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Erica Beer
Erica Beer
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(Erica Konstance Beer)
19 January 25 is born in Munich, Germany, to Joseph Beer, a merchant, and Katharina Konstanzia Faltermeier
trains to become a nurse
takes acting lessons with Beate von Molo
? is on the Munich stage at the Kleine Komoedie
c. 49 her son, Michael Konstantin, is born; he will become a businessman. His father is an American.
? is on stage in Bonn, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Wiesbaden, Germany
is on stage in Born Yesterday
? is on stage at the Kammerspiele in Munich, Germany
? the German press hails her as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich
54 is on the Zurich stage in Ninotschka and in The Blue Angel
November 54 is announced to star in the forthcoming remake of The Blue Angel. Her part eventually goes to May Britt.
? Prince Aly Khan sends her a thousand red roses
? actor James Mason presents her with a cat named Cleopatra
? meets internationally renowned, Austrian-born screenwriter Robert T. Thoeren in Hamburg, Germany
c. 57 marries Thoeren. He’s 21 years her senior and has a daughter, Nina, from a previous marriage to a French painter. Thoeren adopts Erica’s young son.
the Thoerens make their home in Munich
13 July 57 becomes the widow of Thoeren, who dies at age 53 from a cardiac weakness following a car crash while driving from Munich to Zurich
58 visits Hollywood. Actor William Holden invites her to his pool, and producer Sam Spiegel escorts her to the theater.
59 there are rumors that she might marry Bavarian entrepreneur and former consul "Salzbaron" Carl Adolf Vogel, the owner of the Schloss Fuschl and Goldener Hirsch hotels in Salzburg, Austria. Eventually, Vogel will marry actress Winnie Markus in 1960.
59 her address is Alte Poststra├če 155, Baldham near Munich and Widenmayerstrasse 38, Munich 22
July 59 is considered to play opposite Alec Guiness in the upcoming The Guns of Navarone
Early 60 Thoeren’s 18-year-old daughter Nina is murdered in Los Angeles, California, by a sex offender named Crumley, an African-American, who gave her a ride home from her university
films The Counterfeit Traitor opposite William Holden in Travemuende, Germany
August 60 there are rumors that she has inherited a million mark fortune from a distant American relative. Soon it turns out that these are the millions left by Thoeren to his daughter in 1957.
will make her American debut in a film directed by Billy Wilder
October 60 receives a phone call ordering her to pay 20,000 DM to prevent her son from being kidnapped. The threat turns out to be a hoax by her former astrologer, Wilhelm Grasmugg.
c. 60/61 is on the Munich stage in Die Comtessa Coralli at Martin Katz’s Theater unter den Arkaden
73 lives in Thoeren’s house outside of Munich
27 December 13 dies at age 88 near Munich
Martin Katz, Bild am Sonntag, Funk Uhr
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