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(Beverly Jean Saul)
5 July 27 is born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her mother is a secretary.
? still in her early teens, she debuts on radio
her mother takes her to the Manhattan offices of MGM and gets her a contract
? her screen test is directed by Joe Pasternak in New York City. Two weeks later, she and her family are on their way to California.
c. 42 is signed by MGM at age 14
? attends school at MGM in the same studio classroom with Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Powell, Margaret O'Brien, Virginia Weidler, and Vicki Laine. Vicki picks her up every morning in a bright green Cadillac.
February 46 her escort at the Biltmore Bowl is actor Peter Lawford
August 46 there's a leg art and cheesecake ban at MGM for her. She'll get a straight dramatic buildup as a result of The Green Years.
September 46 is seen out with actor Jim Davis
December 46 MGM doesn't mind a bit when she steps out with Tom Drake. They are seen together at Billingsley's.
47 tests for The Romance of Rosy Ridge, but the part goes to Janet Leigh
January 47 columnist Louella Parsons reports that there's "a serious romance" between Beverly and Tom Drake
? MGM initiates her dates with fellow actor Tom Drake for publicity purposes
March 47 Parsons wonders what became of that romance and reports: "She lunched several times at Mike Lyman's with Bob Moon."
August 47 is taken by Mickey Rooney to the dark, side-street spots. "He has to be discreet until that divorce thing is final."
November 47 she and publicist A. C. Lyles are a surprise twosome around the clubs, but Tom Drake's still the number one man in her life
October 48 her escort at the Mocambo is David May, the ex of actress Ann Rutherford
December 48 either she or Joyce Reynolds is scheduled to be in the upcoming And Baby Makes Three opposite Donald O'Connor and Charles Coburn
MGM continues to say "no" to her for the Boris Morros production of Babes in Toyland, so Boris hopes to get Mary Hatcher from Paramount
? sees a lot of actor Rory Calhoun for a while
49 is a guest soloist with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Miklos Rozsa
tests for That Midnight Kiss, but the part goes to Kathryn Grayson
April 49 columnist Erskine Johnson predicts that her romance with David May will be over by the time "you read the last line of this column."
August 49 David May seems serious about her
October 49 Tay Garnett plans to team her with Mickey Rooney, her old MGM stablemate, in his upcoming Dark Challenge
July 50 is a new twosome with actor Hugh O'Brien
August 50 may land a starring role on Broadway in Cole Porter's Out of This World. The contract is in the negotiation stage.
October 50 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she and Drake refuse to confirm or deny the "talk" at the Alibi Club
November 50 Winchell hints that she's the most interested bystander in the Johnny Johnston-Kathryn Grayson crash
Early 50s breaks off her relationship with mobster lieutenant Johnny Stompanato on advise from a studio executive. He will next date Lana Turner and die at the hands of her daughter.
November 51 is seen at the Sportsmen's Lounge with Ralph Fields
December 51 is headed to entertain the GIs in Korea and the Far East. The other artists are Paul Douglas and Jan Sterling, Hillary Brooks, Mala Powers, Gary Cooper, and Piper Laurie.
January 52 during their tour in Tokyo, she, Piper Laurie and Mala Powers bump into former actor Richard Long
February 52 her escort at the Captain's Table is Major Jim Wilson, who used to go with Rita Hayworth
columnist Erskine Johnson reports that she is steaming because she has the feminine lead opposite Audie Murphy in The Cimarron Kid, but newcomer Yvette Dugay, with a smaller role, gets the co-starring billing with Audie
July 52 is Keenan Wynn's girl-of-the-hour
November 52 dyes her tresses a Hedy Lamarrish color and will leap to Broadway as the ingenue lead in Carnival in Flanders
is seen at the Captain's Table with director David Miller
she and Scotty Rubin are at the Mocambo to listen to Joanne Gilbert
January 53 her escort at the Encore Room is David Miller
columnist Walter Winchell thinks that "director D. Miller is the Oh in Bev Tyler's rOHmance..."
March 53 at the Mocambo, her striped dress is a perfect match for Pat Nerney's weskit but they vow it is just a coincidence
June 53 is seen at the Mocambo with David Miller; Marti Stevens sings
November 53 says that she is going steady with Dr. John Williams and that they have discussed marriage but have no definite plans
wins the big role of Lorelei in Big Town, vacated by Jane Nigh because of her stork date
54 is forced out of The Big Bluff by illness. Eve Meyer replaces her.
August 54 is seen at the Sportsmen's Lounge with Dr. Andrew Smatko
October 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports her to be "the 5-alarm blaze of actor Lance Fuller"
March 55 her escort at the Gourmet Beverly is Ricki de la Vega
April 55 is seen at the Valley Tail O' the Cock on Ventura Boulevard with Rique de la Vega
July 55 is the newest flame of actor Brad Dexter, the ex of singer Peggy Lee
October 55 is seen ringside with Manny Walters for Maria Cole's opening at Ciro's
February 56 attends Alan Gordon's party with Manny Walters
57 is off to Hawaii for the filming of Voodoo Island, opposite Boris Karloff. There she stays at the Cocoa Palms on the island of Kauai.
6 May 62 marries the ex of actress Peggy Knudsen, comedy writer-director James C. Jordan, Jr., in Los Angeles. He's 38; she's 34.
18 December 63 her son, James W., is born in Los Angeles
72 the Jordans move to Nevada, where they become involved in land development and make their home on a ranch on the outskirts of Reno
Mid-80s appears in several plays at Reno's Little Theatre
24 December 98 becomes the widow of Jordan, who dies at age 75 in Reno, Nevada
23 November 05 as Beverly Jordan, she dies at age 78 in Reno, Nevada
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