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(Theona Irene Pearce)
23 May 31 is born the second daughter of Frank Wesley Pearce and Edith Louise Dunn Pearce of Salisbury, Maryland, and of Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina
? is secretary to North Carolina Governor William B. Umstead
50 marries Everett C. Bryant, Jr. (Gabby) of High Point, North Carolina
? becomes a Powers model
ca. December 50 her daughter, Karen Leigh, is born
is the "And away we go" girl on "The Jackie Gleason Show"
Summer 54 promotes 20th Century-Fox's upcoming The Egyptian in several US cities by strolling down the street costumed as a harem beauty with a tame cheetah on a leash
c. 55 divorces Bryant, Jr.
April 55 is screen-tested by 20th Century-Fox
October 55 is a model on "The Johnny Carson Show." The other "Carson Cuties" are Phyllis Applegate, Norma Brooks, and Sally Todd.
May 56 escapes injury when her small sports car is rammed by a truck in Beverly Hills
will be in the upcoming The Opposite Sex
August 56 columnist Louella Parsons writes: "The local belles are also casting an interested eye in the direction of Rod Taylor - but he keeps on phoning Theona Bryant in Hollywood."
October 56 on a beach picnic with her, actor-photographer-sculptor Gardner McKay slips and falls down a 90-foot cliff near Ventura. She rushes him to the UCLA emergency hospital, where doctors are amazed that he escaped with only cuts and bruises.
November 56 is bedded again with her mink allergy. "For an appearance in New York to ballyhoo The Opposite Sex, she took a chance with a borrowed mink wrap. By the time she planed back to Hollywood the next day, she had broken out in a rash."
May 57 optioned by MGM, she's reported moving from the Studio Club to an apartment
July 57 completes her most important role with Bing Crosby in Man on Fire
September 57 will get a featured role in TV's "The Thin Man"
c. 58 obtains a long-term contract at MGM
December 60 gets around Hollywood with CBS producer Bob Lewis
May 61 is a new twosome with Cliff Robertson
January 62 columnist Louella Parsons tells: "When actress Theona Bryant returns to Hollywood to do more work on A Girl Named Tamiko, she'll bring with her her 8-year-old daughter, Karen. No one knew that Theona, who is very popular with the younger set, has a daughter and has been divorced for six years."
? marries Jesse Graves Yates
? divorces Yates
July 75 is reported to return to television in a dramatic series
28 February 21 dies at age 89 in Raleigh, North Carolina, of pneumonia. She is survived by her daughter, Karen Leigh Bryant, of High Point and Raleigh, North Carolina; London, England; and her granddaughter, Lindsey Leigh Bryant, of Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is also survived by her two sisters Lorna Lanning of Greensboro, North Carolina; Constance Wofford of Raleigh, North Carolina; Lorna’s three children with their families, respectively, (Earl 3rd, Lorna Leigh, Cynthia Louise (Cindy) and their children); Connie’s two children and their families, respectively, (Renee, William, and their children.)

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