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3 November 34 is born in Fredericksberg, Denmark. Her father Poul has an acting school in Aarhus; her mother's a concert singer.
? starts in the Theater of Aarhus
? her measurements are 36-28-35
56 withdraws from the Evangelical Church
57 is on the stage since two years of age and has been featured prominently in Life magazine
August 57 debuts in Von Allen Geliebt filmed, at the Bendestorf studios near Hamburg, Germany
December 57 is chosen among a thousand girls for the title role in the upcoming Lilli
Summer 60 becomes the female lead in Reptilicus, filmed in Denmark, when actress Nora Hayden refuses second billing and walks out on the production
July 61 Gero Wecker, boss of ARCA-Film, pushes her career until the collapse of his company
meets Prince Faref Hussein, the 25-year-old brother of the King of Jordan, at an Argentinean reception during the Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin. The Prince, who owns three residences in Argentina, promises to become engaged to her and is off to Munich to see her. She, instead, is off to Yugoslavia for the holidays.
63 has an affair with co-star Lex Barker while filming Scarlet Eye. She claims her best friend to be her 60-year-old mother, Gerd, whom she took for a two-month journey through India, Thailand, and Ceylon.
is in love with her co-star in Breakfast in Bed, Lex Barker
is bitten by a rabid dog while filming Scarlet Eye in South Africa. She's brought to a hospital in Columbo and claims to have been treated with 43 injections.
February 63 cares for influenzal Lex Barker in apartment 501 of the Berlin Hilton during the filming of Breakfast in Bed
March 63 is a twosome with Lex Barker at the birthday party of director Wolfgang Staudte
October 63 films the upcoming TV series "Das Haus der Schlangen" in Berlin
February 64 while on location in South Africa for her first British movie, she becomes heiress to a 4-5 Million DM fortune
August 64 films The Racetrack Murders in Berlin, Spandau
relaxes with actor-singer Peter Kraus at her home at the Carabietta-Bay of Lake Lugano. Afterwards she's off to Berlin for the filming of Das Geheimnis des weissen Teppichs.
her first record is due in November, if there's a settlement with the production company. She goes for 7% per record; the company is just willing to pay the usual 5%.
December 64 though shortsighted, she refuses to wear glasses
65 plans to open a travel agency to introduce South Africa photo safaris to wealthy Europeans
is back from Bulgary to film Angélique et le roi in France
66 plans to write a children's book
April 66 is off to Ceylon for the filming of Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick, where she is confined for a week in bed due to blood poisoning
in Ceylon she's inaugurated into an occult sect in a Hindu ceremony
Mid-60s lives in Lugano, Italy, and is bedded by actors and producers
November 67 will write a monthly travelogue for a Danish magazine. Will be off to Rome for filming soon.
May 68 films Die grossartige Mrs. Thursday in Hamburg, Germany
12 June 68 suffers a total breakdown on the Zurich-Rome express. Afterwards she's in a Danish hospital for six weeks.
July 68 is off to Ibiza for holidays
March 68 is still single. Her secret passion is journalism.
69 pays a visit to the Oktoberfest in Munich, while filming Whispering in the Hayloft in Bad Aussee, Austria
has an offer from a Scandinavian magazine to work for $300 per month as a travel correspondent
will play Desdemona in Shakespeare's Othello next year at the Danish State Theatre
March 69 gets some publicity at the King's Palace Hotel in Athens, Greece
July 70 "dies" on a hot day in July in a Danish hospital and is reborn anew
December 70 will retire from the film business and write a children's book at her home in Teneriffa, Canary Islands
Christmas 70 after a severe kidney disease, she claims to renounce witchcraft, which she has practized for 17 years
February 71 films Tante Trude aus Buxtehude in St. Martin, Salzburg, Austria
Summer 71 she has herself confirmed
72 after filming in Italy and Warsaw, she suffers a breakdown and is hospitalized for 8 months due to hardening of the arteries
October 72 returns to her parents' home in Aarhus and claims to have telekinetic powers since her adolescence
has been a twosome with Danish journalist Ole Viktor Hansen for years, but has never accepted his proposals
78 lives in seclusion in Aarhus
April 80 claims to have been a female Casanova, having been with hundreds of men but never in love. Now she preaches about the love of God.
81 splits her time between her parents' house in Aarhus and a flat with a rooftop terrace in Copenhagen, which she shares with Ole
has her own religious programme each Sunday on Danish radio
reveals that she has suffered from a heart condition since age 13
loves to share her time with her mother; her father died a few years earlier
January 84 her Mercedes is robbed on the way home from vacation in Spain. At home she learns burglars have been to her villa in Aarhus, too.
? her mother has invested all of her earnings
c. 91 moves to Benalmadena, near Marbella, Spain
29 August 16 dies at age 81 in Andalusia, Spain
? is interred in Aarhus, Denmark
Bild, Hoer Zu, Funk Uhr, Welt am Sonntag, Bild der Frau, Reptilicus by Kip Doto, Lex Barker Fanpage
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