Rhadamés Trujillo Profile

Rhadamés Trujillo
Rhadamés Trujillo
(Radhamés Leonidas Trujillo Martínez)
1 December 43 is born to Rafael Leonidas Trujillo y Molina and his third wife Maria Martinez Alba. Trujillo’s a former telegraph operator and cattle rustler who seized power in the Dominican Republic in 1930; she’s the daughter of a baker. Among his many siblings and half-siblings is his father’s first daughter from his first marriage, Flor de Oro, his older brother, Rafael Leonidas “Ramfis” Trujillo Martinez and his sister, Angelita Maria.
March 53 his father visits the United Nations in a much publicized trip to the United States. With him on his diplomatic mission are his second wife, Maria Martinez Trujillo; his daughter Maria, 13, who attends school in Washington; and his 8-year-old son Leonidas Rhadamés.
20 December 55 is noted at the opening of the International Trade Fair, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Dominican Republic. Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek and Cardinal Francis Spellman are among the guests. At the Agua Luz, his sister is crowned Queen Angelita I.
c. summer 57 attends Kemper Military School in Boonville, Missouri, while his brother attends the U. S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
30 May 61 at about 10 p.m., his father dies at age 69 after a short gun battle on George Washington Boulevard outside Cuidad Trujillo. Seven ambushers with machine guns strike as Trujillo heads toward his San Cristobal estate in his chauffeur-driven Chevrolet. He orders his chauffeur to stop and battle. He falls with his .38 caliber revolver in hand; his chauffeur survives, severely wounded.
celebrates the victory of his polo team, the Cibao La Pampa, into the early hours of the morning at the Trujillo mansion near the Bois de Bologne. On his team are Porfirio Rubirosa, brother Ramfis, and some military aides.
31 May 61 early in the morning, he learns about his father’s assassination via a phone call by his mother. He, Ramfis, Porfirio Rubirosa, Gilberto Rubirosa, and S. Leland Rosenberg return to Ciudad Trujillo in a chartered Air France plane from Paris.
27 August 61 accompanied by Ambassador-at-Large S. Leland Rosenberg, he, five of Ramfis’ six children, and his mother arrive at New York International Airport on their way to Europe. The children are said being returned to school abroad. This party is among the first to flee the Dominican Republic.
November 62 citing Paris sources, Dorothy Kilgallen reports that “you haven’t seen playboys in action until you’ve caught the two Trujillo boys, sons of the late Dominican Republic dictator. They’re over there wearing long sideburns and breaking furniture in swank nightclubs and hotels, and the proprietors don’t seem to mind because they pay for all the damages they do. Daddy left them lots of money in European bank accounts long before he was done in.”
is seen in Madrid “hanging around nightclubs and cracking up fancy sports cars”
c. 63 meets former actress and Darryl F. Zanuck protégé Bella Darvi at the Monte Carlo casino and becomes her Sugar Sunny for about a year. He’s around 20; she, 35.
8 February 64 marries 20-year-old French starlet Danièle Gaubert in the Normandy village of Authouillet. He’s 22; she’s 20.
30 June 63 his father’s illegitimate children, now in Florida, sue him, his brother, his sister and her husband, and his mother, in Geneva, Switzerland, for approximately $50 million, which they took with them in December 1961. A Geneva court orders the extradition of Rhadamés from France. The representative of the Florida Trujillo’s is the law firm of former Vice President Richard M. Nixon.
28 July 64 is arrested by the French authorities on orders of an Evreux court after it receives an extradition request from Switzerland
5 August 64 is released from jail in Rouen, France, under a $2 million bond. He is ordered to remain on his farm near Evreux, 5 miles west of Paris, while the Appeal Court awaits further information in considering a Swiss Court’s request for his extradition.
? is extradited to Geneva, Switzerland, and finally agrees to a settlement of several million dollars in exchange for his release
November 64 pays Swiss Franc 7,000,000 to his half-sister, Flor de Oro, and other Miami relatives
3 February 65 his daughter, Maria Danielle, is born in Paris
c. 66 his son, Leonidas Rhadames, is born
October 67 separates from Danièle with her two children in Normandy, France, and meets with Paris lawyers about a divorce
May 68 divorces Danièle in Paris. She wins their country mansion, $150,000 in cash plus $1,000 per month for the kids. She will marry Olympic skiing champion Jean-Claude Killy in 1973 and die of cancer in 1987.
78 lives in Spain
there are rumors that he might participate in the national election in his homeland
? lives for several years in Balboa, Panama
? vanishes
94 is executed somewhere in the jungle by the Colombian Mafia. There are rumors that he might have worked for the cartel and the DEA.

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