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7 February 31 is born in Glendale, California, to Charles F. and Dorothy Talbott, nee Patterson. Her father owns a dry-cleaning establishment; her mother is a Christian Science practitioner. Her great-great-grandfather is one of the founders of the city. Her elder sister, Mary Louise Talbott, will become actress Lori Talbott.
47 is crowned “Miss Glendale”
c. 48 while in plays at the Eagle Rock Theatre, she falls in love with an aspiring young actor named Parrish and marries him before she turns 18
17 April 50 her son, Mark Charles, is born in Los Angeles
53 divorces Parrish after five years of marriage and returns after a three-year break to filming
Early 50s producer Darryl F. Zanuck chases her around his desk
October 54 is heralded “television’s latest gift to Hollywood”
April 55 columnist Erskine Johnson knows: “Paramount cutie Gloria Talbott (We’re No Angels) and Glendale, California, rancher Sandy Sanders are talking about marriage again. A month ago they eloped to Phoenix, but a sudden quarrel nixed the nuptials...”
July 55 columnist Earl Wilson tells: “Gloria Talbott’s work in We’re No Angeles may get her a long-term contract...”
27 July 56 marries actor Grover Sandy Sanders in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's 37; she's 25.
Early August 56 columnist Erskine Johnson reports “Movie starlet Gloria Talbott eloping to Las Vegas with Sandy Sanders but delaying the marriage three days because of ‘cold feet.’ Returning to Hollywood, she was signed to star in a commercial film titled The Reluctant Bridegroom...”
57 dislikes her director, Bert I. Gordon, while filming The Cyclops
April 57 columnist Mike Connolly tells: “Gloria Talbott didn’t take her family along when she went to Hawaii to play the femme lead in the pilot film for an upcoming teleseries, 'James Michener Presents.' She thought it would be too expensive. Now Gloria has it figured out that, considering her every-night long-distance calls home, plus the gifts she bought for her family, it would have been smarter if she’d taken them with her...”
December 58 is signed by Walt Disney to play in several episodes of ABC’s “Zorro”
c. 60 refuses a guest appearance on TV’s “Sea Hunt” because her part requires her to wear diving gear. She has a phobia about being in any small, enclosed space because she believes she was buried alive in another life.
acts in The Leech Woman in order to buy her son a horse
June 61 is on hand to present the awards at the Fine Arts show at Capuchino High School in San Mateo, California
12 November 63 she and Grover separate
September 64 she and her estranged husband, actor-real estate man Grover Sanders fight in court over the possession of their 9145 La Tuna Canyon Road, Sun Valley, ranch home. Both end up barred from occupying it.
? divorces Sanders in Los Angeles. He will marry Maureen Endicott in 1976 and die at age 85 in 2005 in Santa Barbara.
18 January 67 marries Steve Joseph Capobianco, a physician, in Los Angeles. Both are 35.
15 April 67 her daughter, Maria L., is born in Los Angeles. She will become an actress and will win three gold medals in local ice-skating competitions. She will rename herself Mea M. Mullally.
January 69 divorces Capobianco in Los Angeles
27 April 70 marries Patrick Robert "Michael" Mullally, a dentist, in Los Angeles. He's 41; she's 39.
77 remarries Mullally in a Catholic ceremony
c. early 90s is in a motorcycle accident while riding with her husband on his new Harley-Davidson. Gravel from a truck is on the street and as he stops at a corner to make a turn, her husband loses control and the motorcycle skids. Gloria falls off, busting her right elbow on the asphalt. Because of the nature and location of the injury, she suffers nerve damage, resulting in constant pain and loss of full motion of her arm.
19 September 00 as Gloria M. Mullally, she dies at age 69 in Glendale, California, of pneumonia
is interred in the Mausoleum, Block 112, Wall Crypt, B7, San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, Los Angeles County, California
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