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Phyllis Winger
Phyllis Winger
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(Phyllis Kathryn Winger)
13 October 33 is born in Lincoln, Nebraska; the daughter of James F. Winger
June 51 graduates from Alameda High School
? studies law at UCLA
52 is a Beverly Hills model and Rock Hudson’s escort at Ciro’s
c. 53? is on hand at ABC’s “Jukebox Jury” to judge the latest record company releases. Other guests are Barry Sullivan, Maureen O'Sullivan, and Jane Powell.
October 53 is hostess for the National Association of Realtors during their convention in Los Angeles
works for her father's Beverly Hills real estate office
January 54 during a New Year's Eve party given at ice skater Geary Steffen's house, she falls down a 30-foot embankment but escapes serious injury
April 54 has to work as Debra Paget's stand-in during the filming of Princess of the Nile
August 54 does a publicity mountain climb with fellow-actor Tom Irish
1 October 61 marries Wolfgang von Chmielewski in Las Vegas
17 October 63 marries Richard Edwin Given
December 71 divorces Given
25 February 13 as Pamela K. Winger, she dies at age 79 in Santa Maria, California
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