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(Olga “Olly” Schoberov√°)
15 March 43 / 45 is born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Her father is Heinz Schober from Bremen, Germany; her mother, from Vienna, Austria.
63 works as a stenographer in Prague
? is a shop assistant in a Prague department store
? speaks fluent Czech, German, and Russian
64 is discovered by Czech director Oldrich Lipsky for Limonadovy Joe, the movie that will make her internationally renowned
German producer Wolf C. Hartwig casts her for his Das Geheimnis der chinesischen Nelke, to be filmed in Prague. Among the cast is stuntman-actor Brad Harris, whom Hartwig discovered in Rome.
falls in love with Harris while they film Hartwig’s Die Goldsucher von Arkansas in Prague
March 64 as Olga Schoberova, she's on the cover of Playboy
65 becomes engaged to Harris while filming Graf Bobby, der Schrecken des wilden Westens in Vienna, Austria
? is cast in The Vengeance of She by Paramount production director Steven Previn
? Paramount renames her Olinka Berova. Olinka is Czech for baby. The publicity department reduces her age by 4 years.
22 June 67 as the star of the upcoming The Vengeance of She, she's introduced to the press at London's Savoy Hotel
July 67 has to transfer all of her earnings to communist Czechoslovakia. Upon her return, she gets 40% in cash and 60% in vouchers for imported goods.
? between her films, she frequently visits her parents in Prague
? is in the States for three months to meet the parents of her fiancé. While there, 20th Century-Fox offers her a seven-year contract, but she declines it.
September 67 attends a Variety Club race meeting at Sandown Park, Surrey
is on location in Monte Carlo for the filming of The Vengeance of She
columnist Earl Wilson tells she "is so voluptuous in Vengeance of She that she'll do another chest picture, When the Dinosaurs Rule the World"
October 67 Wilson knows: "London Playboy head Victor Lownes, who cancelled marriage plans with Joanna Pettet, now dates Czech film queen Olinka Berova..."
16 November 67 marries actor Brad Harris in a Las Vegas "Strip" wedding chapel. He's 34; she's 24. The press gives her age as 21.
68 does a publicity tour of the Barrandov Studios
4 March 68 is introduced to the Queen at the Royal Performance of Romeo and Juliet in London. Joan Collins, Richard Chamberlain, and Topol also attend.
April 68 is on the cover of Bunte
27 November 68 her daughter Sabrina, "Babrinka," D. is born in Los Angeles
69 divorces Harris
is on the cover of Cinema X
30 December 72 marries John N. Calley, executive vice president in charge of production at Warner Brothers, in Los Angeles. He's 42; she's 29.
January 75 as Olinka Calley, her husband's 65-foot boat is named after her, Olinka
31 December 92 divorces Calley. He will marry actress Meg Tilly in 1995.
06 as Olga Calley, she resides in Los Angeles
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