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29 August 29 is born in Norwood, London
? grows up at No.6 Hamilton Road, West Norwood, SE27
Late 40s is a clerical trainee at the Ministry of Information, earning 5 pounds a week
49 marries German-born actor Albert Lieven, the ex of actress Valerie White
? her daughter is born. She will become mother of British rugby player and coach Tobias "Toby" Gerald Albert Cecil Lieven Flood.
8 February 51 attends the Daily Mail National Film Awards Ballot in London
51 meets her future husband, New York-born Bonar William Sullivan, a.k.a. Bonar Colleano, while filming Pool of London at Ealing Studios
54 divorces Lieven. He will later marry German actress Petra Peters.
10 January 54 marries Colleano at the Paddington registry office in London. He's 30; she 24. "We decided to marry at lunch on Monday," Colleano says, "but yesterday was the only day we could both fix."
4 March 55 her son, Mark, is born in England. He will become a child actor.
Early 58 she and Colleano are pictured attending a film premiere in London
58 her husband Colleano becomes a target for the Inland Revenue as he takes her to Trinidad and buys a Jaguar for her and claims signing property over to his wife is a kind of informal insurance policy
17 August 58 her husband Colleano dies at age 34 in a car crash at Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, while driving back to his hotel from Liverpool's New Shakespeare Theatre, where he was appearing in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Approximately a mile from the Mersey Tunnel, he ploughs through a corrugated iron fence and smashes into the two-foot levee behind it. A fellow actor, 40-year-old Michael Balfour, who is riding in the car, is taken to a hospital suffering from cuts and shock.
? hands the upbringing of their three-year-old son to his grandmother, Rubye Colleano
? to help her, a charity football match is held at Hayes Stadium in Middlesex with Tommy Yeardye, Stanley Baker, Alma Cogan, and Alfie Bass
27 November 59 marries TV producer Ronald Rowson
14 October 60 divorces Rowson
60s retires from the screen, tries office jobs and bar work
? starts battling a drinking problem, which will last till the end of her days
68 frequently bumps into Diana Dors and her new man, Alan Lake, at some clubs in the heart of London
Mid-70s even the seedier clubs in London start banning her
27 November 78 dies, age forty-nine, in Middlesex, England, from cirrhosis of the liver
? is cremated at the Golders Green Crematorium, North London. Not one of her former co-stars or colleagues attends. Jack Warner and Kathleen Harrison, who are both in poor health, send flowers.
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