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(Margaret June Blair)
30 October 32 is born in San Francisco, California. Her mother’s maiden name is Burris.
? works as a model
54 makes her first TV appearance
March 56 Jimmy Durante presents her on his TV show and predicts stardom for her
October 56 is "Miss Tiger" for Tiger magazine
lives at 2020 W. Magnolia, Burbank, California
c. 57 is engaged to Nino Tempo, who writes his song "Looney over Juney" for her
January 57 is Playboy's "Playmate of the Month"
is on the cover of Nugget
July 57 takes off almost everything when she raises $10,000 for a Hollywood charity by doing a striptease. The last successful bidder has to wait until she returns from the dressing room fully clothed before he can collect her bikini.
December 57 her twosome with John Smith is no more. He dates fellow actress Susan Oliver.
? dates young actor Barry Coe
February 58 columnist Earl Wilson heralds that she gets her big break in Hell-Bound
c. March 58 Lindsay Crosby, Bing's son, calls her from Fort Ord, where he is stationed, to say she has been named the "Sweetheart" of the camp. They meet when she goes up to officially accept the honors and start dating from then on. "He is not as young as some people think," she declares. "He is the same age as I, 23. I like him a lot but we are not engaged or anything. He has another year in the Army. We're just having fun dating."
March 58 her escort at the Slate Brothers Club is Lindsay Crosby, Bing's son
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen announces that June can't decide between John Smith and Lindsay Crosby and will make her film debut in The Young Lions.
April 58 her co-star in Island Of Lost Women, John Smith, flips for her after dating Venetia Stevenson, and they are now going steady
May 58 columnist Sheila Graham thinks it's getting serious between her and Lindsay
has a part opposite Ernest Borgnine in The Rabbit Trap
August 58 Gary Crosby keeps a close eye on her for Brother Lindsay. He escorts her and several other actresses to the Ye Little Club's party for the "Miss Universe" winners and losers.
October 58 is presented with a black poodle from Lindsay upon his return from New York
is featured in Life
November 58 her "Number One Love Interest," Lindsay Crosby, joins the Army
columnist Earl Wilson thinks she's ready to wed but Lindsay isn't
is expected to marry Lindsay in January
c. November 58 she and Lindsay call it off
Late December 58 reconciles with Lindsay. "It was a spur of the moment thing," she explains. "Lindsay called up and asked me out to talk things over. We ended up by deciding to give it another try." About marriage she thinks "we never got around to that. We were too surprised about making up. A month ago, we didn't believe it ever would be possible."
January 59 she and Bill Holmes are a new twosome
Mid-January 59 is seen again with Nino Tempo
Late January 59 columnist Walter Winchell reports she and Dick Sargent are rekindling the blaze that went out two years ago
End January 59 she and Lindsay patch up their differences and go steady again
Mid-February 59 finds it fun with John Gabriel while Nino Tempo and Dick Sargent are in Florida for Operation Petticoat
February 59 attends Linda Tallen's party for Terry Moore and Stuart Cramer III with Al Hedison. John Gabriel attends, too.
March 59 her number one boyfriend is actor Mickey Callan
May 59 Nino Tempo escorts her to Ye Little Club to hear singer Carol Brent. Other ringsiders are Rock Hudson and Debbie Power, Jack Beutel and Linda Schreiber, and Les Lampson and Nora Haymes.
July 59 young actor Race Gentry keeps her from being too lonely while Lindsay Crosby's out of town
goes to Las Vegas to attend the Crosby boys’ debut at the Tropicana. Also present are the wives of Dennis and Phillip, Pat Sheehan and Sandra Jo Drummond. Nobody knows about Papa Bing's whereabouts.
August 59 singer Jimmy Boyd not only takes care of her while Lindsay's in Las Vegas, but he also rents Crosby's apartment.
September 59 Lin Crosby resumes dating her; her best beau has been Dick Sargent
is considered for the lead in the filming of Clifford Odet's The Story on Page One
Early September 59 dates Mickey Callan, leaving Jimmy Boyd in the cold with "Miss Iceland" and Dick Sargent with "Miss England"
Mid-September 59 columnist Lee Mortimer reports that Jimmy Boyd switched from her to Corlyn Chapman, former girl of Gary Crosby
September 59 she and Dick Sargent date again
November 59 columnist Earl Wilson reports that she is the latest honey of Bobby Darin
columnist Harrison Carroll reports that she saw Darin a couple of times before he left for the Arizona State Fair, but her number one date is still singer Nino Tempo, currently hospitalized following major surgery.
c. December 59 obtains her release from 20th Century-Fox because she felt they weren't helping her develop her career. She is signed by Screen Gems to a long-term contract.
December 59 will play opposite Charles Bateman in Screen Gems' upcoming "Two Faces West" TV series
decides against a minor surgery and instead will go on Johnny Grant's trek to the Orient to entertain the GIs
Mid-January 60 actor Brian Kelly meets her at the airport when she returns from the junket to the Orient with Johnny Grant's troupe
March 60 attends Don Rickles' jam-packed opening at the Interlude with Jack Haley, Jr. Gary Crosby, Lindsay's brother, attends with Barbara Luna.
February 61 columnist Lee Mortimer reports that she and Dick Sargent are not an item this week
columnist Walter Winchell reports that she's the reason why David Nelson's happy that 20th Century-Fox is shooting The Big Show in Hollywood instead of Munich, Germany
Mid-April 61 she and David Nelson announce their engagement. They plan to marry in June.
20 May 61 marries her co-star in "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet," David Nelson, eldest son of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, at Forest Lawn Cemetery's Church of the Hills, Los Angeles. His brother Ricky is best man.
20 August 62 her son Daniel Blair is born
May 65 will return to "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" after a one-year sabbatical
January 66 she and David expect the stork in June
8 June 66 her second son, Jamie Eric, is born at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California
May 73 she and David are among the celebrities at the charity bazaar for the Save the Animals Fund held at Oakwood Elementary School in North Hollywood
October 73 as Mrs. David Nelson, she is among the jury electing 18-year-old Teri Hyne "Miss North Hollywood." The pageant is held in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Universal Hotel in North Hollywood.
June 74 divorces Nelson in Los Angeles. He will remarry in 1975.
? is an avid painter
4 December 22 dies in Canoga Park, California
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