in Bemidji, Minnesota, at 6 a.m.
32 her family moves to Van Nuys, California
37 her father dies, and she takes a $10-a-week job as a chiropodist's receptionist
38 starts dating her high school sweetheart, Bob Waterfield, the star quarterback for the Cleveland Rams football team
40 enrolls at Max Reinhardt's Theatrical Workshop, but after one term switches to Maria Ouspenskaya's school, where she studies for six months
Hughes signs her to a seven-year contract
41 Hughes refuses Zanuck's offer for her to play Dona Sol in Blood and Sand
24 April 43 elopes with Waterfield to Las Vegas, gets married, and follows her new husband, who is inducted into the Army, to Georgia
45 she and Waterfield return to California
15 February 52 the Waterfields adopt a newly born girl, Tracy
April 51 does an advertisement for Jergens Lotion
May 52 threatens to walk out on her RKO contract at the same time Bob Mitchum leaves
December 52 the Waterfields adopt a fifteen-month-old British boy, Tommy Kavanaugh
54 forms Russ-Field Productions with her husband
July 54 is so impressed by Dick Egan's performance with her in The Big Rainbow that she'd like to sign him as her leading man for her first independent Russ-Field picture
56 forms a production company with Clark Gable for Last Man On Wagon Mound, but Eleanor Parker plays in the finished film
the Waterfields adopt a nine-month-old boy, Robert John
October 56 attends the fundraiser for President Eisenhower's reelection campaign, held at the Hollywood Bowl
September 57 avoids answering questions about the similarity of her The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown to the Marie MacDonald kidnapping
October 57 debuts with a solo act at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas and fulfills later engagements in Mexico, South America, Europe, Canada, and the U.S.A.
Summer 61 debuts with a tour of Janus in New England
Fall 61 plays in Skylark at the Drury Lane Theater, Chicago
November 62 plays in Bells are Ringing at the Westchester Town House, Yonkers, New York
63 is signed for MGM's Never Enough and Richard Condon's A Talent For Loving
2 February 67 files for divorce from Waterfield in Los Angeles
25 August 68 marries actor Roger W. Barrett in Beverly Hills. Both are 47.
17 November 68 Roger Barrett dies of a heart-attack
31 January 74 marries real estate man John Calvin Peoples in a "kaftan" ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. He's 49; she's 52.
91 the couple lives in Sedona, Arizona
99 becomes the widow of Peoples
28 February 11 dies at age 89 at her home in Santa Maria, California, of a respiratory-related illness
? is cremated. Her ashes are scattered at sea.
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